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Moshi Monsters Food Factory - First Look

Food Factory Door

While the Food Factory isn’t available to everyone yet, it is available for newly registered owners.

We registered a new account on Moshi Monsters and took a look. Our first impression of the the Food Factory was that it’s a bit of a strange place…

When you enter the Food Factory you’ll see that there are lots of strange contraptions scattered around the the room.

If you’re played any of the recent missions, you’ll recognise the way you move around. It’s a large scrollable area and you can move your Monster by using the mouse.

The most exciting thing in the room is the pizza oven!

Food Factory Pizza Oven

Hungry Moshlings

Food Factory Hungry Moshling

The first thing you’ll notice in the Food Factory is your hungry moshlings. They’ll have an icon above their heads showing that they’re hungry for Pizza!

To feed your Moshling you’ll need to use the Pizza Oven. This takes you though a mini-game that’s similar in many ways to the Cupcake Cavern game.

You’ll need to mix the ingredients to make the base of your pizza, bead out the dough with a hammer, add some sauce, grate some cheese and then finally add the toppings.

Food Factory Ingredients
Food Factory Beating Base
Food Factory Pizza Toppings

Once the Pizza is baked (it only takes a few seconds!) you can feed one of your Moshlings. They’ll eat the pizza.

Click on the Moshling you wish to feed and you may earn yourself a Moshling Star.

You have to wait 14 minutes between feeding your Moshlings and once they’ve got all three Moshling Stars they’re full and don’t need feeding again.

(I’m not sure how long you’ll have to wait before you can feed this moshling again.)

Earn Moshling Stars to get prizes

The More Moshling Stars you earn, the more goodies you can win. The prizes for earning stars include Dress-Up items, items for your room and Moshlings. You’ll need to earn lots of stars to get them all!

Coming Soon

In the bottom right hand corner of the Food Factory you’ll notice a machine which is currently covered with a blanket.

Food Factory Drinks Coming Soon

There’s a suggestion that this might be a Bongo Colada drink machine so that you can serve your Moshlings fruity drinks as well as making them Pizza.

We’ll have a full guide to the Food Factory real soon.

Have you got access to the Food Factory? What do you think?


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On Apr 19, 06:49 PM Iqra k wrote:

Wish I had it

On Apr 18, 12:09 AM Lea wrote:

Me and my sister suddenly have access to the Food Factory and we’ve had our accounts for a few years..

On Apr 16, 09:37 PM Webkinzloverjrh wrote:

I am Level 33 on Moshi Monsters and I have the food factory. I think that the same thing happened when the Moshi Mission “Gustbusters” was released. Whether or not your Food Factory is open is just a matter of luck.

On Apr 16, 09:14 PM Beanie Boo Fun wrote:

I uploaded a video of it on YouTube. My username is Beanie Boo Fun if you want to check it out

On Apr 16, 08:15 PM Chelsie wrote:

I have the food factory,why is everyone saying that it isn’t. My monster is lvl 28 and she has got it but don’t understand why I have got it but I am not new to moshi, has anyone else got the same problem? :(

Moshi Secrets: It's quite common when releasing updates to software to gradually release it to more and more people so that it gives you a chance to catch and clean up any bugs before you've published it to the whole wide world!

On Apr 16, 04:42 PM joshua dickson wrote:

why is it only new accounts that can do it

Moshi Secrets: I guess it's because they're still testing things. It'll be available to everyone soon.

On Apr 16, 04:02 PM Chelsie wrote:

Also the bongo colada machine is open

On Apr 16, 03:45 PM Chelsie wrote:

Hi, everyone who has seen this message check your house,the food factory is now open and you can get awesome prizes like moshlings and dress up items