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How to get Pip moshling

Pip is a new “Top Secret” exclusive moshling who’s empty slot in appeared in the everyone’s moshling zoo at the beginning of August 2012.

It appears that just like Nipper which comes in with the DS Moshling Zoo game, this is a moshling that you’ll only get by buying Moshi Monsters merchandise.

In this case it appears that you’ll get Pip in a a “Moshling Playset” although which playset(s) this might be are unclear. Included in the playset is a unique one-time use code. (If you’ve purchased a playset and got Nip then let us know which one!)

Update: The playset in question is the “Moshi Monsters My Moshi Home Playset”. You can find it on sale in Argos and Amazon for £39.99. Seems very expensive when you see what you get.

My Moshling Home Playset

The product description mentions: “Also features a secret code for a limited edition Moshling on-line.”

This is rather frustrating for anyone who can’t afford or just doesn’t want to by the playset and while I can understand that offering to make your playset more appealing, it doesn’t feel terribly fair. Why bother to start collecting moshlings if you know you’ll never get them all…

Let me know what you think, or if you’ve got Pip…


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On Nov 27, 04:01 PM Quizno wrote:

I got Lummux and he doesn’t need a code now!! Plus Then there’s Rooby to get then you have complete set because now the only sets that have 1-3 moshling slots and have all moshlings then it’s counted as a complete set!!

On Sep 28, 12:35 PM Sian smith wrote:

what is the code for pip please and Lummox.

Moshi Secrets: There isn't a sharable code. You need to buy merchandise to get a one time use code for them.

On Sep 6, 07:32 PM Megan seaman wrote:

wow. thats expensive. i dont have enough money. ive only got enough for the moshling zoo game. add me on moshi monsters.

On Aug 16, 11:56 PM angel136023 wrote:

On amazon the set can be $10!

On Jul 24, 11:58 PM luckycheerful56 wrote:

guys I know how to get roxy with a code! the code is hobbididance! you get that plant and you grow it with the dragon fruit and love berries! you should get her by after 10 minutes! be my friend:luckycheerful56!!!

On Jun 1, 10:01 AM Sumehra wrote:

Why is pip so expensive? I can’t find pip because he is not there.

On Apr 21, 08:39 PM massimiliano wrote:

oh man seriously you need a play set I would never play with it but i want pip

On Apr 20, 09:28 AM caitlin wrote:

(age 5)i dont have pip

Moshi Secrets: We don't have Pip either! The playset was rather expensive!

On Apr 8, 10:00 PM zack wrote:

i have the moshling zoo game and now i got nipper the robot!!!! (:

On Apr 6, 12:38 PM Lover000 wrote:

I really really need it please:)
Add me : lovemaster000 I am a member and I can send u gifts any time u please.

On Mar 27, 08:13 PM kaza37 wrote:

I emailed them a complaint about that and included part of Disgruntled Parent’s comment.

On Mar 15, 08:20 AM Deanna wrote:

Hi, I want to get pip desperatly! My BFF has him, but I want him too!

On Mar 12, 09:11 PM tofis111 wrote:

give me nipper, boomer and Blingo otherwise go I never moshi monster!

On Mar 12, 07:35 AM Dylan wrote:

i got the moshling zoo game and i tried it but it did not work:(

On Feb 9, 11:02 AM karen wrote:


On Feb 8, 01:27 PM aislinn wrote:

i have 2 sets tree set and hq

On Feb 8, 12:54 PM josef wrote:


On Feb 7, 10:29 PM moshimetroid66 wrote:

I emailed Moshi Customer Service asking if there was a less expensive way to get Pip and they emailed me back a free code! Easy way to save $100.

On Feb 7, 08:10 AM rattybugbug wrote:

Awesome I’m gonna get that for my birthday!

On Feb 3, 07:58 PM Miriam wrote:

Its a shame that most of the moshling codes have expired…

On Feb 2, 05:41 PM brandonnor wrote:

i got them all thnx xx.

On Jan 21, 08:15 PM Jordan wrote:

I got Leo and Furnando! But, I’m too lazy to try to get Pip.

On Dec 31, 03:17 AM casey wrote:

i brought moshlings theme park but there was no code. can you tell me one

On Dec 13, 09:30 PM charlize wrote:

nipperbot is the code for nipper and chillyleo is the code to get leo

On Dec 12, 08:43 PM Sean wrote:

whats the code for nipper?

On Dec 12, 11:59 AM ben wrote:

nipper is moshling zoo game

On Dec 9, 09:10 PM Madison wrote:


On Dec 6, 04:10 PM moshi guy wrote:

the zoshlings = mission 10 yes every one

On Dec 2, 08:52 PM fee wrote:

I think it is really unfair,I don’t want a play set,I would never use it but i want pip

On Dec 1, 02:53 AM George wrote:

People were saying that pips code is get away

On Nov 30, 09:41 PM sasi wrote:

where do you buy it if you live in canada

On Nov 22, 06:25 PM Chloe wrote:

WOW! Thanks, That is going on my Christmas list right away!!!!!!!!!!!

On Nov 19, 02:29 PM christa wrote:

what does pip look like???

On Nov 18, 11:44 AM lewis226413 wrote:

i want pip

On Oct 19, 02:04 AM dylan wrote:

These rox codes are pure gold!
Now i have 1738 rox!!!
Can this get any better?!?
P.S. Please add me im dp173

On Oct 18, 07:10 PM leif wrote:

do you know pip is there a code for pip i would love pip please thanks

On Oct 17, 11:04 PM Hannah wrote:

I am very confuesed so do you need a code to get pip or just flowers

On Sep 4, 10:12 AM connor wrote:

hi i really need pip for moshi monsters

On Aug 19, 03:41 AM Disgruntled Parent wrote:

I had started a thread in the Golden Oldies forum on the site. I had considered contacting Mind Candy directly, but thought it might be good to at least get a feeling for where other people stood on the issue.

I just believe they would have been smarter to bump up membership fees 5 – 10% to generate the extra revenue that they think they’re going to get from taking this merchandising route. Now that they’re making it so you need more than just a membership to enjoy the full experience, the membership has lost it’s value. The merchandise won’t be long to follow.

On Aug 19, 12:11 AM Moshi Secrets wrote:

Disgruntled Parent/Luisa – It really does start to feel as if our kids pester power is being cynically exploited to sell over-priced merchandise.

I just wish these such exclusive moshlings were seperate from the rest and not part of the normal sets.

Out of interest – have you (or anyone else) tried contacting Mind Candy about this recently? (The Dustbin Beaver thing seems to have been forgotten…)

On Aug 18, 11:56 PM Disgruntled Parent wrote:

I completely agree, the greed is getting out of hand. This would be like buying a Star Wars game and then finding out you can’t play one of the missions unless you buy a Millenium Falcon to get a special code.

I’ve already told my daughter she won’t be getting Pip or Dustbin Beaver, and I won’t be renewing her membership. It took her 4 years to convince me to buy her a membership, and 3 big additional cash grabs to convince me to stop.

Mind Candy needs to hire a new marketing director who understands the Moshlings ARE the game, and they are likely the top reason why people get memberships in the first place. If our ability to collect them is going to continue to be contingent on having deep enough pockets to buy merchandise we don’t want, then they can expect to lose a number of paying customers.

On Aug 18, 02:26 PM Luisa wrote:

This is getting crazy and I really feel we are bring taken advantage of..We are required to purchase other expensive games when we are already members and not able to collect all the moshlings?Very unfair.

On Aug 13, 02:05 PM madison wrote:

can you buy it any where else in australia

On Aug 12, 06:13 PM Moshi Secrets wrote:

Thanks for the info Stephanie. It’s very expensive – especially if all you want is the Moshling…

On Aug 12, 10:31 AM Maddy wrote:

I FEEL ANGERY!!! I WANT PIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Aug 12, 06:15 AM Stephanie wrote:

So I found out the playset you need to buy but you can only buy it in the UK it is the “My Moshi Home Playset.” It will cost almost $100 USD to buy and ship to the US. I find this so unfair and how do you tell your child she can’t get Pip, because it costs way too much.

On Aug 11, 08:52 PM Zelda wrote:


that. that is just. MOSHI YOU SUCK.

On Aug 11, 07:46 PM chloe wrote:

im gonna get pip (well if i get the playset wich i probuble wont play with)

On Aug 11, 04:30 AM Bellahbee wrote:

thats unfair because my parents are already paying for membership and are4 getting me the ds game so wtf we need codes

On Aug 11, 12:03 AM katarina wrote:

i fell so angrey because that is my favourite moshling and i cant get it!