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How to get Oddie

Oddie Moshling

It’s fair to say that Oddie is one of the more popular Moshlings, and as he only needs Star Blossom’s anyone can catch him, even if you’re not a member.

Unfortunately he’s also deceptively difficult to catch. If you’ve tried to catch him, then you’ll know just how hard and frustrating it is!

Why is it so hard to get Oddie

The problem is that you need to grow all three Star Blossom’s in exactly the right colours. Get them in the wrong colour combination and you’ll attract Snookums.

“How do I catch Oddie” is one of the most common questions we get asked here at Moshi Secrets, so here’s the best way we’ve found to get Oddie. It won’t work every time, but it’ll improve your chances.

Oddie’s Seed Combination

To get Oddie you’ll need the following flower combination:

  • Star Blossom (Purple)
  • Star Blossom (Black)
  • Star Blossom (Yellow)

As he’s an Ultra-Rare Moshling, you’ll need to make sure each of the flowers is the correct colour. But that doesn’t sound too bad does it. It should just be a case of re-planting Star Blossom’s until you get the colour combination you need just like you have to do for other Ultra Rare Moshlings.

Unfortunately it’s not that easy. Any this is the bit that causes all the frustration!

Snookum’s combination is any three Star Blossoms.

So every time you try to get Oddie and get the wrong colours you’ll end up attracting Snookums to your Moshling Garden and have to start by planting all three flowers again.

How to make getting Oddie easier.

If you plant three Star Blossoms then your chance of getting the flowers to grow in the correct colours to attract Oddie is a minuscule 0.4%! Whoah!

There is a way to improve your chances!

The trick to getting Oddie, is to only plant two Star Blossoms. Keep digging them up and re-planting them until you get two star blossoms in any of the colours you need to get Oddie.

(Remember, the flowers don’t need to be in the correct order, just the right plant type and the right colour.)

Once you’ve got that, then it’s time to cross your fingers and plant the third Star Blossom and hope that’ll it’ll come up in the last colour your need.

Although, the chances of this happening are 1 in 6 or 16.6% (there are 6 colours in total) so expect to go through this process a few times until you get the elusive Moshling!

Have you got Oddie? How long did it take you? And who’s got the most Snookum’s in their Zoo? Let us know in the comments below!


 Textile help
On Jul 18, 08:17 AM kelly wrote:

hi i relly like odie so i relly want him

On Apr 17, 06:12 PM jdude wrote:

I realised how to do it before you told us but have not got him yet!!:(

owner name-jessicag2004 add me

On Feb 28, 02:47 PM kim wrote:

i got oddie and 100 mosh lings from member missions im a member lol

On Feb 11, 01:42 PM Michaela wrote:

I going to get Oddie soon. I will try to get him. If you have any codes for him, please write it in the codes category.

On Dec 21, 06:30 AM Jessica wrote:

I have got 0 snookums and 529 oddies! Weird hey!

On Dec 16, 07:37 AM Violet wrote:

It took me about two weeks of constant planting and replanting to catch Oddie.

On Dec 7, 01:46 AM liladelle wrote:

Oddie is not very hard. I got him after a few tries and I only have 3 snookums that I did not want in my zoo.

On Dec 6, 04:40 PM Elliott wrote:

Oddie isn’t hard i got him in one try

On Dec 1, 12:39 AM josephina wrote:

ive got 1000 of snookums and 25 oddies

On Nov 26, 08:00 AM callum wrote:

40 oddie 45 snookums

On Nov 24, 10:46 PM lego wrote:

11 snookums 1 oddie & spent 3 months getting him well actually 6 months cause i got annoyed and stopped and in september i tried again and then i gave up until 7th october and gave up on the 17th of november then went back and got him i must have spent 3,000 worth of rox to get him but was well worth it

On Nov 10, 11:00 AM mikael_wingaa wrote:

Oddie is not THAT hard to get – I have 10.
Plus 25 Snookums and like 50 I set free :)

On Nov 1, 04:31 PM arlo wrote:

i had 3 when i was a member

On Sep 27, 06:13 AM Chantelle. wrote:

6 snookums,0 oddies

On Sep 21, 04:57 PM sparkly2342 wrote:

i think oddie is really cool because you can make him easyr to get!

