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More Rox codes for Moshi Monsters and other news!

I’ve got a few more Rox codes that I’ve added to our list Moshi Monsters codes. In total it’s another 300 Rox to spend on doing up your house.

If you’ve not noticed, Moshi Monsters have also added a six more medals. I guess the point of the medals is to get people out and about exploring Monstro City and doing stuff (and encouraging people to become members too!)

You can earn these new medals as follows:

  • Milk Shake (click cows fifty times)
  • Money Bags (save 1,000 Rox)
  • Rolling in Rox (save 10,000 Rox)
  • Moshling Hero (rescue a Moshling during a mission)
  • Boat Bounty (buy item from Buck’s ship)
  • and Supermon (get 999 health and happiness points). Sweet!

Have you got these medals yet? Let me know in the comments, especially if you’ve clicked on cows 50 times!

There’s also new limited time codes for a Queen’s Throne and a Circus Canon. These are only available until the 20th June. You can find these codes regularly posted in the News section on Moshi Monsters. You’ll need to complete the puzzle to get the code.

Anyway, here’s the new codes for this week:

Queen’s Throne
Circus Canon
100 Rox
100 Rox
100 Rox

Many thanks for sending in the Rox codes Melisa and Kayla! Greatly appreciated!

Now don’t forget to share these codes and tell your friends where you got them from!


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On Feb 11, 03:19 AM b.b. whatsoever wrote:


On Dec 24, 09:09 AM amber wrote:

hi eny one wanna be my friend thanks for codes

On Dec 18, 01:10 AM Danny wrote:

the code bam34 does not work

On Dec 13, 03:49 PM katie wrote:

heyy anyone know how to get gabby

On Dec 12, 04:22 PM joseph wrote:

can you tell me how to get betty and i have all of the snowies

On Dec 4, 06:06 PM bob wrote:

i have done all of them exept boat boanty.

On Nov 29, 03:12 AM kareshma wrote:

many thanks to moshi team and others for all of these awesome codes. i love them alot and plz do not stop adding more and more.

On Jun 19, 10:08 AM melanie wrote: