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Moshiling Watch - 10 New Moshlings in December

Moshi Monster Moshlings

I don’t think we’ve ever seen quite as many Moshlings arrive at the same time as this! We’ve had four Mission Moshlings added to the Zoo at once before, but never 10!

We can thank the Great Twistmas Giveaway and and the Moshi Movie Mystery for the sudden rush of new Moshlings who all arrived in the Moshling Zoo on the 16th December.

Moshi Movie Mystery Moshlings

These Moshlings are from the Moshi Movie Mystery Mission, and you’ll find them all in he Movies Moshling set:

  • Jackson the Dapper Clapper, (Common)
  • Fitch the Flat Tailed Fizzle (Rare)
  • Marty the Mouthy Mogul (Ultra Rare)
  • Blinki the All-Seeing Moment Muncher (Ultra Rare)

The Great Twistmas Giveaway

We think these Moshlings will be given away as part of the Great Twistmas Giveaway:

  • Bodge the Artful Splodger in the Arties set (Common)
  • Willow the Dainty Deer in the Frosties set (Ultra Rare)
  • Hocus the Wonky Wizard in the Gurus set (Common)
  • Vinnie the Glamster Hamster in the Hipsters set ( Common)
  • Carter the Barking RahRah in the Toomies set (Ultra Rare)
  • Lurgee the Sniffly Splurgee in the Yuckies set (Uncommon)


You can enter the following codes to get the seeds you need to get the Moshlings from the Great Twistmas Giveaway

*IMPORTANT: ONLY PLANT ONE OF THESE SPECIAL SEEDS AT A TIME! If you don’t you’ll not be able to get the Moshlings!

You’ll need to plant one of these special seeds with any two other (normal) seeds in your garden. When the plants grow, they’ll attract one of these new Moshlings!

Lurgee’s Seed
Carter’s Seed
Bodge’s Seed
Hocus’ Seed
Vinnie’s Seed

For Lurgee you’ll need to plant the Splurgee Burdock, for Carter the Ra-Tichoke, for Bodge the Non-Drip Moss, for Vinne the Glamellia and for Hocus you’ll need to plant the Hocus Crocus.

Remember, only plant one of these special seeds at a time!)

We don’t know if there’s a code for Willow yet, but as soon as we find out, we’ll let you know.

What do you think of these Moshlings? Let us know in the comments below!


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On Dec 22, 04:20 PM Brooks wrote:

I noticed today that although the new movie mission says that you have to be a member in order to get Fitch, I got him (and I’m not a member)! Not sure how long that will last, though!

On Dec 22, 02:18 PM christhel wrote:

thank you so much but can you give me the code for williow he is very cute and I want to get him

Moshi Secrets: As soon as we find a way to get Willow we'll let everyone know.

On Dec 22, 12:02 AM Joy wrote:

I got Hocus and Carter. I’m gonna get Vinnie now =) I’m a member and I have 103 moshlings =D

On Dec 21, 11:34 PM doggy52poppet wrote:

you know that carter moshling in the toomies set? can you tell moshi monsters to make a kita mirage she was really awesome when i created her but she didn’t win the moshling contest!DX

Moshi Secrets:I don't think Moshi Monsters will listen to us! I'm sure your moshling was fantastic too!

On Dec 21, 08:20 PM Emily wrote:

Thank you but yes you are right willows code is TOP SECRET

On Dec 21, 06:07 PM CILLIAN wrote:


On Dec 21, 04:35 PM pioni123 wrote:

svar da moshi secret jeg har sendt dere masse beskjeder men dere svarer meg ikke!!!!!!!!!!

Moshi Secrets: Beklager, vi har til å oversette meldingene dine! Vi kjører veldig sent! Vi setter pris på dine meldinger!

On Dec 21, 04:01 PM kaitlynboula wrote:

does anybody have willow if so give me there username also moshisecrets people all of you plz add me my username is KRBLUVSPEACHY

On Dec 21, 01:30 PM Rosscp (From Moshi Monsters Expressway) wrote:

Hey, I found half of these codes, and everyone’s like gotten the codes from MME ;p

Moshi Secrets: Thanks Ross, lots of people sending us the codes too!

On Dec 21, 10:57 AM Moshifan wrote:

Thank you, thank you, thank you

On Dec 21, 10:06 AM hazel198 wrote:

I sent you this message !! And you didnt gave me any credit ?!?!

Moshi Secrets: Sorry Hazel, we're really running behind. Thanks for sending in the email though. It *is* appreciated. We just don't have the time to reply to every one personally.