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Moshling Eggs

Moshling Eggs are a new feature to arrive in Monstro City and provide an alternative way for Moshi Members to get moshlings. They are brand new, so we don’t know everything about them yet.


Finding a Moshling Egg

A rather large moshling egg has appeared on Main Street. If you put your mouse pointer on it, it does a little dance.

So far, (and we’ve only had four eggs) they always appear in the same place.

Note sure if this applies any more, it certainly doesn’t for the Twistmas Eggs: If you’re not a member and click on the egg, you’ll get a message “Sorry! Only members can hatch moshlings from eggs!”

Also, interestingly around the message are Rocky, Gabby Tingaling and PIP! Does this mean that there’s another way to get exclusive moshlings? So far it doesn’t look likely.

If you’re a member you get a different message “Congratulations! You got an Egg! Take good care of it to hatch a moshling”. Standing next to a picture of the egg are the following moshilings: Pooky, Penny, Hansel, PIP, Cherry Bomb and Flumpy.

What happens whem you pick up a Moshling Egg

Once you’ve found and clicked on a Moshling Egg you’ll notice a couple of extra features

In your House

In your house, you’ll see that the “Garden” sign has a little additional “Egg” card popping out of it.

Egg Hatching Machine In your Garden

Egg Hatching Machine

If you go to your Garden, you should now see the Moshiling Egg Hatching machine just to the right of your flowerbeds. There’s a couple of things to take a note of.

First of all, you’ll see that there’s a sign on it that says “Days Left”. This counts down the number of days until your moshling hatches.

To the right of the countdown, there’s what looks like a little thermometer. With each click the level of the thermometer goes down.

Nurturing your Moshling Egg

Each day, you can show your egg some attention by clicking on it three times. With each click, more and more of the countdown gets torn off the pad to reveal the next number.

According to the Daily Growl, clicking on your egg will help it hatch faster.

You can only click on it three times though, any more than this and you’ll get the message:

“I’m sorry you can only click three times each day”

This message is a little odd the first time you get it. If you’ve only just picked up the egg, it seems a little strange to be told that you can only click on it three times!

When it hatches

When it hatches a moshling will emerge and enter your zoo. Just like collecting moshlings using plant combinations you can add the moshling to your zoo or set it free.

The moshlings you get aren’t random and have followed the following sequence:

  • Honey
  • Ecto
  • Boomer
  • Scamp
  • HipHop (February 2013)

What if my membership expires and I’ve got a egg waiting to hatch?

It seems as if the machine remains in your garden and you can continue to click on the egg to help it hatch.

Once it hatches, you can add the Moshling to your room (you may have to replace the moshlings you’ve got in your two free slots though). If you do, don’t worry, the other Moshling will be safely stored in your zoo. If you get membership later, you’ll be able to look at your Moshling Zoo and see all the Moshlings you’ve collected.

Twistmas 2012 Eggs

ON December the 20th, Moshi Monsters gave away a new egg every day. This included new graphics. The Egg that appears on Main Street now has a bow around it and a label reading “Click Me”

The Moshling Egg Incubator looks different too. With three little lights at the bottom to indicate how many clicks you’ve made so far that day.

These Twistmas Eggs only require three clicks to get so you can get the Moshlings straight away.

These are the Moshlings that you get:

  • December 20th – Sooki-Yaki
  • December 21st – Jeepers
  • December 22nd – Gracie
  • December 23rd – Pooky
  • December 24th – Flumpy
  • December 25th – Liberty
  • December 26th – Shelby
  • December 27th – Fumble
  • December 28th – Rocky
  • December 29th – Mini Ben
  • December 30th – Mr Snoodle
  • December 31st – Gigi

The History of Moshling Eggs

We’ve known for a long time, ever since the first Super-Moshi mission, Missing Moshling Egg that Moshlings come from eggs! In the mission, a moshling egg has been stolen from Buster Bumblechops. Once you find it and bring it back to Buster, he uses his incubator to hatch the egg and reveal Lady GooGoo.

Moshi Monsters first started teasing us about a moshling egg at then end of August, 2012.

In what has become a common way to start revealing upcoming features, a “Daily Growl article”: asked us to try to identify the contents of a blurry photograph. We now know that the photograph was of a moshling egg on Main Street.

Another Daily Growl article followed on the 3rd September, 2012. This time we were shown an Egg Hatching machine! It confirmed that the blurry photo we’d been shown was an egg and that moshling eggs can be hatching inside this machine.

The machine had a calendar with “5” on it, leading some people to conclude that the moshling egg would appear in 5 days time from the article – it didn’t!

There was a long wait…

Finally, on September 24th, 2012, the Daily Growl revealed! the arrival of Moshling Eggs to Monstro City, telling us that a golden Moshling egg had appeared on Main Street and that we were to take it to our Moshling Garden and incubate it in our Egg Hatching Machine.


 Textile help
On Jan 7, 05:41 PM e wrote:

melody it goes back into your zoo if one of the existing ones gets switched and if you become a member u can see it in your zoo

On Aug 20, 06:13 AM yubuthole wrote:

How do you get one? I want a moshling egg so bad. BTW add me goods02.

On Aug 13, 02:36 AM Kyoko wrote:

where do u find moshling eggs???????

