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Missions? Quests? What's going on!

Gust Busters Problems

There’s lots of confusion around at the moment as some people are seeing the Windy Wind-Up Quest series while some players are seeing the new season 3 Super Moshi mission, “Gustbusters”.

At first we thought this was just the usual problem with cached content and a simple clear our of the browsers cache would fix the problem (it didn’t!)

You’ll find advice on the Moshi Monsters help pages about refreshing your web browsers cache-.

Different accounts – Different experiences

We did some investigation to see if we could figure out what was going on.

Log in as Moshi Secrets and we get the Gustbusters button on our home screen, but pressing it doesn’t allow us to play the mission yet. Only the Windy Wind-Up quests are available.

If we log in as Harry, he get’s the same. These are both Moshi Member accounts so our next thought here was that maybe Members were getting a different experience to non-members.

This doesn’t appear to be the case either. We tried a could of non-member accounts we use for testing. One of them showed the Gustbusters button just like our other accounts, but the other didn’t.

What was strange was that this account, allowed you to play the Gustbusters missions (Part 1 and Part 2 at the time of writing) but you had to access it via the Super Moshi Missions button. There wasn’t a splash screen or button on the home page – and you couldn’t play the Windy Wind-Up quests.

All a bit of a mystery!

Then we got an email from Lea, one of our readers:

I just want to keep you updated on what is happening with the new quest “Windy Wind-Up” and the new mission “Gust Busters”. I E-mailed Moshi Monsters due to the fact that it appears to be glitched and this is what they said:

“The reason you may have the mission on one account and not one the other is this time the missions and quests are shifting around between accounts.
For example, some of the accounts are able to do the mission right now, while others are doing the quests! Over the next three weeks all of our players will be able to do all of the mission and all of the quests!

After the three weeks, the mission will be available under the Super Moshi button. However, once the quest has finished, it will be gone for good!”

Thanks Lea!

This seems like a really odd thing to do, and we wonder how many emails the Moshi Monsters support people are getting about this!

The email didn’t explain why this was the case. The only reason we can think for doing this is maybe there is a problem on the back-end systems which means they can’t cope with everyone playing the same missions at the same time.

What are you getting? Quests or Missions? Let us know in the comments below!


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On Aug 16, 04:12 PM Angus wrote:

Iv done Gustbusters but not Windy Wind-up series.

On Jul 15, 12:05 PM Weirdycandy50 wrote:

What is going on this is ridcliuos some are getting both others are getting 1 of them and the rest are getting none this so weird it has to stop

On Jul 10, 08:45 PM k4yl2 wrote:

Ive read a few ppl talking about party palace? Wht is this all about, as ive not seen any splash screen about it, nor is it on my map :-/ is it another part of the new ‘testing’ game theyre playing? So some will have it n others wont?

On Jul 8, 11:18 PM bella wrote:

am only get part one of the mission why can’t I get more I am Mad!

On Jul 8, 08:32 PM sophie wrote:

i am getting both!!!!!!!!

On Jul 8, 06:26 PM phil harris wrote:

im getting gustbusters mission season 3 mission 5,well got both,after completing windy wind up quest,it unlocks mission

On Jul 8, 02:09 AM ryder d wrote:

whoops i got gustbusters and at end i got a big fan , was i supposed to get sprinkles ????

On Jul 8, 02:06 AM ryder d wrote:

i got the quest but did not get sprinkles at the end just some big fan did i miss something ????

On Jul 7, 11:26 PM ines wrote:

I didnt get anything whatsoever. I saw that 2 of my friends had done part 1 and 2. i checked for a popup something like that, but didnt see anything. I checked my super moshi button in my room, but still nothing. I wish they didnt do the missions like that.

On Jul 7, 02:42 PM rachie wrote:

I don’t have either of the things. I don’t have the quests or the mission! please help! :*(

On Jul 7, 02:41 PM zipit90 wrote:

HELP! i saw on your website how to get sprinkles but except for that and the moshi mag i had no idea there was a mission!Also,my friend has sprinkles and i asked her where to get it.she said “go to super moshi HQ and talk to elder furi.” I did but hes not even there! this is very frustrating for me. i think sprinkles is the cutest moshling ever and i need him in my zoo ASAP!

On Jul 7, 06:17 AM Ann wrote:

The quests and mission are being made available to a certain number of moshis and not others. So some have the quest, some have the mission, some have both, some have none. Can you imagine what it is like to be the one who has none! I don’t agree with this new way of putting out missions and quests. If one moshi has a quest all moshis should have a quest. If one has a mission all should have the mission. If one has both then all should have both. If you were the one who had none and had to listen about all of this is so cool or watch while all your friends have a moshling in their room or zoo then you don’t feel very happy and you feel very left out. That is what is happening now. I have 2 family members who are very sad because they have none of these items, the mission, the quest, or the fun house thing where u go to play dress up with other moshis as they show up. It’s not a problem it’s intentional and I don’t believe it’s the right thing to do. I know from personal experience that this action has created very bad feelings and very sad moshis. I hope that some attention is paid to what is happening and that moshi listens to the feeling of the moshis who have been intentional left out. Bad decision. I’m trying to figure out why this was even considered. This is not the venue to use for testing games or missions. That should be done in a testing area not using the public access moshi game. Very poor choice and I truly hope it doesn’t occur again.

On Jul 7, 03:15 AM PC wrote:

I got gust busters,with sprinkles,and granddaughter got windy wind up, with rox

On Jul 6, 11:34 PM Mai wrote:

Im getting mission

On Jul 6, 08:32 PM Lea wrote:

On my non-member account the Windy Wind-Up quest and the new mission don’t show up at all; on my sister’s non-member account and my member account, we can play the mission but the quest is locked & on her member’s account the mission is locked but she can play the quest!

