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Food Factory - Bongo Colada Machine Revealed

Food Factory Bongo Colada Machine

Just a day after we took a look at the brand new Moshi Monsters Food Factory, the covers have just come off the Bongo Colda Machine!

Now your Moshlings can get thirsty as well as hungry when you visit the Food Factory!

So what’s the Bongo Colada machine all about then?

As well as saying they’re hungry, your Moshlings can now tell you they’re thirsty.

If you click on their “Thirsty” bubble above their head or walk all the way down to the Bongo Colada machine at bottom right hand corner of the Food Factory and click on it then you get the chance to play one of two mini-games.

(There’s a third slot for another game, which is currently locked with “Coming Soon!”

Food Factory Bongo Colada Machine Mini-Game titles

Head Butt

Food Factory Bongo Colada Machine Head Butt mini-game.

In this mini-game, fruit is dropped from above by what appear to be monkeys hanging from a conveyor belt.

You have to press space when the fruit falls into a target circle.

You do have to watch out for falling bombs though! Try and squash those between your heads and they’ll explode! Ouch!

Butt Smash

Food Factory Bongo Colada Machine Butt Smash mini-game.

Butt Smash is similar to Head Butt. You still have to press the space bar at the right time to squash the fruit – but this time you do it with your butt!

The fruit arrives on a conveyor belt, and when it’s in the right place you have to slam your butt down on it to squash it!

This time it’s not Bomb’s you have to look our for – it’s cacti! Double Ouch!

Once you’ve finished your mini-game, your drink is available. Click on the Drink bubble to give it to your Moshling who seems to pour the drink all over himself rather than drink it! Strange!

You’ll earn points towards your Moshling Stars. We suspect that the amount the Moshling Star bar goes up is related to your score in the Bongo Colada mini-games, but we’re not entirely sure.

Be aware that the Food Factory isn’t available to everyone yet. It seems newly registered monsters get access as well as some other random owners. If you’ve got access – you’re one of the lucky ones!

What do you think of the Bongo Colada mini-games? Let us know in the comments below!


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On Apr 19, 06:28 PM Lea wrote:

My sister and I don’t even have the Bongo Colada machines in our Food Factories!?!

Moshi Secrets: Really? What about now? Has it appeared yet?

On Apr 19, 07:32 AM emma wrote:

its so cool!

On Apr 18, 03:05 PM Webkinzloverjrh wrote:

Right now I’m kind of annoyed with this food factory.

When this first came out for me, I looked at the Star Rewards and I found quite a few Moshlings as prizes, all of them I had, and I don’t like double Moshlings, so I figured, when I got enough stars for a Moshling, I’d just set it free.

Well, I got enough stars for the first Moshling today, and the Rewards screen popped up, and it checked off the Moshling Reward, but I could not set it free. When I check my zoo, I saw a double Moshling, even though I had never wanted the double Moshling :(

I contacted Moshi Monsters and I hope they can help me.

On Apr 18, 09:28 AM flutter-shy-lover wrote:

i have 2 accounts with 2 food factories

On Apr 17, 10:14 PM gogoboymelton wrote:

For some rason it’s not out for me