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Gift Room updated with Mystery Gifts


The sharp-eyed amongst you will have noticed a new “Gift Room” button in your home.

Clicking on this button takes you to an undated gift room which now includes “Mystery Gifts” as well as the standard video gifts that we’ve always had. There’s also a button to take you to Gift Island.

Mystery Gifts

So what’s a Mystery Gift? Well, when you send a mystery gift the recipient will receive seeds, rox or XP depending on what they get when they open the box. You can’t choose, neither you, nor the recipient will know what they’ll get until they open the box!

Once you receive a gift you click on the button under it to open the box. You’ll then get one of the random gifts.

You’ll then have the chance to send gift back to the person who sent you the gift.

Gift Room

If you want to send someone else a gift, you’ll need to pop along to Gift Island and visit the Mystery Gifts Shop. (Gift Island is now accessible to non-members!)

Mystery Gifts Shop

Mystery Gift Shop

To send a mystery box you need to first, select the colour of the box you wish to send. You’ve got a choice of Roarsome Red, Goopendous Green or Pawsome Purple.

Once you’ve chosen a colour, you can then choose the friends you wish to send gifts too.

You do this by clicking on the green Choose Friends.

Now just pick the friend (or friends) you wish to send the mystery gifts to and click on the “Send Gift” button.

You can only send 10 mystery gifts/day, so if you’ve got lots of friends. You’ll see the number of gifts you have available to send on the right hand side.

What can you get?

When you open the Mystery box you’ll randomly get one of the following rewards:

  • 1 Rox
  • 10 XP
  • 5 XP
  • 5 Rox
  • 10 Rox
  • 20 Rox
  • 50 Rox
  • Star Blossom Seeds

If you’re not a member and get Star Blossom Seeds, you’ll be asked to spin again as only Members can receive these.

AS you can see from the list above, you’re most likely to end up getting Rox.

Once you open a mystery gift it will vanish from your gift room when you close it. If you want to send a gift back you’ll need to do it straight away or make a note of the sender somewhere.

Gift Island Open to all

Gift Island

Previously, it was only possible to get to Gift Island if you were a member. With the latest update everyone can now get to Gift Island.

You can get to Gift Island by:

  • Clicking on Gift Island from the Map
  • Clicking on the Gift Room button in your room and then clicking on the “To Gift Island” button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.
  • If you’re a member you can visit The Port and take a boat ride to Gift Island.

You can still send an unlimited number of video gifts (if you’ve got the Rox). Each video gift costs between 10 and 130 Rox.

Eek, there’s a couple of bugs!

We’ve noticed a couple of bugs with the new gift Room and the Mystery Gifts.

  • If you use the “find a friend” feature to find owners names on your friends list it doesn’t let you send a mystery gift when you select them. (The button remains grayed out.)
  • When you receive XP as a gift your XP gauge on the left hand side of your screen rockets up. Once you return to your room it returns to normal though (it looks like you get loads of XP!)
  • No matter what colour you choose for your Mystery Gift box, it always seems to be purple when it arrives!

What do you think?

What do you think of this latest update? Have you been sending gifts to your friends? Is 10 gifts a day enough!?

Tell us in the comments below!


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On Sep 6, 10:03 PM Susuthemagical wrote:

anyone i will send u a mystery gift if you ask me. all u have to do is give me one back :)

On Sep 5, 09:55 PM Brooke wrote:

mine says error to do u need to be a member?

On Sep 5, 12:04 AM Susuthemagical wrote:

everyone please send me a mystery gift.

On Aug 31, 03:10 PM Jassy wrote:

It won’t let me get my prizes!it says error.

On Aug 31, 01:00 AM gail wrote:

why when I try to send gift back I keep getting a message send saying I cant send it now try later

On Aug 24, 03:08 PM sara wrote:

ummm i don’t have a membership but this looks great to the people who do have memberships

On Aug 23, 01:36 AM Jennifer wrote:

I love this! Unfortunately, like some others, the game freezes when I try to choose friends. I must reboot computer too (clearing cache doesn’t work). I hope they fix it soon!

Moshi Secrets: Yes, we've had that too!

On Aug 22, 05:42 PM Lila Victor wrote:

lots of my friends have already started giving me mystery gifts. It’s great!

On Aug 22, 01:59 PM xk4yl2zx wrote:

all good, lots of good gifts 2 :)

On Aug 22, 12:33 PM liam wrote:

I don’t think this is great to me, it’s a bit boring and we are use to it being for members. For me Moshi Monsters is leaping to hard and one day will crash ;D

On Aug 22, 11:47 AM sawera wrote:

wow sounds so cool and add me on moshi monsters my name is shining71098

On Aug 21, 05:08 PM moshlingcatcher wrote:

i think that it is a GREAT idea to allow non members in gift island!!!! the gifts are cool too

On Aug 21, 02:38 PM moshifan wrote:

It should be more than 10 a day. It’s fun to send gifts.

On Aug 21, 01:52 PM melody_29 wrote:

this is damn awesome ..!! :D

On Aug 21, 01:10 PM KK wrote:

That sounds pretty awesome!