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How to get Furnando moshling

Moshlings Theme Park DS Game

Update: There’s a new code you can use to get the Pocus Pods seeds that you need to get Furnando. The code you need is: MAGICHAT100NOTE: THIS SEEMS TO HAVE EXPIRED

Here’s another mystery moshling that’s appeared in the zoo along with Pip, but so far will little explanation as to how to get him.

He’s not in the Ultimate Moshling Collectors guide either, but I think Furnando could be the blue Jeepers we’ve met in the Welcome to Jollyword Super Moshi mission.

So far the only information I’ve been able to find is that Furnando is possibly an exclusive Moshling that you’ll get with the upcoming Moshlings Theme Park DS/3DS game just like Nipper included with Moshling Zoo.

Acording to one product listing on a site that sells games (EB Games). Tthe Limited Edition version of Moshlings Theme Park includes the following:

  • 1,000 Rox – (In-game currency)
  • Exclusive NEW Moshling in-game item Furnando
  • Moshi Monsters Trading Card (TOPPS) “Furnando”
  • 7 days membership to MoshiMonsters.com

The same product on Amazon doesn’t mention the name of the moshling so it makes you wonder if EBGames let slip something they shouldn’t.

There’s some confusion here though, as there’s a lot of chatter around that the Moshling included with the game will be the so far unreleased moshling “Judder”.

It’s not been released yet so we don’t know for sure, but all the evidence is certainly pointing towards the DS/3DS game as the only way to get the moshling.


 Textile help
On Dec 23, 12:52 AM brianne wrote:

i would love to get furnando and boomer soooooo bad and please friend me happy66789

On Dec 21, 01:13 AM Andrew wrote:

P.S.S. to get lurgee type in the code snowflake, to get hocus type icicles, vinnie 2014, bodge type rednose, and carter type snowball

On Sep 4, 05:34 PM Hannah wrote:

Plssssss! i really need Furnando!!!

On May 10, 04:11 PM ethan wrote:

can I have furnado code today.

On Mar 27, 10:02 PM Nathalia wrote:

how do u get furnardo!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

On Mar 25, 07:27 AM Alex wrote:

please tell me how to get furnardo and ompah.

On Mar 9, 01:25 AM logan wastey wrote:

Every one should have shambles and furando no one hould have to buy stuff this just makes your website less popular than any other website

On Mar 8, 02:19 PM seth wrote:

i a,m going to get furnado

On Feb 27, 05:09 PM holly7227285 wrote:

Don’t put codes on that don’t work!!!!!!!

On Feb 8, 09:47 PM Chloe wrote:

i got furnando , leo and blingo but roxy code didnt work or nipper :(

On Feb 7, 08:06 AM rattybugbug wrote:


On Jan 26, 03:47 PM Kiera wrote:

I love Rory haigh

On Jan 21, 03:36 PM Kian wrote:

I have Furnando

On Jan 21, 06:40 AM chook712 wrote:

I would love to get Furnado

On Jan 19, 11:22 PM maddy wrote:

agh i really want furnendo but i already have judder hes in a super moshi mission i think mabey missing on a star add me!

On Jan 8, 03:57 PM Megaroo wrote:

I have furnando and he is not a blue jeepers. Visit me and you will see. My name is cutecat992 :)

On Dec 14, 12:04 PM era wrote:

its dosn´t works

On Dec 12, 07:18 PM Kelly wrote:

Please tell me how to get Furnando as I want to collect all the moshlings!Also I dont have and never will the DS game.

On Dec 12, 04:19 PM Ebony wrote:

Whats the code for furnando

On Dec 6, 08:25 PM ben wrote:


On Dec 6, 04:43 PM Mahir wrote:


On Nov 28, 07:46 AM Rocco wrote:

cool as new i should get it

On Nov 27, 03:18 AM Nicole wrote:

I think Furnando is a cat with a top hat and is a magician.Furnando is mysty mogic. Well I got the Ds game and I have Furnando.

On Nov 26, 08:50 PM BRANDON GEORGE wrote:


On Nov 9, 09:15 AM Mmoley Taylor wrote:

I got Furnando from the Moshling Theme Park DS game Limited edition.

On Oct 5, 06:58 AM Chantelle. wrote:

Hi. I am on moshi monsters and if you check the daily growl you will see Furnando, the cat that looks like a magician cat that’s stripy orange. I hope you add me if you are on my username is rubycrystal389 =]. I know who Furnando is. He is the magician cat [you can see him at the Daily Growl]. I think he is in the new moshling ds game [like they said] because if you look closely, you can see Furnando’s shape on the little ‘new moshling’ bit on the game.=]

On Sep 26, 12:15 PM kyle wrote:

who is Furnando guys
i wanna know

On Sep 14, 09:41 PM Evie wrote:

I don’t want to be mean or anything.But,how unfair is it to the people that their parents say they can’t have a DS.But their favourite moshlings are Nipper and furnando and they can’t have a Ds. Now that is really unfair!!!

On Aug 24, 08:34 PM mia wrote:

I don’t want to be mean or any thing its just you get bobby singsong form that mission

On Aug 24, 05:26 PM Lydia xx wrote:

Wow Thanks!
I Hav A Glitch,
Its Very Good,
Everytime U Wash A Moshling
U Get 600 Rox!
How Great Is That!?

On Aug 23, 04:15 PM zulekha wrote:

i am really intrested in nipper because he is a robbot moshling and i quite really do like robbots.
If you cklick on him something amazing happens you’ll find out when you get H ,I ,M

On Aug 22, 08:35 PM elisha wrote:

omg so unfair why cant we have a code for free because the ds and games are realy expensive especially because you only get one moshling and each game is 29.99 its so unfair

On Aug 22, 06:42 PM adam johnston wrote:

hes the gye hoo looks like a spy in the front cover of find the moshlig

On Aug 18, 02:21 PM Moshilover786 wrote:

I want it released soon because i had to wait for so long to get tingaling! Only found out to get him when my best friend had got him! I did a super moshi mission on season 2 to get her. I might get the game on my DS soon so that I could get Nipper!

On Aug 17, 10:37 AM Aaron wrote:

I want to know why Furnando is hard

On Aug 15, 12:23 PM molly wrote:

i could be but everyone in my school says it’s judder?

On Aug 14, 09:47 PM gryffegirl wrote:

I dont think Furnando is a blue jeepers becaus Furnando is a lucky so black cats are lucky. I luv moshi secrets.

On Aug 13, 02:52 PM Hannah wrote:

I hope you tell us soon! I REALLY WANT TO KNOW!

On Aug 12, 11:22 PM jeepers wrote:

OMG i hope it is! cause my fav color is blue and i LOVE jeepers. i already have the reguler jeepers. WEE! and i already have boomer. and i have nipper. and dont forget for my birthday, i will get a phone and a play set for pip! BEST LIFE EVER! MOSHI ROCKS

On Aug 12, 06:03 PM rebeccaburchell@sky.com wrote:

its not him its judder a noises moshling