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Moshi Frosty Games - Event 2 - Ice Scream

The Moshi Frosty Games Logo

It’s the second week of the Moshi Frosty Games and it’s time for the second event. This week it’s Ice Scream, where you have to make the right ice-screams for very demanding monsters.

It all starts easy enough, but after a couple of levels, when you’ve got a lot of different flavours of ice-scream and loads of topping to juggle too it can all get a bit frantic!

You’ll find the Ice Scream parlor on Ooh-La Lane.

Results for Event 1 – Beanstalk Bounce

If you’ve spent the last week bouncing up and down on the beanstalk you’ll want to know just how your team did in the first event for the Moshi Frosty Games.

Moshi Frosty Games Event 1 Results

The results are as follows:

  • First Place – Diavlo
  • Second Place – Zommer
  • Third Place – Poppet

If you’ve got one of these monsters then you should have one of the following fantastic awards to display in your room:

Moshi Frosty Games Awards

Let us know how you get on in Ice Scream and your high score. And come-on team Katsuma! Where are you all! Let’s win an award this week!


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On Mar 4, 05:04 AM Lilly wrote:

Love the games moshi monster

On Feb 26, 08:25 AM kay wrote:

ice cream game is not picking up the rox the whole week. contacted Moshi monsters they say they fixing the bug but nothing changed so far

On Feb 24, 07:43 AM jessica wrote:

the results are really diavalo 1st poppet 2nd zommer 3rd and katsuma is coming 1st so far in the ice scream

On Feb 23, 06:46 AM saphire wrote:


i love moshi monsters

On Feb 23, 12:49 AM Miranda Moore wrote:

same with me

On Feb 22, 11:47 PM Julia wrote:

The results of week 1 were changed! Poppet is now 2nd and Zommer 3rd – that’s why I received 2nd place award.

On Feb 21, 10:27 AM gogoboymelton wrote:

Same zommers got 3rd instead of second.
Moshi have gave the wrong rewards accidently

On Feb 20, 07:41 PM Julia wrote:

Well it says that Poppets were 3rd but my Poppet received a 2nd place award in the inventory?!