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How to get Shambles moshling

If you’re a Moshi Monsters member you’ll notice that there’s a new slot in your Moshling Zoo under the Mythies set for a new moshling called Shambles. Unfortunately Shambles is yet another moshling that you’ll need to purchase Moshi merchandise to get…

Get Shambles with Moshi Mash-Ups!

There’s a new range of Moshi Mash-Up trading cards from Topps. This new edition is called “Code Breakers” and there’s a special Shambles code card hidden inside “lucky packets!”

The code will give you a Scrappy Shrub seed which you’ll find in your pouch when you go into your garden. (You won’t find it in the chest in your room!)

Plant the Scrappy Shrub with any other two seeds and when you check back once your seeds have grown you’ll see they’ve attracted Shambles so you can add him to your Zoo.

What is the code for Shambles.

I’m afraid that the code for Shambles is likely to be one-time use code. Once the code has been entered it won’t work again so you won’t be able to share it with your friends and it wouldn’t be any good posting these codes on Moshi Secrets.


A huge thanks to Hannah for the tip-off! Go visit her monster’s room: http://www.moshime.com/Chloecocoa978.


 Textile help
On Oct 18, 08:03 AM shreyan wrote:

i got shambles
i live in nepal
i am nepalese

On Jul 22, 06:30 PM maya wrote:

i got the mash up code for it but it did not work

what a shame

On May 10, 11:45 PM max wrote:

i got roxy but not shambles. i want that code back!

On Apr 17, 08:15 PM jasmine wrote:

thanks for the tip

On Apr 13, 08:53 PM olivia wrote:

well u need to use the code ‘‘hobbididance’‘ and see if it works

On Apr 11, 05:11 PM Ellie wrote:


On Apr 10, 04:19 PM Samuel wrote:

Hi my Roxy code does not work. Why is that.

On Apr 5, 03:24 PM aimee wrote:

marcel from the new naughties colection you get him in chocodile blues

On Mar 28, 04:54 AM Sunny wrote:

I want to have roxy how do you?

On Mar 24, 10:21 AM kozma wrote:

your kind

On Mar 12, 08:58 AM tofis111 wrote:

i will have shambles please

On Mar 10, 03:49 PM charlotrte wrote:

i have shambles definently

On Feb 13, 10:36 AM jack wrote:

i got shambells

On Feb 4, 02:56 PM julia wrote:

you should tell us the code for shambles but otherwise i love your website you give lots of information

On Feb 3, 01:46 PM mohammad wrote:

nooooo! i need shambles cuz i have 2 of da moshlings in mythies set n i need shambles!!!

On Jan 16, 09:49 PM kristen wrote:

hey thanx for all the codes and guess what they dont expire on the 11th! i did all of them and they all worked your awesome!and where did u get all those codes anyway??

On Dec 29, 11:28 PM Sunari wrote:

i did loads of these codes and they all worked!!!
add me: lipsticklipgloss

On Dec 24, 11:39 AM deniz wrote:

cool information

On Dec 24, 10:08 AM Amelia wrote:

could you write the codes for all the moshlings and not just explane where to get your codes. your website will be more popular. please:)

On Dec 11, 01:06 PM Angie wrote:

Hey I’ve never been so happy to go to the doctor!
My mom let me buy 2 packs and I got 1 pack from one end of the box and the other one on the other and both of them contained a rainbow foil, a heat release and a shambles!

Add me: tattletale25

On Nov 30, 05:44 PM likklelola wrote:

its actually jolly flowers i’ve got shambles if you don’t believe me!
Add me: likklelola

On Nov 27, 11:16 AM Daddymomiloveu1 wrote:

I think they need more moshing codes for moshlings.

On Nov 21, 01:54 AM eliza wrote:

i think ever1 shood hav a zoo!

On Nov 19, 07:07 AM beautifulgirl45 wrote:


On Sep 29, 03:44 PM gabby wrote: