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How to get Zack Binspin

Zack Binspin Moshling

Zack Binspin is certainly one of the most popular characters in Monstro City and we are often asked “How do you get Zack Binspin?”

Zack Binspin is an Ultra Rare Moshling (number 107) in the RoxStars set along with Bobbi SingSong and the also unreleased Hoolio.

Apparently he lives in a Trashcan in Brashcan Alley.

Zack’s Music

Zack Binspin appeared on the first Moshi Monsters Music Album with the song “Moptop Tweenybop (My Hair’s Too Long)”

Also appearing in the video is Blingo.

So far this is the only song he’s released.

Zack’s Appearances

Zach Binspin has appeared in a number of Super Moshi Missions:

Season 2 – Close Encounters of the Zoshi Kind

In this mission we bump into Zack Binspin at Simon Growl’s Mansion. We have to talk to Zack and convince him we’re one of his true fans so that he’ll give us the screw we need to fix the plane that we need to take us to Music Island!

Season 2 – Sandy Drain Shenanigans

Once we get to Music Island, who do we find at the Sandy Drain hotel? It’s none other than Zack Binspin!

After getting Zack’s autograph we find out what his combination for the safety deposit box is, and get the Spa 1 keycard!

We find that Zack Binspin is in a spot of bother in Spa 1. His hair is growing out of control and we have to use the Moshling ROFL to cut it!

Season 3 – The Googenheist

During the Googenheist mission, we find Zack Binspin hanging out, yet again, with the music mogul Simon Growl in his mansion. Zack only plays a minor role in this mission, just commenting that a Statue of Simon Growl is “almost as shiny as my hair!”

How to get Zack Binspin

Zack Binspin hasn’t appeared as a collectable Moshling in your moshling Zoo yet. So, at the moment he’s not a Moshling you can get.

There are rumous that Zack Binspin will be available as a Moshling in the upcoming Super-Moshi Mission Moptop Mischeif.

A word of caution though – Zack has appeared in Super Moshi Missions before, but never as a collectable Moshling.

Zack Binspin doesn’t appear on the Moshi Monsters website moshlings.com either.

Zack Binspin Codes

So if you can’t get Zack Binspin yet, what can Zack’s fans get in the meantime? Well, we’ve got these codes for Zack goodies:

Beloved Zack Binspin Poster
Zack Binsping Gold Disk
Zack Binspin Music Rox Poster

You’ll find lots more codes on our Moshi Monsters Secret Codes page.

So what do you think of Zack Binspin? Are you a Zack Binspin fan?

Do you this we’ll be able to get him by completing the Moptop Mayhem mission?

Let us know in the comments below!


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On Apr 19, 06:31 PM Elizabeth Dougal wrote:

I love this website and the reason I can cheat is because I have all the moshi monsters and lost all the codes

On Nov 19, 12:08 PM Benjamin wrote:

You have to do season 3 episode 6 (moshi missions) to get zack binsbin

On Oct 22, 04:45 PM casey wrote:

ive got him

On Sep 28, 09:04 AM wingding341 wrote:

I have zack by completing season 3 mission 6 moptop mischief

On Sep 24, 06:13 PM Gabrielle❤ wrote:

Love Zack binspin I wish u could get him. He is the best singer in the universe❤❤❤❤❤

On Sep 21, 04:53 PM sparkly2342 wrote:

Apparently he lives in a Trashcan in Brashcan Alley.omg i now that zack is the best because hes a singer and hes a moshling this cant be hapenig

On Sep 16, 09:09 AM bronte prentice wrote:

cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool

On Sep 4, 06:01 PM leeanne wrote:

i think he is great and of course am great to lets be real i will get him in no time

On Aug 31, 03:28 PM Goo0cat wrote:

There is a new mission coming in which we can get zack bin spin .
I have got him!!!

On Aug 30, 11:15 PM woolly76sun wrote:

Hi In the zoo Zack Binspin directs you to a mission,season 3 mission 6 but it freezes before you can go into the vip area. I have tried numorous times but I have had no joy

On Aug 24, 02:50 PM bella wrote:

i love your website! :-)

On Aug 17, 04:16 PM katsoma33 wrote:

it is not moptop mayhem it is moptop mischief

Moshi Secrets: Thanks for that. We've updated the article!

On Aug 13, 09:06 AM Lisa wrote:

he’s epic i want him

On Aug 13, 01:35 AM josalyn wrote:

I don’t want to be rude but no because I played that and didn’t get Zack Binspin but I thought I was going to get him!

On Aug 6, 07:58 PM I AM COOLER THAN U wrote:

I wish i just knew how to get him…..I WILL CHECK HOW!….(plus he’s EPIC and adorable)

On Aug 6, 07:03 PM Postess wrote:

You can catch him! But how?

On Aug 6, 06:35 PM mia wrote:

this did not help at all

On Aug 6, 05:25 PM candyfloss wrote:

we want the code to get him

On Aug 6, 02:37 PM charels wrote:

i love zack binspin and i would love a copy of the mission

On Aug 6, 05:06 AM Teesha wrote:

I love Zack Binspin

On Aug 3, 07:16 PM cillian wrote:

when is the mission comming?

On Aug 3, 03:07 PM my meher wrote:

i love zack binspin he is my favrioute moshling

On Aug 3, 09:41 AM ellenmybffandmemaebh wrote:

oh i wonder when the misson is coming out and when we can get him?!

add me my name is: ellenmybffandmemaebh

On Aug 3, 05:28 AM lucky wrote:

I have seen zack in a friends room

On Aug 2, 03:49 PM adam wrote:

Ilove zack binspin he is EPIC!!!!!!!

On Jul 31, 02:40 PM xk4yl2zx wrote:

i heard hes a reward in moptop mischief mission released in mid-august….. :)

On Jul 31, 06:57 AM nawshin wrote:

zack is cool. i ❤ u zack binspin.

On Jul 30, 08:34 PM Pixie wrote:

He’s cute =D