On Aug 7, 01:30 AM Lila Victor wrote:

how do you find the moshling eggs? where exactly? i can’t find any on Main Street.

On Jul 24, 02:40 PM mrbusstling wrote:

how do you hunt for moshilings?

On Jul 13, 08:13 AM chloe wrote:

where do you find the eggs

On Apr 9, 09:20 PM macy wrote:

I got prof.perplex
Not honey
And I can’t find the second egg!!

On Apr 8, 06:02 PM p3 wrote:

hi just got my 1st egg but it wasn’t honey I already had honey but I got prof.purplex
is that normal

plz add me pinka999

On Apr 4, 04:09 PM Megan wrote:

My egg hatches and then runs away and i dont get the moshling but when i come back to my garden the egg is there with zero days left and does the same thing!? Help?

On Mar 24, 04:18 PM palak wrote:


On Mar 10, 04:52 PM Sherry Bishop wrote:

I have a egg that gows in my room will it hatch

On Mar 10, 05:52 AM melody wrote:

hi i wanna know when you have 2 mshlings in your room and then u get a thrid 1 were does the 1st one go (when your not a member)

On Mar 9, 09:15 PM Melia wrote:

Cool! I really want to get Scamp and Jeepers! But I did not go in time! Noooooo!

On Feb 17, 08:09 AM Jaguar wrote:

I just finished cracking my golden egg, that i picked up on main street, and i got HipHop the Boom Box – don’t know if its the same for everyone though…
add me – cool_bling, to see it in my zoo!

On Feb 17, 01:21 AM thomas wrote:

I got hiphop in one but i completed
the tunes and the little building
on the left is the same as the techies

On Feb 13, 11:56 AM Jack wrote:

Add me jrl20021792
I have dustbin beaver and the snowies set

On Feb 7, 02:21 PM jakob wrote:

when will there be more eggs?

On Jan 20, 07:45 PM les wrote:

can i get blingo ples

On Jan 20, 02:18 AM rishi wrote:

i only got ecto first then scamp but i haven’t got the egg for honey i have boomer already so i don’t need it for boomer

On Jan 10, 04:54 PM natasha wrote:

what about in 2013?

On Dec 31, 10:09 AM luis wrote:

31st is Gigi

On Dec 24, 08:52 AM Jaymog wrote:

23rd is Pooky, and 24th is Flumpy!

On Dec 24, 06:43 AM f wrote:

i have pooky and flumpy

On Dec 23, 04:54 PM reagan wrote:

i want boomer so baddly can you get boomer from twistmas eggs

On Dec 23, 03:12 PM ruby wrote:

I got a gracie and pooky egg.

On Dec 23, 11:30 AM Cameron wrote:

23rd is POOKY.

On Dec 23, 09:33 AM blueberryblue32 wrote:

next is pooky

On Dec 23, 06:57 AM sgw wrote:

23rd is pooky

On Dec 23, 06:37 AM alex wrote:

No I got pooky on the 22nd

On Dec 23, 05:19 AM Hannah wrote:

the first egg u get is sookiyaki 2nd egg is jeepers the 3rd egg is pookie but i dont know the rest cause they come up each day

On Dec 23, 02:46 AM caleb wrote:

today is pooky!.

On Dec 23, 12:18 AM Jaymog wrote:

22nd is pooky!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Dec 21, 09:17 AM charlie wrote:

I got A jeepers egg.

On Dec 21, 08:16 AM Gagnix wrote:

21st is Jeepers!!!!

On Dec 21, 07:15 AM rafia maqbool wrote:

hi i got sookiyaki in 1st egg and jeepers in 2nd and i am not a member it was a surprise becuz i was trying 2 get sookiyaki by flower sand got one by egg!

On Dec 21, 02:41 AM jaymog wrote:

On December 21st you get an egg with jeepers

On Dec 20, 11:28 PM Naya wrote:

I can’t find the egg please help me find it and be my friend i am orangepurple101010

On Dec 20, 12:47 PM smartie10356 wrote:

I got SOOKI KIA IN MY SEDOND EGG and scamp in the first.

On Dec 20, 12:06 PM Mabelen Bonifacio wrote:

Everyone can get eggs now! Even non-members and members.

On Dec 20, 07:27 AM kaitonzo wrote:

sooki yaki also hatches

On Dec 20, 02:16 AM SUP wrote:


On Dec 20, 01:04 AM Peyton wrote:

I found a Sooki-Yaki egg instead of honey,ecto,boomer,or scamp

On Dec 19, 12:49 PM sassidy12345 wrote:

level 13 people get boomer first and people on level 8 get scamp frist just like me !!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Dec 18, 06:22 AM Jay gotvik-dobson wrote:

I got 2 eggs! with scamp and boomer!

On Dec 18, 02:04 AM sarah wrote:

it can be found at only.. main street..

On Dec 17, 11:18 PM Coolio wrote:

My first one was scamp

On Dec 17, 02:29 AM amr wrote:

pleas you can get me iggy

On Dec 17, 01:20 AM Ava wrote:

Im hatching what I THINK is the 5th..?

On Dec 16, 09:25 PM Harry wrote:

My first egg was honey and my second was not ecto but scamp. How come everybody got a different order to me?

On Dec 16, 07:15 PM Aynonomus wrote: