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Moshi Monsters Moshipedia Review

Moshipedia Book Cover

We were super-excited to learn that Moshi Monstes were going to bring out a Moshi Encyclopaedia and couldn’t wait to get our hands on The Moshi Monsters Moshipedia.

There’s also an exclusive Moshling figure of Hot Wings, included with the book.

The Moshipedia is described on the back cover as follows:

MOSHIPEDIA is packed with everything you need to know about the world of Moshi Monsters!

From ‘Aarrr! Pirate Flag’ to ‘Zoshlings’, this A-Z is jam packed with essential facts, including the best places to visit on Music Island, the most goopendous food around and the tiniest of Monstro City Residents.”

So what is it actually like?!

First Impressions

So what did we think when we got our hands on the Moshipedia?

Well, the first thing that came to mind was “hey, this is a lot smaller than I thought it would be!”

You’d think that an Encyclopaedia of all things Moshi, from ‘A’ through to ‘Z’ would be quite a hefty book wouldn’t you. This isn’t really the case.

Although the book contains 192 pages, it’s pretty small for a hardback book at only 21 × 17 centimetres.

Ah but it looks like quite a thick book right?

Yes, it does! It’s a little over 3cm thick, but this is where you might feel a little cheated when you open it. Take a look at this side-on picture of the book.

Side-view of the Moshipedia

Notice that there a thick layer of padding at the back of the book. This padding is used to make room for the Moshling Figure.

Someone’s eaten a chunk out of my book!

Then, you’ll see that not only have they had to add a lump of padding to the back of the book, but in order for the Moshling to show through in the top right hand corner of the cover, all the pages have had a large chunk cut out.

This means that the actual pages are even smaller as a 6th of the page is missing.

It’s also a real pain if you tend to turn over your pages from the top corners!

But what about the content

Well, as you can see from the image below, all the pages are in full-colour with images against almost all the entries in the book.

Pages from inside the Moshipedia

Each page has between three and five entries and there’s a handy alphabetical tab guide on the edge of page so you can easily flick through the book to find the page you’re interested in.

So, what does the Moshipedia include?

Well, the content falls into a number of categories:

  • Moshlings (and Moshling sets)
  • Characters
  • Places
  • Food
  • Items
  • Dress-Up items
  • Food
  • And some miscellaneous entries on things such as “The Daily Growl”

Most entries contain a short paragraph of text, but in some cases it’s just a single sentence. I think this is what we found the most disappointing.

You’d think that there would be a lot more to say on entries for characters such as Dr.Strangeglove.

And there are no entries for the Super Moshi Missions, although, people, places and things that occur during the missions do appear in the Moshipedia.

Another thing we noticed was that the entries for Moshlings were the same as the Moshling Profiles you can read in-game in the Moshling Zoo or Moshling Guide when you’re in your garden.

So what do we think?

Well, the idea of a Moshi Monsters Encyclopedia is pretty cool, but we felt that the Moshipedia was a bit of a missed opportunity.

Three out of five stars

Have you read the Moshipedia? We’d love to know what you thought. Let us know in the comments below!


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