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Gooperstars Build-A-Band Quests

Moshi Gooperstars Build-A-Band

There’s a new series of Moshi Monster Quests released as part of the Music Festival theme. This does make us suspect that the Music Festival was originally planned to be a much bigger event but anyway…

The Gooperstars Build -A-Band Quests are a series of seven quests, with a new quest released each day. If you’re a non-member, you can still play the first two parts of the series.

This quest series should be available until the 3rd October..

  • Part 1 – In part 1, you bump into Max Volume on Main Street who asks if you’re going to Trembly Stadium. He tells you that Zack Binspin is looking for a new warm-up act and asks if you know any good bands. If you can help, then you need to grab the ticket which appears next to you and go to talk to Zack Binspin. He’ll tell you that if you want to help you’ll need to speak to Simon Growl. You’ll get 20 Rox for completing this part!
  • Part 2 – In part 2, we find ourselves in Trembly Stadium where we need to talk to Simon Growl. He tells us that if we’re looking for a band, we’ll first need to find some equipment. You’ll need to find an electric guitar, a drum set and a speaker – all three are pretty easy to find! Simon Growl then tells us we ‘ll need to find some musicians next. You get 25 Rox for getting this far.
  • Part 3 (Members Only) – In part 3, we meet Blingo on Bleurgh Beach. If we’re going to persude him to join our band we need to recover his lost necklace from the sea. There’s a cool diving mini-game to do, where you have to move from side to side to aoid the rocks. Once you get to the bottom, you return to the beach to give Blingo back his bling. Once you’ve done that you’ll then need to do the move-match game that we played in the Moptop Mischief Mission. Remember all the move and beat Blingo and he’ll join the Band! You’ll get a “Big Bad Boombox – Blue” for completing this part!
  • Part 4 (Members Only) – In part 4 we appear in Jollywood, talking to Bobbi Sing-Song. In order to get him to join the band, you’ll need to find his sitar, but first you’ll need to get past the Jollywood Gates. This is another mini-game. Press space not too slow, and not too fast and the door will light up and open for you. Once through, grab the sitar from the bottom of the screen (just below where you’re standing). You’ll then need to beat Bobbi on the move-match game to get him to join your band too. You’ll get a Bobbi Album Poster for completing this part of the quest.
  • Part 5 (Members Only) This part feels very small – yo meet Wallop on the street and have to help him find the Moshling who stole his drumsticks. Look around the darkened room until you find the Moshling responsible and that’s it! Then of course, to persuade Wallop to join the band you’ll need to play the dance moves mini-game again. Once you win, you’ll get a Bass Drum and Tom Toms.
  • Part 6 (Members Only) Baby Rox would be the perfect singer for our band – but there’s a problem. How do we get to see her? Well lucky for us, the shady looking Sly Chance can get us a ticket – but we’ll need to do him a favour. We have to collect 20 records from around Main Street. Not too hard. Once we’ve done that, you can visit Baby Rox and then it’s just a case of playing the dance moves mini-game once more. Win, and you’ll get yourself a Roarshall Mic.
    - Part 7 (Members Only) In the final part, you meet Simon Growl on Main Street. We tell him we’ve got the equipment and the band ready, but he says we also need a poster, but that’s ok. He’ll print them for us. Then we have to go off and talk to Baby Rox. Unfortunately she’s had a tantrum and torn the poster to pieces. We’ll have to put it together by moving the pieces around. Then it’s off to Zack Binspin to tell him about your band. You’ll get a Tweenybop Moptop for completing this final part.

Does anyone know if completing these series quests still count towards your “Quests” medal? Has anyone got their medal while or after playing these quests? We’d love to know.

Let us know what you think of the Gooperstars Build-A-Band Quests in the comments below. And tell us who you think will be the third member of the band!


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On Oct 4, 04:54 AM Ava Butterline wrote:

hi my name si ava butterline

On Sep 29, 02:01 AM Kritchanon wrote:

There is an error.The article has 2 Part 6’s.

On Sep 28, 09:25 PM cutie11purple wrote:


On Sep 28, 12:31 PM Lea wrote:

And now you have part six instead of seven! :p

On Sep 28, 08:37 AM Lea wrote:

You mistakenly wrote part six (with Baby Rox) as part seven (which is now out!)

On Sep 28, 08:34 AM Oscar wrote:

part 7 is part 6 an you missed out part 6

On Sep 28, 08:11 AM Dylan wrote:

No six! left out

On Sep 28, 02:28 AM unidentified wrote:

i know right

On Sep 26, 11:46 AM moshi monster player wrote:

it’s all right but it would of been better if you got a moshling like holio or something

On Sep 26, 07:11 AM kylo wrote:

there is no part 6

On Sep 25, 11:20 PM helper wrote:

just saying… You made a mistake on part five (said yo, not you) and you called part 6 part seven.

On Sep 21, 05:35 PM mosicutie123 wrote:

yes they do count as quests

On Sep 21, 11:21 AM Marco wrote:

You wrote Tembly Stadium.