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Captain Buck returns from Pizza Paradise

Captain Buck

There’s another chance to get your “Boat Bounty” medal as Captain Buck has once again, returned to from his voyages.

Timed to coincide with the opening of the Food Factory, Buck is back from Pizza Paradise which is really good news for anyone who wants to decorate their home like a pizza complete with toppings!

It’s not the first time he’s visited Pizza Paradise, he did so before way back in March 2011.

You can find him back at the port where he’s moored his ship and opened store.

He’s got the following items on sale:

  • Treasure Chest of GOLD (Rox:250, Level:8, Member)
  • Pirate Paradise Dubloon (Rox:85, Level:2, Member)
  • Pirate Flag (Rox:125, Level:4, Member)
  • Walking Plank (Rox:105, Level:5)
  • Mooshroom (Rox:5, Level:3, Member)
  • Peppergroany Rug (Rox:20, Level:5, Member)
  • Peppergroany (Rox:5, Level:5, Member)
  • Pizza Paradise Floor (Rox:30, Level:3, Member)
  • Pizza Paradise Wallpaper (Rox:55, Level:5, Member)
  • Pizza Paradise Window (Rox:25, Level:2, Member)
  • Glammoth Antler (Rox:204, Level:6)
  • Golden Treasure Map (Rox:200, Level:8, Member)
  • Spineapple (Rox:5, Level:5, Member)
  • Safari Sandbar Cruiser (Rox:74, Level:2)
  • Golden Gull Statue (Rox:150, Level:5, Member)

You don’t need to be a member to purchase a couple of these items but you do need to be a Member to visit the Port and board Captain Bucks’s ship.

You can find out more about Captain Bucks past adventures on our Captain Buck page.

So, if you’ve bought some of these items and decorated your room then do let us know in the comments below. We’d love to pop by and take a look at your room.


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On Jul 8, 09:51 PM Aubone LeMieux wrote:

i love games

On May 2, 04:33 AM Lea wrote:

Of course he returns just AFTER my membership expired! :(

On May 2, 04:31 AM Lea wrote:

I don’t understand why some items don’t need you to be a member to purchase them, but you need a membership to get into the store! It makes no sense!

Moshi Secrets: Sounds like you're as confused as we are! :-)

On May 2, 12:57 AM sun wrote:

ok cool