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Interview with Moshi Monsters Expressway

Moshi Monsters Expressway

There are lots of Moshi Monster related websites and blogs, but one of our favourites is Moshi Monsters Expressway who have just released the third version of their Moshi Monsters Blog. “MME3.0”.

They were kind enough to take some time out to answer a few questions for us.

First, tell me a little of the history behing Moshi Monsters Expressway. When did you start it and why?

Moshi Monsters Expressway was started way back on August 7th, 2010. Planning for it took place in December 2009 and took several months to actually start the blog. At the time of December 2009 – August 2010, there were no Moshi blogs, no Moshi videos, nothing, despite the fact there were 15 million players at the time. So I thought maybe I could be the first ever Moshi website star! We started on a wordpress domain, then got way bigger to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more! The reason we created MME was to help monsters in need of codes, guides, etc.

Who’s behind MME?

2009Fire15 is mainly behind MME as he is the owner, creator, frounder, along with 6 other current workers at the moment: Lukey140701, Rosscp, and myself are the admins. The other 2 workers are just authors: Mrwallop & Moshlinginfo, and the last two: Lumummery and Goldenchildngo editors and contributors. Behind the scenes, we got support from other people who give us information/cheats before anyone, so we can post it out.

How often do you (each) play Moshi Monsters, and for how long?

2009Fire15: Joined on December 4th, 2009 Lukey140701: Joined in February 2010 (Approximately) Rosscp; January 21st, 2010 The others have joined in 2011-2012 We are all on at least once a week-daily.

MME3.0 obviously took a lot of work, but how much work did it take, and what was involved?

MME 3.0 did take a lot of work! It took about 10 months in total. Planning took place with images, a test site, documents, meetings, and a whole more all in 2012. Then in January 2013 we actually started doing work. As of May 24, 2013 we completed our mission of 3.0! Many things were involved- Lots and lots of research and lots of effort and dedication. Many friends got involved, and even our fans! All the support sustained the MME power!

What part of the MME3.0 update are you most proud of?

I am most proud of how professional and better MME looks with 3.0. I’ll admit, we looked pretty cool back in the days, but got a little messy in the Summer, and it needed a fix with a makeover! Now it looks awesome! I also am very proud of how much work we’ve done and how amazing this was! Honestly just everything about MME right now I am most proud of, especially our huge community!

Now that MME3.0 has gone live, what are your future plans for the site? What can your fans expect next?

Our future plans for MME are still unpredictable at this moment. For now they can expect more page updates, more new pages, some new sidebar stuff/widgets, more videos, more guides, contest, etc. Our plans are to be opened as long as possible too. Even if I can no longer hold on, I will pass it down to dedicated workers.

Over the time you’ve been running MME, what’s the best thing that’s happened on Moshi Monsters.

The best thing that has happened on Moshi Monsters is probably the Moshi Missions! With that, we’ve probably gained 250,000+ views in total with our videos, and on site! Our community is way bigger then it would be if there wasn’t missions! It also gave us something to talk and post about!

And if we’ve asked about the best thing, then we also have to ask what the worst thing has been!

The worst thing that has been around on Moshi Monsters right now is the pinboard filter! That has disappointed many fans and even myself! Trying to say the nicest thing is the worst thing according to the pinboards! That’s not only it, the worst thing was when Moshi Monsters didn’t make any new updates, missions, etc. With that they lost players and we lost viewers. Now everything is back on track and better!

There was a mixed reaction to the new Monster designs introduced to support the “style on the streets” update. What did you think of the new-look monsters!

There was many mixed feelings about the monster designs! I had mixed ones too. At first I really didn’t like it at all! I thought what? The other monsters looked a bit better. I didn’t like how the monsters moved with their big heads! Now it’s fine and I actually like it, as I am used to it now!

What do you think of the new multi-part Season 3 Super-Moshi missions. How do you think these missions compare to previous seasons.

I think that the other missions in the previous seasons were better. Now when we post videos and guides, they are everywhere! I think it is good too, as we have something else to post about weekly. Overall the previous missions were better. Sometimes you got a month membership and couldn’t even complete the series! That’s what happened to me!

The Pirate Take-Over event is one of the biggest things to happen to Moshi Monsters – how successful do you think it’s been?

I think the Pirate Take-Over event has been a pretty successful one for Moshi Monsters. This time, everything is involved- monster clothing, the streets, iggy, the mission, daily growl, and a lot more! Many more monsters including myself ran back on right away as we heard this! It looked different and it was a change after quite while! So this indeed did attract many players.

Interest in Moshi Monsters appears to be diminishing, and they’ve admitted they were caught out by the rise of mobile/tablet platforms. What do you think the future of Moshi Monsters is?

I honestly have to agree with that they are getting caught out by the rise of mobile/tablet platforms because Everyone is getting these handhold devices and tablets. They don’t support games like Moshi Monsters, so they only use app stores. I think the future of Moshi Monsters will still have millions of players, but at the same time they will eventually run out as technology is getting bigger and bigger every month! I hope not! This is and will always be the best game of all time!

Many thanks to everyone at Moshi Monsters Express for taking part. You can also follow them on twitter at @TheMMExpressway:http://twitter.com/TheMMExpressway.


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Moshi Secrets: Yes, it look like they're slowly rolling out the new richer graphics across the entire site. Expect the in game menus to follow too..

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Thank you very much Moshi Secrets! We appreciate it!
-MME (http://moshimonsters2009fire15.wordpress.com/)