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How to get Blingo

Blingo is an exclusive moshling which means that (at the moment at least) you’ll need to purchase Moshi Monsters merchandise in order to get him.

Buster’s Lost Moshlings

Buster.s Lost Moshlings cover

The only way you can currently get Blingo is by buying the Buster’s Lost Moshlings book and entering the secret code inside.

The book is currently selling for £4.49 on Amazon UK and can only be described as a kind of “Where’s Wally” book but with moshlings!

The low price of this book means this is the cheapest exclusive moshling currently available and substantially cheaper to get than Pip or Dustbin Beaver!

The book contains a code for an ultra-rare moshling (Blingo) but cunningly the code is printed in mirror writing so to read the code you’ll need to look at it’s reflection in a mirror!

The code printed in the book is a unique one-time use code. Each book has a different code so it’s not shareable.

Once you’ve entered the code successfully you’ll need to go to your garden. Open your seed pouch and you should see that you’ve got a special seed for a “Hip Hop Hibiscus.”

Plant these seeds with seeds for any two other plants (it really doesn’t matter which, just go with what you’ve got!)

Once the seeds have grown, you’ll find that the Hip Hop Hibiscus has attracted Blingo. Make sure you click on “Keep Him” to add him to your zoo. Don’t, whatever you do, let him go or you’ll have wasted the code from your book.

Note that the code will only work once (so there’s no point sharing the code with your friends.)

What about the code from Moshioffer.com

Mindcandy published a website called “Moshi Offer” some time back which allowed you to get codes for three free gifts. One of these gifts was Blingo. The code was DJDUDE456.

Unfortunately all of these codes, including the one for Blingo has now expired. As yet there’s no replacement codes so the only way to get Blingo is by using the Lost Moshlings book as mentioned above.

Blingo’s Rise to fame!

Blingo’s popularity has certainlly risen since the release of the Moshi Monsters music album “Music Rox” where Blingo makes a guest appearance on Zack Binspin’s song “Moptop Tweeniebop.”

Blingo now stars in his own (and I think Harry’s favorite) Moshi music video for Blingo “Diggin’ Ya Lingo.”

Blingo first appeared at the end of the Baby Goo Goo video doing his trade-mark moon walking move. Unfortunately Baby Goo Goo’s music career hit a road block when Lady Gaga complained…


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On Aug 21, 02:12 AM Zack Binspin wrote:

Umm… when am I allowed In, like my fans moshling zoo? It’s just goo baby!

On Apr 13, 11:04 AM zoya wrote:

plz add me tiger taxi and princesszoyaali

it realy woked love u

On Apr 10, 09:20 PM zack wrote:

djdude456 does not work!!!!!! i wish i had the book! ):

On Feb 13, 03:57 PM klaudia wrote:

Hi how get blingo
and roxy
plz help me !!!

On Jan 26, 06:29 PM shakil khan wrote:

hi how do i get blingo

On Jan 24, 12:33 PM valentina wrote:

please help me get blingo and dustin biever i am going tocry if idont

On Dec 24, 01:50 PM Moshi Secrets wrote:

Hi Leah, yes I’m afraid we do have one advert on each page and we would prefer not to have to – but we want to provide all the codes, the newsletter for free and the the adverts help us cover the costs of running this site. (We’re getting so many people visiting us, it costs us more to keep the site up and running.

I hope you don’t find the adverts too intrusive.

On Dec 24, 01:40 PM loopy leah wrote:

this site is not a bad site like every ohter it has things for you to buy advertisement ut it is ok.

On Dec 24, 09:29 AM kelsie wrote:

i liked the codes and evrything but i didnt like the moshlings because there was only like 3 or 4.

On Dec 18, 07:11 AM Philip wrote:

It’s weird that you keep celebrities on your moshlings zoo as a pet! Lady GooGoo,Baby Rox,Dustbin Beaver,Bobbi SingSong,Blingo and Zack Binspin???

On Dec 12, 07:41 AM sally wrote:

their is a new moshling called gracie and you get it by any moon orchid + any love berry + any snap apple if you want to add me to know how to get more moshlings my owner name is cruiseandoliver

On Nov 20, 07:16 PM Maddy wrote:

It’s so annoying how you have to buy things to complete sets!

On Nov 19, 06:18 AM Yasoja wrote:

I wish they had the seed codes so all i have to do is plant them

On Oct 4, 07:21 AM April wrote:

where can i get buster’s lost moshlings!

On Sep 20, 01:31 AM Vanessa wrote:

Exactly how much is the Buster’s Lost Moshlings…?