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How to get Lummox Moshling

Lummox Moshling

Update: There’s good news A seed combination for Lummox has been released.

The seed combination you’ll need to plant in your garden to attract Lummox is:

  • Moon Orchid (Yellow)
  • Magic Beans (Any)
  • Love Berries (Any)

A little bit of History…

We’ll need to update this now!

There’s much speculation when Lummox appeared in the Moshling Zoo at the same time that Betty vanished. Especially as we were expecting a one-time use code for Betty to be given away with some Moshi Merchandise.

When you find out how to get Lummox, it only adds to the mystery. It’s almost as if they decided not to give Betty away at the last minute and replaced her with Lummox.

So, how do you get Lummox?

One of our visitors, ganghamstyle06 has already caught Lummox and tells us:

I got Lummox from a code from getting the moshi mall set. The strange thing was when I put the code in it gave me Alpine Pinkerbell seeds and I thought at last i was going to get Betty but instead Lummox turned up!! You can see him in my zoo

The Alpine Pinkerbell seed was exactly the same seed we thought would get you Betty!

Moshling Mall Playset

The Moshi Monsters Moshling Mall playset is a staggering £50 from Argos or £40 from Amazon. I can’t see too many people getting Lummox in their Zoo at that price.

It does make you wonder what’s going to happen to Betty


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On Nov 20, 07:21 PM 73scaredyfish wrote:

I found out that you can catch lummox on Moshi monsters

On Nov 10, 12:38 PM moshigirls wrote:

what had happend to lady goo goo?

On Nov 9, 07:02 PM Alice wrote:

Betty Will probarly come back unless Dr strange glove has turned her into a glump for his glump army. oh no!

On Nov 9, 06:45 PM chareles wrote:

you can now get betty with the new seed combo

On Nov 8, 09:21 PM sausage275 wrote:

why don’t they tell you the secret code!

On Oct 27, 07:44 AM swagdog1234 wrote:

tell me how toget lumox

On Oct 25, 11:55 AM Marc wrote:

alexey C.L.O.N.C would not do that, although he does look very peculiar.

On Oct 19, 10:16 AM Kritchanon wrote:

themoshimonsterkitty also has Lummox.

On Oct 18, 05:45 AM KELVIN wrote:

can you get free moshlings

On Oct 11, 02:53 AM I wrote:

Can you buy them in target or big w?

On Oct 10, 10:31 PM james Blue wrote:

Lummox Seed Combo Is
But It Does Not
Work Until 2014
By: Zanezx345277

On Oct 8, 06:27 PM Captainfalcon0 wrote:

dont have betty!

On Oct 4, 10:53 AM AwesomeCass2000 wrote:

So does anyone actually know the Lummox code?

On Sep 30, 11:13 PM ELAINE wrote:

I still see betty

On Sep 30, 05:28 AM Connor wrote:

it is very annoying that you have to
pay for expensive things if you just want the moshling code! thre are loads of moshlings like shambles,pip,lummox,blingo and more that need codes! sorry to bring this up but lots of people have been complaining about the same thing

On Sep 27, 06:08 AM Chantelle. wrote:

I have Betty. I got her with regular seeds

On Sep 25, 08:01 AM ellzy44 wrote:

I have Betty and shes still in my zoo – check me out ellzy44

On Sep 16, 07:51 PM alexey wrote:

its very scery becuse strange glove maybe turned betty intolu lummox to help him

On Sep 4, 01:39 PM laney wrote:

I live in the USA. Can I get lummox?

On Sep 1, 09:18 AM lily-jo wrote:

Its really weird that betty disapierd so i think strange glove turned betty into lummox

On Aug 30, 04:01 AM Lea wrote:

Lummox has replaced Shambles? But I have spots for both of them in my zoo…

On Aug 24, 04:02 PM Lila Victor wrote:

I still have a place for Betty in my zoo.

On Aug 24, 08:02 AM kane wrote:

someone else has lummox hes called spider-t

On Aug 22, 07:28 PM cillian wrote:

i wish betty could come back and maybe you could put flower combination like any crasy daisy any crasy daisy any crasy daisy

On Aug 22, 10:22 AM Megan Bell wrote:

We still have a space for shambles in our zoo and no spot for lummox? (The spot for Betty has gone though..,)

On Aug 22, 01:27 AM Trinity wrote:

I looked at zomgarm’s pinboard just now and noticed that he said that betty will be available in late Sept-early Oct. (first message, second page-as of now)

On Aug 16, 03:29 PM steven wrote:

thats not fair i want lummox

On Aug 16, 10:13 AM Thomas H wrote:

I got the code on Monday the 12th, it was the same day that Betty went and Lummox appeared. I had no idea who he was!

On Aug 14, 09:42 PM xk4yl2zx wrote:

people say lummox was on the set, but that shows jeepers and blingo as the exclusive moshlings,so has lummox replaced jeepers,as you can now get him through seed combo? I have emailed them about the whole merchandise thing and they are looking into a way to accomodate members, so hopefully there will be another way fingers crossed Has anyone had a reply regarding betty yet? I have asked a few but no luck :-/ Maybe shes being released at a later date instead…..

Moshi Secrets: Sounds like Lummox has replaced Shambles. we did email Moshi Monsters about Betty but they just said that yes they'd noticed that Betty had vanished too and to watch the Daily Growl for the latest news. (We get this reply a lot!) Are Jeepers and Blingo the Moshling figures you get with the playset rather than codes for virtual moshlings...

On Aug 14, 01:41 PM Thomas H wrote:

I actually wonder what would have happened if I had put the code in a few days earlier when Betty was still there and Lummox wasn’t.

Moshi Secrets: It's strange isn't it. When did you get your hands on the code?

On Aug 14, 11:48 AM Fern wrote:

We bought the Moshling Mall Playset last week and got a seed for Shambles. We were a bit disappointed as we already have him from collecting the trading cards and was hoping for a new moshling like Betty.

On Aug 14, 10:45 AM Chelsie wrote:

Webkinzloverjrh is right!
Neither do I like havin empty spaces in my zoo as it looks a bit weird and it isn’t very good that u have 2 pay a subscription 2 get a dustbin beaver,pay £39.99 for a piece of merchendice only 2 get pip and buy the moshling mall at a staggering price of £49.99 to just get lummox!And I am also pretty annoyed about betty getting excluded from the zoo which suprized me coz it is pretty unfair for other moshi players that they don’t get betty either!And 4 that moshi merchandice that is just 2 much as my mum can’t afford it which is unfair! Come on moshi monsters think of better price deals so people will buy them!!!!!!!!!!

On Aug 14, 09:26 AM Lisa wrote:

what is the code for him where did betty go?

On Aug 14, 05:02 AM Hope wrote:

so betty disappeared what if you had betty what happened to her if you had her did she disappear from your zoo?

On Aug 14, 02:28 AM Webkinzloverjrh wrote:

This is a bit off topic but I am kind of annoyed with Moshi Monsters. I have been a member for quite a while and I have 101 Moshlings, and I have even purchased DS games (not that I don’t like them) for Moshlings, and yet if I want Pip, or Lummox, or Shambles (well, you can get a Shambles code card for like 5 us dollars) I have to buy stupid merchandise that costs a lot. Not that I don’t love some of these things that would go great with some of my figures, but they are very expensive when you take shipping into account. They cost like 100 bucks each! I don’t have that money, and I certainly am not begging my parents for them to purchase a 100-dollar playset. I mean I have no problem buying products if they are useful and REASONABLY PRICED, but maybe Moshi Monsters should give out some loyalty rewards for their paying members who buy the yearly plans and renew them a lot. Would it kill Moshi Monsters to give away a Pip code after someone has paid for membership for a year or two? I think not. And now, my once full zoo has mocking empty spaces where new Moshlings should be walking around. Sorry for babbling and complaining. Just thought I would bring it up because I am really ticked off.

Moshi Secrets: There's a lot of people that feel the same way. Ever since they first released Dustbin Beaver (for which you had to buy a subscription). And as other comments have pointed out. It really doesn't work when you have multiple children...

On Aug 14, 12:04 AM xk4yl2zx wrote:

far too expensive, theres 4 of us who play this! :(

On Aug 13, 10:17 PM kristof wrote:

to get him you have to finish the bean stock

On Aug 13, 04:47 PM moshlingcatcher wrote:

these things are so overpriced.

On Aug 13, 04:32 PM zoe wrote:


On Aug 13, 03:17 PM MarioJoe11 wrote:

Strange, This playset came out before Lummox?

On Aug 13, 01:16 PM angrybird12346 wrote:

Well I’m never getting him ;(
I live in Australia and they haven’t even released the my moshi home play set ;(

On Aug 13, 01:00 PM crabbyabby wrote:

I think if your going to have to buy something to get the moshlings there is gonna be alot of people that will quit playing this game like me…u already pay to play isnt that enough?

On Aug 13, 12:11 PM Matthew wrote: