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Katsuma Unleashed announced for DS/3DS

Katsuma Unleashed

Following on from the success of their previous DS games Moshlings Zoo and Moshi Theme Park, Mind Candy have announced a new game “Katsuma Unleased” for the DS and 3DS.

The game is currently planned to appear in stores on the 11th October 2013 (5th November for North America)

If you take a good look at the picture of the box, you’ll notice that just like the previous two games, this one will also come with a code for an exclusive moshling! We wonder if this could be Betty!

According to the press release:

Katsuma Unleashed is a side-scrolling, action-adventure platform game rendered in a beautiful 3D cartoon style and designed to appeal to Moshi fans of all ages across the globe. In a move away from the previous two titles, the game will feature stand-alone hero character Katsuma.

As the franchise’s most popular Moshi Monster, players will embark on a voyage with Katsuma through brand new worlds packed with mini arcade challenges and boss battles.

Along the way, Katsuma will have to battle enemy characters using powerful new capabilities, including Furi’s Smash and Diavlo’s Flight, in order to rescue other Moshi Monsters – fur will certainly fly!

Another exciting feature available in the 3DS version of Katsuma Unleashed is StreetPass™* secrets – 18 huge, explorable maps and monster attack games where users get to play as each of the Moshi Monsters, each with their own unique set of moves.

What do you think? Is this a game you’d want to play?


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On Jan 8, 07:54 AM Natalie wrote:

The moshling you get is Peekaboo I sooooo want him but I can’t get the game because I dont have a DS!!!!!

On Oct 12, 09:50 AM Emily8727 wrote:

I think Peek-A-Boo comes with this game

On Sep 21, 09:41 AM Ally wrote:

It’s not betty, you can obtain betty by planting seeds.. :)

On Aug 4, 03:18 PM cillian wrote:

i think it might be the the super star ruby

On Aug 2, 05:35 PM CoreOfTheGame wrote:

5th November for North America!? I want it now!!
LOL Just kidding! I can wait… no I can’t.

On Jul 30, 12:01 AM xk4yl2zx wrote:

Possibly microdave, as this years winner is already available (pinestein) but we have had no sighting or information on microdave. Just a shame there £28-£30 online a time to buy the ds games, too expensive when you have 4 playing, and you certainly dont need 4 of the same DS game! :( Very sad you have to get merchandise in order to complete your zoo……but hey, cant see them changing it sadly

On Jul 27, 12:14 PM angrybird12346 wrote:

well they did say betty would be coming out with a its so this might be it finally her spot in the zoo has gone very dusty

On Jul 26, 10:31 AM Kaitlin wrote:

I think it would make sense if it was Betty. I bet that this game was supposed to be out in June but got held back because of technical difficulties

Moshi Secrets: You may be right Kaitlin. It's pretty common for games to have their release dates pushed back.

On Jul 25, 10:04 PM tilly wrote:

my favorite monster is katsuma, so i can’t wait for this game to come out. i hope the moshling is a new one. it might might even be microdave

On Jul 25, 09:25 PM elise wrote:

i like it but i don’t like it. i like it because it might have the code for betty in it(hopefully).

On Jul 25, 07:47 PM cillian wrote:

cool!!!i cant wait

On Jul 25, 05:57 PM ANUBHAV wrote:

maybe zomgarm will know whether it is betty

On Jul 25, 05:16 PM sick_of_products wrote:

I hate how they make you buy stuff to get moshlings! I don’t even have a DS (I got rid of it at age 10)and it sounds really babyish. I hope it’s not betty so I can get her she is cool!

On Jul 25, 08:46 AM Chelsie wrote:

Wow,can’t wait 4 them 2 bring the game out,it looks phenomenal!!!!!!!!

On Jul 24, 05:09 PM playfulghost99 wrote:

i dont think its betty