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Latest Moshi Monsters News

All the latest news from Moshi Monsters and the goings on at Moshi Secrets.

We’ll try to bring you all the lates goings-on in Monstro Cit, including news of the lastest Moshling releases in our regular “Moshling Watch” column.

Moshi Monsters Food Factory - First Look

Food Factory Door

While the Food Factory isn’t available to everyone yet, it is available for newly registered owners.

We registered a new account on Moshi Monsters and took a look. Our first impression of the the Food Factory was that it’s a bit of a strange place…

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Moshling Watch: Shoney arrives in the Moshling Zoo

Shoney Moshling

It was some time ago that Moshi Monsters teased the arrival of Shoney, the Amazin’ Blazin’ Raisin but if you’ve been keeping your eyes peeled, you’ll know that Shoney has now appeared in the Moshling Zoo!

The first sign of Shoney’s arrival was the announcement in the Official Moshi Monsters Magazine along with the seed combination that you needed to attract Shoney to your Moshling Garden.

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New Food Factory Room Update

There hasn’t been much going on in the Moshi Monsters online game recently, but we were surprised to see that things had changed when we visited our room today!

When you visit your room, you’ll notice that the buttons on the left have be rearranged and redesigned to make way for a brand new feature, the “Food Factory”

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Somewhere Clover the Rainbow Returns

Somewhere Clover the Rainbow

Moshi Monsters have re-released the Somewhere Clover the Rainbow mission under their “Moshi Classic” label.

In the Mission you need to find items of the colours of the rainbow in order to return colour to Monstro City.

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Moshiling Watch - Shoney revealed

Shoney Moshling

Issue 40 of the Moshi Monster Magazine has revealed a new Moshling called Shoney, the Amazin’ Blazin’ Raisin coming soon to your Zoo.

Shoney is a member of the Naughties set, so he’ll be the fourth and final member of the set alongside Weeny, Marcel and Raffles.

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