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More creepy costumes in the Marketplace!

Poppet Tarantula Costume

In case you missed it, there are more creepy costumes out in the Marketplace.

Unfortunately, just like the last load of Halloween dress-up items, there’s not a lot here if you’re not a member.

What these latest Halloween Costumes have really show us is that there are different versions of the costumes for different monsters (so that they fix their monsters properly).

Make sure you buy the version that fits your monster!

The latest items include:

  • Slimy Tongue (Rox:22, Level:2)
  • Furi’s Halloween Pumpkin Costume:
    • Furi’s Pumpkin Head (Rox:55, Level:3, Members)
    • Furi’s Halloween Pumpkin Costume (Rox:153, Level:3, Members)
  • Bizarro Beard (Rox:68, Level:4, Members)
  • Furi’s Troll Shnozzle (Rox:19, Level:2)
  • Count Furi Vampire Mask (Rox:107, Level:5, Members)
  • Halloween Howler Werewolf Ears & Tail:
    • Halloween Howler Werewolf Tail (Rox:12, Level:1, Members)
    • Halloween Howler Werewolf Ears (Rox:7, Level:1, Members)
  • Slimy Monster Mouth (Members)
  • Frankenstein’s Costume (Members)
    • Frankenstein’s Monster Head (Rox:65, Level:4, Members)
  • Tarantula Costume:
    • Katsuma Tarantula Right Arm (Rox:344, Level:4, Members)
    • Katsuma Tarantula Left Arm (Rox:501, Level:4, Members)
    • Katsuma Tarantula Eyes (Rox:250, Level:4, Members)
    • Poppet Tarantula Left Arm (Rox:320, Level 4, Members)
    • Poppet Tarantula Right Arm (Rox:350, Level 4, Members)
    • Poppet Tarantula Eyes (Rox:250, Level:4, Members)

And no, we don’t know why the Left Katsuma Tarantula arm is more expensive than the right one!

Let us know what you think of these items in the comments below!


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On Nov 3, 02:32 AM Lea wrote:

Check out my monster’s creepy costume! http://MoshiMe.com/thelasttime

On Nov 2, 10:15 PM cillian wrote:

good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Nov 2, 02:57 PM Miranda Moore wrote:

you put creep in the first sentence