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How to get Tingaling moshling (Updated!)

At last! With the release of the latest super-moshi mission, The Curse of the Paw-Wavin’ Kitten , we now know how to get Tingaling!

So finally we can get the last mission moshling (for now), but you’ll need to be a member to do those Super-Moshi missions.

To help you get Tingaling, we’ve created a walkthough of the Curse of the Paw-Wavin’ Kitten mission.

The title of the mission is “The Curse of the Paw Wavin’ Kitten?” and yes, right there in the video, are pictures of our elusive moshiling Tingaling!

See the trailer for the mission (featuring Tingaling) below:


 Textile help
On Aug 22, 09:47 PM miss moshi wrote:


Introducing Snuffy Hookums! Buster’s long-lost assistant has returned from her travels, and you can find out all about her in the Moshi Monsters Official Annual 2013, available in UK & Ireland, UAE, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, France, Singapore and China.

I wonder what we’ll find out about Snuffy Hookums?

On Jul 17, 04:44 PM Daniel wrote:

the curse of the paw wavin kitten is a good idea and now it is possible too get all 68 moshlings

On Jul 13, 09:27 PM Courtney wrote:

Everyone season 2 mission 5 was just released Yesterday so if you are a member you can get her now!!!!!Also my moshi monsters account is dazzleawesome21 and if you go in my room you can see Tingaling also today is Friday the 13th and I was born on Friday the 13th Lol! so add me for being unlucky:D also if any of you guys know courtneycreamer2003 please tell her to add me again because we have the same name which I think is cool:)

On Jul 12, 09:52 PM Elsie wrote:

somebody has tingaling!!!!!

On Jul 12, 07:14 PM gem wrote:

i have found tingaling and its all beacuase i am a moshi member!

On Jul 10, 08:24 AM rodie wrote:

tingaling is defo gone be in the mission

On Jul 10, 06:59 AM Sandy wrote:

how do u get to mission 5 season 2. I am a member.

On Jul 7, 08:54 PM Mary wrote:

tingling will be on misson 5 seson2 coming on july 15 in two weeks im pretty sure

On Jul 7, 07:44 AM gabriel wrote:

I think Tingaling will be a great hit.

On Jul 6, 12:32 AM Kalanni wrote:

I think that tingling will be in a mission or need a seed code.

On Jul 1, 08:02 PM dazzleawesome21 wrote:

Here’s really how to get Tingaling:wait for super moshi season 2 mission 5 to be released. the trailer is already released so it will probally be released in 2 weeks which is July 15th.So yeah only members can get Tingaling sorry. The information on this this site is completey wrong because if u watch the trailer for super moshi season 2 mission 5 it shows Tingaling. Also on a website I found it says that the reward for super moshi season 2 mission 5 is Tingaling. Hope this helped! Add me on moshi monsters my account is dazzleawesome21 to.

On Jun 21, 07:43 PM Marky wrote:

It’s so frustrating – Tingaling’s been ‘known’ and labelled in the Zoo for a long time now – I’ve got 67 out of 68 Moshings (June 2012) – guess which one I need !! yep Tingaling – put us out of our misery Mind Candy….pleeeeease….

On Jun 6, 07:38 PM louis wrote:

i need 1 more moshiling and its tingaling add me on moshi monters my name is woodyhoody11 and add my little sister her name is ellen_mae

On May 12, 03:13 PM me wrote:

The new collectors book is out now in amazon, it’s just been reduced to £4.79
search for ‘moshi monster in books’

On May 7, 07:39 PM Moshi Secrets wrote:

There’s loads of codes and we’re always finding more. Keep an eye on our news and the codes page for new codes as we get them!

On May 2, 04:24 PM ELLA wrote:

how many cods is there

On May 2, 04:02 PM GEORGIA wrote:


On Apr 18, 11:22 PM DEVAN wrote:

how do you get tingaling

Moshi Secrets:You get Tingaling by doing the mission mentioned above.

On Apr 9, 09:48 AM Moshi Secrets wrote:

Hi Joshua, we suspect you’ll have to wait until the Ultimate Moshiling Collectors Guide #2 is released. If anyone knows different, let us know!

On Apr 6, 11:10 AM joshua wrote:

hey how do you get tingaling