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How to get Leo

Leo Moshling

Update: There was new code you can use to get the Frozen Forget-Me-Not. The code you need is: CHILLYLEONOTE: THIS SEEMS TO HAVE EXPIRED

Leo appeared at around the same time as Shelly, Hiphop and Oompah and triggered lots of discussion and speculation about how to get him. Was Leo going to be the next moshling to get by completing the final Super-Moshi mission of season two?

As usual, there were lots of flower combinations put forward all of which appear to have been false. We wasted far too much time testing the various combinations that ultimately failed to attract anything!

The mystery has been solved today with the delivery of the latest Moshi Monsters magazine (issue 24).

It includes a unique one-time use code that you can use to get Leo.

From the magazine: LEO CODE – Be one of the first to add Leo to your zoo. Enter the code from your redeem card, then check the seed bag in your garden for your seeds! Plan your seeds with any two other types of seed.”

Entering the code give you seeds for a Frozen Forget-Me-Not.

The wording in the magazine (be one of the first) suggest that there might be an alternative way to get Leo that’ll be announced later although we don’t have any confirmation of that.

Unfortunately, it’s not longer possible to buy Issue 24 of the Moshi Monsters magazine as it’s now showing as sold out on the back-issue pages of the Moshi Magazine website.


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On Jan 21, 08:48 AM Lauren wrote:

Ok, I have seen leo and boomer and hiphop in peoples garden, apparently theres something in a magazine? prettylozz

On Dec 30, 08:02 PM Laurie wrote:

Is there a way to get Leo, and by the way, who was the first Moshling to appear on Moshi Monsters

On Dec 23, 04:25 PM Finn Hansbury wrote:

Is there a new code? If there is will you please tell me? PLEASE?!

On Dec 22, 10:48 AM Sophie wrote:

Does any one have a Leo code.

On Dec 8, 12:08 PM pioni123 wrote:

men jeg har ikke bladet

On Nov 30, 06:33 PM Nicholas wrote:

You used two be able to get him by buying a back issue of the Moshi Magazine because issue #24 sold out, but now, that has expired too, so please find another way. I want to get Leo for my sister, as she is very jealous because I have him.

On Oct 22, 02:02 AM bryce wrote:

If you get a new moshling leo (I need leo bad) give it to me please!

On Oct 13, 04:06 PM mlpbubbleberry wrote:

i’ve got Leo … but i haven’t got him in my room i’ve swapped him

On Sep 8, 11:49 AM jess wrote:

sorry to hear that

On Aug 22, 03:25 PM kaley wrote:

how to get leo

On Aug 18, 03:48 PM caitlyn wrote:

i have leo, he does not seem ultra rare, his code is in a moshi magazine ppl!

On Aug 13, 08:33 PM chloe wrote:


On Aug 11, 01:36 PM dophieduster wrote:

plzzz can you get a code for shambles

On Aug 8, 09:25 PM jack wrote:

is there a new way to get boomer?

On Aug 8, 08:47 PM jack wrote:

guys this is how to get betty any hot silly pepper any snap apple and pink snap apple

On Jul 27, 03:14 PM Hana wrote:

it is expired are there any new ways to get leo?

On Jul 13, 04:00 PM rainbow87 wrote:

i’ve not heard about leo

On Jul 7, 05:14 AM angie wrote:

the code has bin over I have tried it don’t

On Jun 11, 10:47 PM 2pinkarty wrote:

i can not see how cute leo is …

On Jun 11, 01:33 PM aidan wrote:


On Jun 1, 03:33 PM elessaa wrote:

How did you get leo?

On May 31, 05:40 PM Person wrote:

is there a new way to get Leo because if there is tell me he is my favorite moshling ever!!!!

On May 27, 06:19 PM William Farley wrote:

Boomer is a uncoming moshling I haveint had him bee for

On May 27, 09:04 AM PC wrote:

you can get Leo seed code in US Moshi mag #12 and UK #24

On Mar 24, 05:52 PM colleen wrote:

is there a new way to get leo?

On Mar 12, 09:23 PM sarah wrote:

leo is ultra rare because i have him

On Mar 8, 06:06 AM sarah wrote:

i have the code for leo and its not a unique one and its not 1 time use.

On Mar 7, 04:57 PM imogen wrote:


On Feb 5, 12:38 PM boomer wrote:

i have a figure of him and the other ultra rare and i have oddie in glittery purple and is leo an ultra rare?

On Feb 3, 09:49 PM Abigail wrote:

there is a magazine with Leo code in it

On Feb 3, 01:46 PM nilam wrote:

hi guys this website is so cool I got loads of stuff thanks whoever made this account website thingy xx

On Jan 26, 02:28 PM sam wrote:

in the newest issue of the moshie magazine it tells you how to get leo but i dont have the code

On Jan 21, 06:19 AM talia wrote:

hey does anyone actually know the code????

On Dec 21, 12:36 AM rex wrote:

hes so cute and cuddly and I want him so much

On Dec 18, 12:15 AM jade wrote:

the code has expired

On Dec 12, 05:02 PM Gagnix wrote:

Hey! The code for Leo is: CHILLYLEO and the code for Nipper is: NIPPERBOT :)

On Dec 12, 07:58 AM Romane wrote:

SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO AWESOME! EPIC! You made me get leo’s flower!

On Dec 12, 06:09 AM shannon wrote:

THANKS IT WORKED FOR ME AND I GOT WELL I’M GETTING LEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Dec 11, 12:37 PM aubrey wrote:

these codes totally helped me thanks so much!!

On Dec 10, 11:52 AM Queenie wrote:

There is a bug, when you play a mission your seeds disappear from the garden. If this happens to the Leo seed you MUST get your parents to do an email to contact Moshi Monsters.

On Dec 10, 01:35 AM Nicole wrote:

ya after the page with techies

On Dec 6, 05:52 PM Cameron wrote:

OMG i planted frozen forget me not. then i checked and the plants dissaperead HELP MEH!!

On Dec 6, 07:43 AM moshi guy wrote:

there is a code for him in issue 24 of the moshi mag

On Dec 3, 06:27 PM paris wrote:

do you havet to be a super moshi

On Dec 3, 05:42 PM likklelola wrote:

has any1 seen the zoshlings section in moshling zoo!!!

On Dec 2, 08:49 PM fee wrote:

I read that you got leo in a mission that is coming soon,is that the other way to get him?

On Dec 1, 08:37 PM Kendra wrote:

Ella, the codes from the magazine are one time use only codes. No one can give them to you. Sorry

On Dec 1, 03:31 AM ELLA wrote:


On Dec 1, 03:04 AM Cherry BoomBoom wrote:

Shelly is 3 any Magic beans