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Design-a-Moshling 2014 - Vote Now!

Design-a-Moshling Competition 2014

Every year Moshi Monsters run a competition to design a Moshling. The first prize is to see your design created as a real in-game moshling!

Let’s take a look at this years entries and see how you can vote for your favourite.

How to vote

This year you get to decide which Moshling design should be the winner and the way you cast your vote is simple.

Each Moshling design has been given a secret code. Enter that code on the Iggy secret code screen and you’ll get a poster of your favourite design (or designs if you like more than one).

Moshi Monsters will use the number of times each code has been entered to determine who has had the most votes.

You can then hand the poster in your room to show your support for your favourite design – and don’t forget to tell your friends to vote too!

Design-a-Moshling 2014 Short-list

So which design has been selected for the short list this year?

Design-a-Moshling Cottoncandy Cotton Candy – If you like pink, and you light sweets then this is the Moshling for you. With a lollipop in it’s hand and one as it’s nose this Moshling has it all – paws, wings, and is that a crown?


Design-a-Moshling Drlivingstone Dr. Living Stone – This one made me smile! Born 200 years ago the real Dr Livingstone was a famous explorer in Africa. This Moshling is actually a living stone who’s a doctor!


Design-a-Moshling Pipa Pipa – This design definitely scores 10 out or 10 for cuteness and we just love the design for the hair, tied back with a band.

Secret Code: PIPA

Design-a-Moshling Fancy Pants Fancy Pants – With a big smile on it’s face this Moshling seems very happy with his exceptionally fancy pants! With a waist band higher than Simon Growl’s, and decorated with hearts and starts it’s right to be proud about those very fancy pants!


Design-a-Moshling Pencilpine Pencil Pine – Well you don’t see something like this Moshling every day! A porcupine with rainbow coloured pencils instead of quills! I’d hate to have the job of sharpening all those pencils every morning!


Design-a-Moshling Toppy Toppy – A simple, but effective Moshling design here. In particular we love the dinosaur style tail!

Secret Code: TOPPY

Design-a-Moshling Rookie Rookie – I’m sure Rookie is going to be popular with American players of Moshi Monsters – although we do worry that a cookie might be a little fragile for the rough and tumble of a sport like American Football!

Secret Code: ROOKIE

Design-a-Moshling Deckster Deckster – I don’t know about you, but this cute little chap makes us think of a magicians assistant and we love the play on the name “dexter”.

Secret Code: DECKSTER

Design-a-Moshling Sweetcheeks Sweet Cheeks – We think of Christmas when we look at this design as it reminds us of candy canes.


Design-a-Moshling Sancho Sancho – Well this is a fiery red Moshling who look like a whole load of fun. Nachos, spicy salsa dip and… maracas! What else do you need!

Secret Code: SANCHO

Past Winners

The Design-a-Moshling contentest is an annual event and has been won by Micro Dave in 2012 and then by Pinestein in 2013.

We’ve also seen Yolka who was a runner up design in the 2012 content and we’re expecting to see King Toot from the same content too (King Toot appears on the cover of the All new Moshling Collectors Guide.)

So which design is your favourite entry this year and why? Let us know in the comments below.


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On Jul 14, 09:40 PM emma wrote:


On Jul 14, 08:35 PM Hollie wrote:

Wow! Me and my BFF Elise are loving these designs! But we defininatly love Deckster the most. Who doesn’t?

On Jul 14, 08:28 AM Gorgie Plowman wrote:

Its Cute and Different

On Jul 13, 09:13 PM teddywaleed wrote:

good game

On Jul 13, 10:28 AM Samantha wrote:

He’s the cutest.
Then Pipa

On Jul 12, 03:20 PM Tanisha wrote:

i love cotton candy…mmmmmm love the idea.. i just might vote for it