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Creepy Costumes available at the Marketplace

Furi Halloween Costume

Creepy Costumes available at the Marketplace

Halloween is now just days away, and like many of use, our Monsters want to get into the spirit of things by dressing up in spooky Halloween costumes.

Lucky for us, Moshi Monsters have made some great spooky Halloween dress-up items available in the Marketplace which you’ll find on Sludge Street.

You can also get to the market place by clicking on the “Buy More Clothes” button that you’ll find in your dress-up room!

Halloween Dress-Up Items

Some of these items appear to be monster specific, so, for instance, it looks like you’ll only find the Furi Vampire Costume in “Furi Fashion”.

  • Mr Roboto Costume (Members)
    • Mr Roboto Control Panel Body (Rox:39, Level:3 Members)
    • Mr Roboto Mask (Rox:54, Level:3, Members)
  • Halloween Cowboy Costume (Members)
    • Furi Halloween Cowboy Costume (Rox:19, Level:1)
    • Yee-haw Halloween Cowboy Hat (Rox:112 Level:5, Members)
  • Living Dead Skull Mask (Rox:326, Level:9, Members)
  • Freaky Fez (Rox:34 Level:2, Members)
  • Count Furi Vampire Costume (Rox:206, Level:7, Members)
  • Halloween Hockey Mask (Rox:916 Level:5, Members)
  • Dragon Mask (Rox:344 Level:9, Members)
  • Little Devil Trident (Rox:23, Level:2)
  • Halloween Howler Mask (Rox:292 Level:7, Members)
  • Eye-eeeeeeee!!! (Rox:906 Level:7, Members)

Moshi Monsters promise that there will be even more Halloween costumes coming soon, so keep your eyes on the Daily Growl.

Do the Zombie Shuffle!

When you got to your Dress-Up room, you’ll also notice a whole new button just for Halloween! It’s covered in gloop, but don’t let that bother you!

Zombie Shuffle Button

So what does the button do! It’s not immediately obvious! But once you’ve clicked on it, and saved you’re outfit go out onto one of the streets and try walking around!

There’s a whole new animation as you walk along like a zombie with your eyes rolling in different directions, your and your arms out-stretched like the living dead! (At least that’s what our Katsuma does!) Whoo! Spooky!

Doing the Zombie Shuffle

What do you think of these costumes and do you feel non-members have been left out? Let us know in the comments below!


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On Oct 26, 06:49 PM Pretty the Monster wrote:

Haha!! Youre monster is soooo cute!! Signed, prettythepoppet

On Oct 26, 06:26 PM Random Commenter Strikes Again wrote:

10 out of 12 are members only…wow thats just sad

On Oct 26, 05:49 AM Kethlyn wrote:

Why cant Moshi Monsters just make the some of the Halloween items “Non-member” items. Cant they just make the zombie shuffle free for fun

On Oct 26, 02:14 AM Lea wrote:

I definitely feel like the non-members have been left out!! They’re doing it a lot! Making things more available to members only is probably making people mad, not making them buy a membership!

On Oct 25, 08:47 PM Pixie wrote:

I’m a non-member and it don’t like how they’re making all these fun new things but making them available for members only =(

On Oct 25, 04:06 PM Spencer Brewer wrote:

Some of these don’t work but overall great site :)