On Sep 21, 09:15 AM man-o-house wrote:

18 snookums 0 oddies

On Sep 18, 06:10 PM leah wrote:

I got oddie first time round o nd I have 29snookums

On Sep 5, 01:43 PM thomas kobylarz wrote:

2 snookums then oddie

On Sep 4, 08:51 PM Emily wrote:

My brother has like 159 Snookums and spent like
5000 rox.

On Sep 3, 09:20 AM coolshadez 123 wrote:


On Aug 31, 06:59 AM iole wrote:

ive got him to

On Aug 24, 08:03 PM Gena wrote:

i have oddie and it took me 8 months to get him!!!!

On Aug 22, 08:55 AM bianca wrote:


On Aug 20, 11:13 PM Sam wrote:

I got oddie on my first try

On Aug 16, 02:06 PM cutebaby87 wrote:

I’m lucky.I only have 1 snookums.I got it.

On Aug 4, 09:41 PM katsoma33 wrote:

i think my bff mirandapuddleduck has the most snookums…48x of snookums

On Aug 4, 08:47 PM ray wrote:

this did not work why!

Moshi Secrets: This may not work first time. You'll still have to try a few times before you get Oddie - but hopefully not as many as if you planted all three seeds at the same time! Don't give up - and good luck!

On Jul 31, 10:54 PM Lea wrote:

I FINALLY GOT HIM!!!! YES!!!!! :D Thanks for saying to only plant two first!

I have five Snookums in my zoo from trying to get Oddie plus three that I set free.

I now have all the Moshlings that you can get from Missions or the Garden! :D Whoo!

On Jul 31, 10:35 PM iggy5823 wrote:

I have 24+ snookums plus the ones I set free 8 weeks and I STILL HAVEN’T got ODDIE!

On Jul 31, 02:49 PM kay wrote:

doyou know what you could is first plant one seed when you hae the right colour plant the second and if thats correct ditch the other seed

On Jul 30, 01:37 AM Lea wrote:

My one friend has a mind-blowing FIFTY Snookums and FOUR ODDIES!!!

On Jul 30, 01:35 AM Lea wrote:

It so frustrating! I always get two of the colours but the third is impossible! Why did they do this?! Why couldn’t it have been TWO Star Blossoms?! I’ve basically given up on getting him!!

My sister was lucky though and got him first try!

On Jul 29, 11:54 PM xk4yl2zx wrote:

nope, i have given up :( ive got 14 snookums, and was trying for 4 n a half weeks………. not happy! lol

On Jul 29, 05:55 PM gogoboymelton wrote:

I was really luck!
I got him first time!
I also got him at Alton Towers!

On Jul 29, 03:46 PM danny douglas wrote:

it took me 1 week to get him and i have 6 snookums

On Jul 29, 03:39 PM yoyo wrote:

I got oddie I was trying to get snookums but I got all the right colors for oddie and I planted the flowers at the same time.

On Jul 29, 02:59 PM Ava wrote:

I do the same but i plant one, let it grow, the next one, let it grow, the plant the next one if the two others are the correct colors. i did that and it worked for me on my other account but that account i delted and made a new one: @mbps5525

On Jul 29, 05:21 AM Teesha wrote:

I planted 3 star blossoms to get Snooknums but I got Oddie instead :)

On Jul 29, 04:33 AM tessa wrote:

I have 11 snookums but I still don’t have oddie

On Jul 28, 09:52 PM nina wrote:

i used to have 5 snookums and after 2 weeks i finally got odie it was so confusing but your trick really worked and i got what i deserved ! the only thing is now that my membership has run out odie has gone and i need to do the process again. oh dear ……

On Jul 28, 07:22 PM Lois Perryman wrote:

I got oddie on my FIRST GO! I was very lucky though. That is a very good trick to catch oddie with! Good luck!

On Jul 28, 04:42 PM Apple wrote:

I’ve got 2 Snookums so far, but I bet it will increase very quickly!

On Jul 28, 02:59 PM Joseph wrote:

it took me one try!!

On Jul 28, 02:36 PM Ben wrote:

i got oddie on my first try!!!!!what luck!

On Jul 28, 01:28 PM Rosscp (From Moshi Monsters Expressway) wrote:

:/ Pretty bad isn’t it, you’d have thought that in the new garden prospect you’d get Oddie easier? :>