On Jul 6, 07:09 PM fluffykins357 wrote:

Im getting“Windy Wind-up”
and my sister is getting “Gust Busters”,I also want “Gust Busters”
PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Jul 6, 03:06 PM sam wrote:

im getting quests

On Jul 6, 03:04 PM Riya wrote:

i am getting the quests and the party palace even though my friend is not

On Jul 6, 12:58 PM bluetoad wrote:

i have logged on and i haven’t got the party palace =(

On Jul 6, 09:24 AM sam wrote:

thanks Lea! now I know why I cant do the gustbusters! im gonna do it in tree weeks!

On Jul 6, 08:47 AM NANAGAUNTLETT wrote:

I cannot get any , which ever way ,sent them an e mail and they didn’t answer !

On Jul 6, 03:06 AM sammy wrote:

I don’t see either, it might be I’m looking in the wrong [lace though, where is it? Or are either in the corner?

On Jul 6, 01:00 AM nausherwan wrote:

i am getting nothing :(
i got a splash screen of party palace though and its awesome good thing i am a member :)moshi people said we are testing somethings that why this all is happening i will get the mission and quests soon though i have already done bothby trick :)

On Jul 5, 11:18 PM heaven wrote:

hello i am a moshi fan can you tell me all the news and codes

On Jul 5, 09:27 PM rosie wrote:


On Jul 5, 07:40 PM Hope wrote:

i remember when it said it was coming out Monday but it didn’t i just saw this it i very helpful and i haven’t seen the pop up quest or mission when i saw this i thought in the begining that it was a glitch so is it? please add me on moshi monsters if you know fuzzywuzzyhope.

On Jul 5, 07:22 PM nicole wrote:

I’m getting both

On Jul 5, 07:01 PM jackjary wrote:

quests only…

On Jul 5, 06:07 PM Camryn wrote:

My little sister has sprinkles that she got from gustbusters. Her owner name is: Kadynaburns. Also there’s a new news article on the daily growl, and it shows a blurry picture of sprinkles. (Hope this helped)

On Jul 5, 04:41 PM Grace is awesome:) wrote:

im getting the missions but i really want to do the quests as well. add me Cottoncandy279 and come play in my arcade room

On Jul 5, 03:35 PM Oliver wrote:

I’m only getting the Mission: Gustbusters (which I completed) not the Quest, which I really want to do!

On Jul 5, 01:55 PM Webkinzloverjrh wrote:

I’m not getting any of them!!!! :( I am a member and the tab in the top right corner for GustBusters is not even appearing! The missions tab says “Coming Soon” and I have no means of accessing Windy Wind-Up

On Jul 5, 09:35 AM woolly76sun wrote:

I am getting nothing and I am a member. I got in touch with them and this is the reply I got
Thanks for writing about the new Gustbusters Mission. Don’t worry, you will be playing just like the rest of your family, in not time at all. Sorry for any confusion.

The reason you may have the mission on one account and not on the other is, this time the Mission and Quests are shifting around between accounts. For example, Some of the accounts are able to do the Mission right now, while others are doing the Quests! Over the next three weeks all of our players will be able to do all of the Mission and all of the Quests!

After the three weeks, the Mission will be available under the Super Moshi button. However, once the Quests have finished, they will be gone for good!

Please login every day, to make sure you get to take full advantage of all the activities!

If there is anything else I can do to help, please do not hesitate to write.

On Jul 5, 03:48 AM Lea wrote:

You’re welcome :)

On Jul 5, 03:09 AM Eddie wrote:

on my account it does not even have a button for gustbusters I cant play anything

On Jul 4, 11:33 PM elijah wrote:

on crome i get quests…… but on fire fox i get the mission!!!!!!!!

On Jul 4, 11:30 PM Pixie wrote:

I’m not getting anything. No quests. No Missions. Zip zero zilch!

On Jul 4, 10:09 PM Nargles_Exist! wrote:


On Jul 4, 09:09 PM Beth wrote:

I get the mission. My daughter gets the quest. She doesn’t like that. She wants us to play along together. I think they need to fix the problem.

On Jul 4, 08:07 PM NANAGAUNTLETT wrote:


On Jul 4, 08:06 PM cody wrote:

moshi member, and not getting either the quests or the mission

On Jul 4, 07:43 PM ellie wrote:


On Jul 4, 07:12 PM ben wrote:

Right now, I am able to play part one and part two of the mission gustbusters. Just one question..I didn’t understand when the quest would be available for members that had the problem.So when?

On Jul 4, 06:34 PM Jennifer wrote:

It is indeed an odd way to do quests and missions. We have Gustbusters button in room but only ability to play Windy Wind-Up quests. Unless of course we change the date on our computer, then the quest gets locked and we can play mission. Happy 4th!

On Jul 4, 05:40 PM Julia wrote:

I’m a member and I don’t have either Windy Wind-Up quest NOR Gustbusters mission…

On Jul 4, 05:18 PM Mahir wrote:

I,m only getting missions!!!!!

On Jul 4, 04:03 PM Karolina wrote:

I am not getting any. The quest doesn’t show up and the mission doesn’t either.

On Jul 4, 04:00 PM elise wrote:


On Jul 4, 02:35 PM k4yl2 wrote:

im getting neither, my mum is getting mission and my daughter is getting quests lol, yet my mum is not a member and me n my daughter are members, very confusing n quite annoying lol :-/

On Jul 4, 01:55 PM thomas kobylarz wrote: