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How to get Boomer Moshling

Boomer Moshling

Boomer is an uncommon Moshling, and one of the Noisies set.

Boomer first appeared at the beginning of August 2012. (along with Pip and Furnando)

It seemed as if Boomer was released as a tie in with the Moshi Monsters events at Chessington World of Adventures at which codes for Boomer were given out.

There were two codes issues:

  • A8XY3CA
  • VK8Y37D

Please note: These codes no longer work. They have expired

When you entered these codes you got a Shrillberry Seed, which when planted in your Moshling Garden with any two other seeds would attract Boomer.

The other way people have been able to add Boomer to their Moshling Zoo is by hatching him from a Golden Egg.

Boomer could be hatched from the second golden egg that was found on Main Street.

So how do I get boomer now?

Boomer is currently “unavailable” as fas as we can tell. There’s no known (working) code or flower combination that will get you Boomer.

Moshlings.com shows Boomer with a “Locked” seed combination.

If you spot Boomer anywhere, or know how you can get him then do let us know!


 Textile help
On Jul 19, 10:50 AM cameron wrote:

hey guys need to know code plz tell me first one to tell gets reward

On Apr 15, 10:40 AM Isra wrote:

I have Boomer & I found him with a code but I cant find the code which I used to get him sorry.. Add me: Moshimonsterlover124

On Jan 24, 06:02 PM Dylan wrote:

I hope a seed combination comes out soon!!!

On Dec 15, 03:48 PM Evie wrote:

I so need boomer and he’s my friends fav Moshling I really want him

On Nov 19, 08:10 AM kai wrote:

boomer is cool

On Nov 7, 06:06 AM man-o-house wrote:

Gah I need boomer find a code for him ASAP

On Nov 1, 09:49 PM Sarah wrote:

nope never seen him!

On Oct 18, 02:56 AM Kritchanon wrote:

Are moshling eggs removed from the game already?

On Oct 12, 12:35 PM Jasmine wrote:

I got him in a misson

On Sep 29, 12:15 AM jiyana wrote:

they have expired I tried it

On Sep 14, 08:45 PM anna wrote:

I got boomer from this code BOOM8569ER

Moshi Secrets: That code doesn't seem to work.

On Aug 9, 05:02 PM Dianne wrote:

i have boomer..:) i used the code long time ago so when i opened my account last monday i saw him in my garden!! im so happy

On Jul 25, 01:08 PM marcella3992 wrote:

Darn!! I wish those codes would still work

On Jul 22, 04:21 PM awesomedude009 wrote:

I used to havboomer but my membership went away and i didnt hav him in my room!! ITS SO ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Jul 3, 08:34 PM singing4coco wrote:

I am so mad

On Jun 1, 09:26 AM lily wrote:

he seems so cute!!!1

On May 4, 08:13 AM manu wrote:

i had boomer on my old acount but somebody hacked it and i was not even a member

On Apr 21, 09:18 PM bianca wrote:

i’v always wanted to get boomer in my whole in tire life so when you find out please let me know!

On Apr 19, 04:54 PM moshigemma5 wrote:

ive got three boomers. two from the codes and one from the golden egg

On Apr 17, 07:31 PM Angus wrote:

You could get him in 2012. Visit my room. I have 2 Boomers. angus50436

On Apr 17, 06:31 PM Erin wrote:

does anyone know why Boomer and some other moshlings can’t be selected as your favourite moshling on our profiles?

On Apr 17, 05:30 PM bendriscoll wrote:

i,ve tryed those to codes but i didn,t no that it didn,t work

On Apr 17, 03:47 PM Hannahgreenfield :) wrote:

umm d`ya think that they`ll give a new code for him cause i need him :(