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How to get Raffy the Higgley Hypnotiser

Raffy Moshling

Raffy is the only Moshling to appear in the Swindlies Moshling set so far. He’s a Ultra Rare Moshling.

He first appeared in the Moshling Zoo way back on the 27th May 2014, but the storyu of how Raffy came to appear in the Moshling Zoo goes back much further than that.

How to get Raffy

I’m afraid to say that you can’t get Raffy, and it’s unlikely that you will be able to get him in the future.

There’s no seed combination or secret code you can use to get Raffy.

Raffy is a little bit special.

The Raffy Moshling was a prize in a competition to have your very own exclusive Moshling. The real Raffy got a tour of Moshi HQ,

Here’s a video of the real Raffy being told that he’d won and was going to become a real Moshi Monster.

This video was posted way back on the 29th April 2013.

This tweet form 29th Nov 2013 which shows Raffy and the designs for his Moshling.

As we’ve also seen in the past Design-a-Moshling competitions, It just goes to show how long it can take for a Moshling to make it into the game.

The competition appears to have been run by Coup Media Ltd who specialise in Social Campaigns.


Raffy Moshling Profile

Long ago, Higgley Hypnotisers would use their enchanted hypno-clocks to swindle rich monsters out of all their Rox. Nowadays these swirly-eyed scoundrels earn a living performing to passers-by, persuading hapless volunteers to eat raw oobla-doobla and do the splits every time they whisper ‘flummadiddledee’.


  • Species: Higgledy Hypnotiser
  • Set: Swindlies
  • Rarity: Ultra Rare


Like Wonky Wizards, Higgledy Hypnotisers are said to come from the mystical land of Alakazam, but they enjoy entertaining shoppers on Sludge Street


  • Likes: Ticking and Tocking
  • Dislikes Mirror Shades and skeptical monsters.

So what do you think about Raffy. I know a lot of you will be disappointed that you won’t be able to catch Raffy and add him to your zoo But, if he was available to everyone it wouldn’t be as amazing a prize as it was.

You’ve got to admit, it would be pretty cool to get your very own exclusive Moshling.

Let us know what you think in the comments below – and if you could have your very own exlusive Moshling, what would YOU choose?

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