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How to get Wuzzle

Wuzzle Moshling

Wuzzle, the Wandering Wumple, is a Rare moshling in the Guru’s set.

Unfortunately there’s no free code or seed combination that you can use to get Wuzzle.

The only way you can currently get Wuzzle is to subscribe to the Moshi Mag.

Wuzzle’s appearance was announced on the Daily Growl on the 23rd November 2013.

When you subscribe, you’ll get a code (which gets sent to you by email) for Wuzzle’s seed.

Loopy Lotus Seed for Wuzzle

Attracting Wuzzle to your Moshling Garden

Once you’ve received the email, which can take 48 hours or so, you’ll need to use the secret code to get Wuzzle’s seed. This is how you do it:

  • Go to the IGGY code screen
  • Enter the code in the email that you were sent
  • Go to your moshling garden.
  • Open your seed pouch, you should see a “Loopy Lotus” seed in there.
  • Plant this seed and any two other normal seeds.
  • Once the Loopy Lotus grows, it’ll attract Wuzzle to your Moshling Garden. Click on Wuzzle to add him to your Moshling Zoo.

Wuzzle, replaces Dustbin Beaver as the free Moshling you get with a Moshi Magazine subscription.

To subscribe to the Moshi Magazine, you can go to the official Moshi Monsters Magazine site or you can subscribe to the digital version by going to the Apple app store.

At the time of writing, the non-digital/paper based Moshi Monsters Magazine is only available in the UK and Australia/New Zealand.

A Moshling figure for Wuzzle was also realeased in Series 9 Moshling Figures.


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i would love it if moshimonsters could make u be aloud to keep more than 2 moshlings :/