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How to get Nipper

UPDATE! Moshi Monsters have released a new code you can use to get the Robo Dendron seeds you need to plant to get Nipper. The code is NIPPERBOTNOTE: THIS SEEMS TO HAVE EXPIRED

Nipper is an exclusive moshling only available to people who have purchased the Nintendo DS game, Moshling Zoo.

Inside the game you’ll find a card that contains a secret code to use when you log in. The code can only be used once.

If you go to the garden you’ll find you’ve got a special seed called a Robo Dendron. Pland this seed with any two others and you’ll attract Nipper!

Unfortunately you’ll need Nipper if you’re going to complete the Techies moshiling set along with Wurley, Holga and Gabby.

Nipper and the rest of the techies moshlings

As an exclusive moshling, this puts it into the same category as Dustbin Beaver.


It’s obviously used as an incentive to buy the DS game, but given the price and the fact that not everyone will want to buy the game, or even have a DS it makes feel even more unfair on those who are already paying their membership in order to collect moshlings.

We can only hope that Moshi Monsters will release a FREE code for Nipper some time in the future, when they’d do this or even if they would even consider it isn’t known.


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On Jan 24, 06:23 AM Darren wrote:

Any codes for Nipper?

On Aug 9, 06:11 AM Flynn wrote:

I accidently threw away the card inside my nintendo DS game. Is there anyway I can still get Nipper?

On Aug 2, 04:11 PM Kai wrote:

Why do you have to expire so many moshling codes?!?!?!?!

Moshi Secrets: We don't make the codes, or set them to expire - that's the people behind Moshi Monsters that do that. We just post any codes we find!

On Jul 30, 03:06 PM aska wrote:

how do u get nipper

On May 11, 03:17 AM Ella wrote:

how do you get the special seeds because I am trying to get all of the moshlings pleaese tell me

On Mar 28, 07:02 AM mustafa wrote:

please make new code for robo dendron

On Mar 12, 06:07 PM Steve James Brown wrote:

i lost my code and i didint pop it in

On Mar 12, 04:40 PM Roxy Secret wrote:

tell me how to catch Nipper and all the secrets please now now now please please please

On Mar 10, 03:19 PM ashley wrote:

i had the moshi game but i did not know nipper was in the case so i through it away!!!!!! SOL< that means so outa luck!!

On Mar 8, 09:30 PM paige wrote:

hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i got nipper

On Feb 9, 12:00 PM zelda wrote:

I want nipper now

On Feb 8, 06:00 PM carys wrote:

They shouldn’t expire the codes because then sites have to update and it looks like people are lying + there making so much money any way I don’t want to have to buy the game to get nipper and complete the set who cares Well I do

On Feb 5, 01:06 PM boomer wrote:

i have gabby

On Jan 31, 10:20 PM Libby Camardella wrote:

What do you mean the code for nipper expired!

On Jan 17, 02:06 AM kitty wrote:

but i don’t have a dsi :.(

On Jan 10, 06:10 PM Layla wrote:

TTWTW i need a nipper code

On Dec 28, 09:10 AM yusra wrote:

rubish i lost my moshi game on dsi how will i get the code for nipper now!!!

On Dec 28, 06:33 AM kendell wrote:

what is the new code for nipper 28/12/12

On Dec 24, 12:03 PM megan wrote:

that code nipperbot says it is a invalid code ! WHY OH WHY OH WHY1

On Dec 24, 11:03 AM lukeyboy013 wrote:

hi people ad me im called lukeyboy013 and im a boy im being a years membership so i can obviosly get nipper p.s my favorite moshling is COCOLOCO

On Dec 22, 02:27 PM cara122 wrote:

cant wait til.l Monday AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH hope its snows

On Dec 22, 10:50 AM rebecca wrote:

my sister wants to know how to get it

On Dec 21, 08:40 AM rodeo wrote:

I realy want to get nipper because he is a R.O.B.O.T

On Dec 19, 11:28 PM tilden wrote:

i want nipper

On Dec 16, 06:49 AM Steven wrote:


On Dec 13, 03:53 PM arlo wrote:


On Dec 12, 08:43 PM riyad wrote:


On Dec 12, 10:03 AM Shanae wrote:

i have moshling zoo it dose not get a code for a seed it gives you a code for a cuddly nipper teddy

On Dec 5, 10:37 PM liam wrote:

how do you get blingo moshling if you know my name on moshi monsters is liam260404

On Dec 5, 07:25 PM Audrey wrote:

But-I reely want nipper
it’s the only one I need
to conplete the section!

On Nov 30, 11:34 PM Chloe Styles wrote:

this is totally unfair!! p.s. i ‹3 one direction

On Nov 30, 05:01 PM ANYJY wrote:


On Nov 28, 11:09 AM Chloe wrote:

There should be codes for certain moshlings, as not everyone either owns a DS, or can afford the membership costs. Common moshlings that are easy to get should have codes for them. e.g
squidge500 to get squidge. stuff like that. Remember people, money doesnt grow on trees! It costs to buy stuff, and for the same amount, people where YOU live are dieing, or being abused by their parents, and i’d rather my mum and dad give money so that children get presants for christmas, then spending money getting me a DS or a membership !! !! !!

On Nov 22, 05:04 AM zerochanfuuma wrote:

hie i want rox can you help me

On Nov 21, 06:47 PM ellie wrote:

please i want nipper

On Nov 21, 10:49 AM amber wrote:

its bad this is not good it shoud have free membership i dont like it

On Nov 21, 10:00 AM imogen wrote:

what i want to know is how to get the specil nipper seed!!!

On Nov 19, 02:26 PM christa wrote:

be my friend on moshimonsters.com

On Nov 19, 03:53 AM neve wrote:


On Nov 18, 04:55 PM chloe wrote:

please tell us the code for nipper

On Nov 17, 03:41 PM Cameron wrote:

You get oreally by planting

Any Star
Blue & Yellow Dragon

On Nov 17, 02:46 AM Emily wrote:

Getting ds games moshling xoo and theme park YES!

On Nov 13, 05:19 AM savannah wrote:

How to get nipper moshling secret code

On Nov 12, 05:27 PM maggie wrote:

when will is the code coming out?
so nobody has ever got nipper before?
Has anybody got nipper?
Has anybody got the code before or is the code out now?

On Nov 12, 01:12 AM Romane wrote:

I get what you are saying but what is the secret code for computers? Because I have Holga, Gabby, and Wurley so tell me what is the secret code please!

On Nov 8, 04:33 PM jude wrote:

how to you get oheally

On Nov 8, 08:54 AM Wes wrote:

Fair enough having a special to promote their product, but some people re-shrink-wrap games and sell them as new if they’re in good condition, and the code’s already been used! At least they could allow 3 or 4 re-uses of the code before it’s cancelled, so people scammed that way could still get what they paid (too much!) for…

On Oct 7, 09:55 AM Angie wrote:

We would love to gt Nipper and agree it is not fair to those that do pay for membership as not everyone owns a DS in the world! We do not have a DS in this house. I vote for members being able to get the special seeds. Thanks

On Sep 26, 06:42 AM Jaime wrote:

Moshi Monsters should really get a code for a nipper

On Sep 24, 06:54 PM me! wrote: