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Lost items problem in Moshi vs Ghosts

In the new Halloween Missions, Moshis vs Ghosts, you find Ecto Gloop inside the Haunted Houses. You get this by touching the ghosts and playing the Ecto Gloop mini game.

As you collect enough Ecto Gloop, you can unlock some cool rewards. These are shown on the little gauge on the right hand side of the Missions screen (with the four houses).

There does seem to be a problem through. Some people are finding that they’re not getting the Ecto Gloop that they’ve collected or getting the prizes they’ve unlocked.

What’s causing the problem?

If you earn Gloop and then navigate away from Moshi while you’re still inside one of the houses (by for example, hitting the “back” button on your browser, refreshing your browser or closing your browser without logging out) then you won’t keep the Gloop you’ve earned!

To make sure that you keep all of your hard earned Ecto Gloop, Moshi Monsters recommend the following:

If you want to make sure that you keep your Gloop:

  • always finish the house you’re playing and go back to the main Halloween missions screen,
  • then log out of Moshi Monsters using the link in the top-right of your window – this will make sure that your Gloop and items add up properly :)

If you’ve lost any items then you can email Moshi Monster using this link

Have you been affected? Let us know in the comments below.


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On Nov 2, 10:28 AM Brooke Cline wrote:

I have been trying diligently to collect ecto-gloop for the moshling and prizes. I currently have four accounts for my grandkids and all the accounts keep the same amout of gloop. Also have received none of the prizes on the gauge and have not received a lot of my gloop. Am very discouraged by this as we are trying to get all moshlings.

Moshi Secrets: Sorry to hear about that. Have you tried contacting Moshi Monsters using the link in the article?

On Nov 1, 03:55 PM jordy wrote:

What if you exit the house before you blast all the ghosts that are there? Are you still supposed to get the gloop that you earned? Because non-members can’t blast ALL the ghosts in the house.

On Oct 30, 03:38 AM Mrs Georgina Coker wrote:

I’m not receiving any of my items and my gloops won’t rise on the meter, depsite doing everything correctly.

On Oct 30, 12:28 AM will wrote:

yep that happened to me getting the magic mirror and the new mottling the where wolf though i forget his name possibly because i sped up my date but that usually works

On Oct 29, 10:34 PM stuart bell wrote:

We achieved the 10,000 echo gloops to unlock HOOLIO but unable to add him or the treasure items to the collection

On Oct 29, 10:31 PM mummykaty wrote:

We have noticed lots of points not being added and not all the items being released. But more importantly, Hoolio has been reached by one of us but has not gone into the moshling zoo! Very disappointing.

On Oct 29, 07:34 PM Moshifan wrote:

I’ve not been getting my XP on mission and Moshi haven’t replied to my email. Grrrrrrr…..

On Oct 29, 08:24 AM gogoboymelton wrote:

I think I know the problem!
When I received the wizard hat in Moshis Vs Ghosts it looked like it had gone.
But I went further through my dress-up items and they were at the end!

On Oct 28, 10:11 PM sunfluffy92 wrote:

I can’t get the link to work and only got the tv could you help please

On Oct 28, 07:38 PM cillian wrote:

i haved tried to get glob and at the end of the game he was not in my room

On Oct 28, 07:35 PM Webkinzloverjrh wrote:

Also, I noticed something else:
When Moshis vs. Ghosts first came out, I was obsessed with getting Hoolio. However, when I got to about 770 points, my gauge remained the same. I played AND COMPLETED the ghost shooting game dozens of times, without the game remembering a single ecto gloop I had earned. I think, like a Daily rox limit, you might not be able to keep doing it with a gloop reward.

On Oct 28, 04:19 PM Kim wrote:

I did not receive the haunted mirror in haunted house versus ghost