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Moshi Frosty Games - Event 4 - Bug Rush

The Moshi Frosty Games Logo

It’s the final week of the Moshi Frosty Games and this week the event we;re all going to be playing is Bug Rush!

To access the event, click on the “What’s New” drop down at the top right hand corner of the play area and then click on the play button on the Moshi Frosty Games item.

The drop-down is still showing Week 3, but if you click on it you’ll get the Moshi Frosty Games screen!

Bug Rush is the mini-game from the Moshi Movie Mystery. In the Movie Mystery game you unlock extra Moshlings to play Bug Rush with by completing the levels – but these are only available to members. I think this might be the case for the Frosty Games too.

Results for Event 2 – Thump-a-Glump

Last weeks even was Thump-a-Glump. How did all the teams cope with this event? Well, Katsuma won the event this week, but where is Furi? Furi hasn’t come first, second or third in any of the events so far!

It’s the last week Furi, let’s see if you can get into the results this week!

Moshi Frosty Games Event 3 Results

The results are as follows:

  • First Place – Katsuma
  • Second Place – Diavlo
  • Third Place – Zommer

If you’ve got one of these monsters and you participated in the Moshi Frosty Games then you should find one of the following fantastic awards to display in your room:

Moshi Frosty Games Awards

Let us know how you get on in Bug Rush and your high score! And come-on team Katsuma! Let’s win a 1st place award again this week!


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On Mar 15, 05:02 PM lego wrote:

321 was my high score

On Mar 15, 02:25 PM Nour ali wrote:

i have 2 and 1 cause i am a poppet add me popilly33

On Mar 11, 07:27 PM bellaitalia5 wrote:

Luvli Luvli Are Are Winning Winning Wooo Wooo