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Food Factory - Now Open

Food Factory Out Now

Over the last couple of days we’ve been talking a look at the brand new Moshi Monsters Food Factory.

The good news is that following an announcement in the Daily Growl it’s now been released for everyone to play!

According to the Daily Growl article, the Food Factory door that you can now see in your room leads to an an enormous, underground Food Factory, built by Buster Bumblechops and modelled on the kitchens at Bumblechops Manor.

Personally we think Buster could do with someone to help him redecorate!

In the Food Factory you can currently find the Pizza Oven and the Bongo Colada machine.

There’s a trailer of the Moshi Monster Food Factory from Roary Scrawl too! Take a look:

So what do you think of the new Food Factory? We’d love to hear what you think and if there’s anything cool you’ve discovered?

Have you all managed to feed all your Moshlings yet?


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On May 4, 01:32 AM Mitzi383 wrote:

The good thing about the food factory is that you get blue line to level up everytime you play it.

On May 4, 01:31 AM Mitzi383 wrote:

Hi The food factory is quicker if you clear the cache on the web browser, moshi tell you how to do this. I find it a bit boring having to do pizzas all the time and what to do with all the chef hats….????

On Apr 26, 12:19 PM ela wrote:

food factory is very cool but we can only feed the moshilings which are in the room not any other.why?

On Apr 26, 09:37 AM furi wrote:

when you feed pizza to a moshling what does the star box mean as it does not come up each time you feed one

On Apr 25, 11:15 PM lego cool animal crossing wrote:

wht bout the tv sign

On Apr 24, 03:15 AM kayla wrote:

i can’t get to it.

On Apr 22, 07:49 PM Tessa wrote:

This is such a scam. You earn one star and are told you can go anywhere in Monstro City, but when you try to go to the Port you can’t because you’re not a member. Very upset with mm

Moshi Secrets: Yes, I'm not entirely sure why they put that there. Does it mean that new monsters can't leave their house until they've done that!?!

On Apr 22, 06:00 PM Chelsie wrote:

Give me your definition of laggy, if you have a problem don’t play it

Moshi Secrets: Even we find that some of the newer features that Moshi Monsters have added to the game are a little slow. I'm thinking particularly of the Party Palace. It's one of the reasons we don't play with those parts of the game.

On Apr 21, 04:26 AM Lea wrote:

It’s now open in your own home(s) but when you visit someone the door still says ‘Under Construction’ in their room..

Moshi Secrets: Hi Lea, if this is still the case then I'd tell Moshi Monsters about it.

On Apr 20, 07:11 PM Jaz wrote:

I honestly think that they could have made something better everything is laggy….

On Apr 20, 01:07 PM Chelsie wrote:

As if, it isn’t pointless and it is good fun,also the mission is just boring if you have already done it

On Apr 20, 09:37 AM Moshifan wrote:

I agree with Lea. It’s really boring to have to do these things over and OVER agin to get Moshlings.

The mission were MUCH more fun.

On Apr 19, 06:24 PM Lea wrote:

I think the food factory is pointless and a waste of space.