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Moshi Monsters play area gets a facelift

As you’ve probably noticed, the people at Moshi Monsters have been slowly rolling out richer, more colourful backgrounds for the various Moshi Monster pages. As well as the background, there’s a new brighter, shinier menu bar at the top and an all new login button.

It’s taken a while, but now the change has been rolled out to the main play screen. The new facelift hasn’t made it to the Daily Growl, the Forum or the Membership pages yet – but it’s just a matter of time.

The one thing that dominates the changes is the wooden frame that now surround the Moshi Monsters play area.

New Look Moshi Monsters

Is the play area smaller now? Well, it does look like it, but it’s not. I think the frame makes the area feel more contained and as a result look smaller. Now that all of the navigation icons overlap the play area it also makes things feel a little more crowded.

So what exactly has changed?

The left hand items have been shifted upwards slightly. They used to hand off the bottom of the play area.

The right hand side navigation (Scroll Left and Right and the Home / Map icons have been moved inwards a little so that they now over lap the play area.

If you move your mouse pointer to the left and right hand edges of the play area you’ll get a arrow appear. You can click on this to scroll. The screen won’t scroll automatically which will be a relief to people who have had a problem with that. I’m not sure how useful the right hand scroll arrow is as it appears so close to the normal scroll arrows.

The “Got a Secret Code” and “Invite a friend” buttons are now smaller and there is now a full link to your monsters home that you can give your friends. (It’s easy to cut and paste this)

We’d love to know what you think about the new look background? Tell us in the comments below.


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On Jun 30, 03:56 PM Anwen wrote:

You said lop instead of top.

On Jun 29, 09:25 AM adam wrote:

hate it

On Jun 28, 09:08 PM Evie wrote:

I don’t like the frame it’s too small

On Jun 28, 12:02 PM jokermonkey wrote:

I don’t like the frame. It feels very confining.

On Jun 28, 09:11 AM louis smith wrote:

sprinkles is in the moshling zoo!!

On Jun 28, 06:28 AM NAWSHIN wrote:

it is AWESOME then before!

On Jun 28, 03:02 AM Elijah wrote:

Where have the quests gone??????????????????????????????????

On Jun 27, 07:24 PM zoe wrote:

has no one noticed that sprinkles is the last slophling moshling for the set??

On Jun 27, 06:29 PM nausherwan wrote:

HELLO MY OWNER NAME IS SAURDEVIL and i think the new frame is weird and doesn’t looks so monstrous its like we are playing a fashion game and there is also another update new moshling SPRINKLES IS IN YOUR ZOO IT COULD BE THAT WE MAY GET IT FROM THE NEW MISSION NOT OUT YET but the problem is that its common who knows another combo of seeds will be needed to get it

On Jun 27, 06:23 PM k4yl2 wrote:

looks like a photo frame :-/ Theyve also added sprinkles into the zoo……any news of this or how to get it at all? Just read we can no longer get long beard which is very sad as i joined just after feb so missed out on him :( but do we have any news on sprinkles or any new way of gettin the frozen forget me not seed for leo at all? Thanks :)

On Jun 27, 05:29 PM Victoria wrote:

I like it but it feels like im in a small small world! but its ok!

On Jun 27, 04:47 PM Kaitlin wrote:

Yeah the quests have vanished plus my monster needs WAY more feeding!

On Jun 27, 04:36 PM Nargles_Exist! wrote:

I don’t like it…it seems so small! the frame was a good idea if they made it farther out so the screens the same size.

On Jun 27, 07:51 AM emmy wrote:

i hate it coz i said it feels like that my monster is in a fish tank

On Jun 26, 11:00 PM Evelyn wrote:


On Jun 26, 10:45 PM Julia wrote:

Frame is just awful…

On Jun 26, 10:37 PM Lea wrote:

I don’t like the frame around the main screen, it makes it look too small and I wish the “Got A Secret Code” button was on the login screen still but it’s not too bad overall

On Jun 26, 09:41 PM moshifan wrote:

I hate the new frame!

Btw where have the quests gone?