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How to get Betty Moshling

UPDATE The seed combination you need to plant to get Betty was released today. (5th September) You’ll need to plant the following seeds:

  • Star Blossom (Black)
  • Love Berries (Any)
  • Hot Silly Peppers (Any)

Some history…

This needs an update!

How do you get Bett? In short – you can’t get Betty (Yet!). There’s lots of rumour and miss-information out there so figured I’d better outline what we currently know about Betty.

Betty, the “Yodeling MooMoo” is the last Moshling we’re waiting for to complete the Noisies set.

Her empty slot first appeared in the Moshling Zoo on November 8th 2012 and so far there’s been no information about the release of a code or potential mission. In fact, now that the Season 2 Super-Moshi missions are finished we know that she will not be linked to a mission.

Moshling Zoo, Noisies Set

So far, none of the flower combinations that are floating around pin-boards and other websites work. We’ve tried them and they are just a waste of time.

The same goes with made up codes that are being spread around YouTube etc.

Does anyone have Betty in their Zoo?

For a long time, nobody had Betty in their Moshling Zoo, but recently (April 2013), there was one person found who had the elusive moshling.

Zomgarm is the monster name of one of the Moshi Monsters staff. He’s got Betty in his Zoo (which lots of people have now noticed!)

Betty Moshling in Zomgarm's Zoo

As a result, lots of people have been asking him how to get Betty. Zomgarm responded by posting the following on his Pinboard.

“Hi all! Thank you for your messages about Betty! It will be a while before I can say anything, but I will as soon as I am allowed. x

A little secret though, just for you guys – You won’t get her through a seed combination yet! You will need a special code :P

…Though the special code won’t be around until June time, as Betty loves the summer grass! x”

Betty Delayed

It looks as if Betty won’t be available quite as soon as we hoped.

On the 5th June, the Moshi Staff member Zomgarm posted the following note on his pinboard:

“Hi, Sorry for the delay guys. Sorry to say but Betty details have to be delayed for a while. I will update when I can, sorry :(”

We think you’ll get Betty’s code when you purchase an upcoming piece of Moshi merchandise. We don’t know what that might be, but suspect that delays associated with this product are responsible for Betty’s continued captivity!

On the 8th August, Zomgarm posted the following message on his pinboard:

“Hi Guys, sorry I’ve been so quiet! But I should have more Betty details for you soon!!!”

On Thursday the 15th August, Zomgarm followed this up with the following message:

“Hi all, thanks for hanging around to find out about Betty. She will be available late Sept / early Oct. Stay tuned for more info xxx”

We’ll let you know!

As soon as we know how to get Betty we’ll tell you on this page!

Any Moshling flower combinations will be added to our Flower Combination guide and any codes for Moshlings will be posted on our secret code page.


 Textile help
On Apr 20, 01:18 PM ione wrote:

i know how else to get bety, dribbles, lurgee, bodge and hocus!
play on the food factory and get loads of stars!!!!!!

On Apr 4, 09:29 PM (NO COMMENT) wrote:

thankfully i didnt play moshi when betty was delayed

On Dec 23, 03:48 PM george wrote:


On Sep 18, 03:54 PM mike wrote:


Moshi Secrets: Yes, we need to get up to date...

On Sep 11, 04:56 PM deejay wrote:

i have betty

On Sep 10, 01:55 AM Anna wrote:

i have 101 moshlings including betty

On Sep 7, 07:47 PM louismrkippling smith wrote:

i have betty

On Sep 5, 05:31 PM smelly cookie wrote:

how to get betty:any love black star any magic beans

On Sep 5, 11:34 AM thomasrockz2 wrote:

bettys back

On Sep 5, 11:03 AM moshi wrote:

betty has returned seed:
star blossom black, hot silly peppers any,love berries any. she now has a seed code

On Aug 29, 09:45 PM Hope bancroft wrote:

there s something wrong here i looked 2 months ago on Zomgarm and funny enough he had the Betty the Moshling .

On Aug 26, 10:34 AM james wrote:

add me monkey17katsuma

On Aug 25, 07:33 PM james wrote:

Moshi monsters wrote to me to say that Betty will be available on the 25th September and will be a seed combination! They also stated that there is going to be a new thing called moshi month which is where every month a moshi will be released

On Aug 20, 12:50 PM Joey wrote:

Yay early october late september cant wait got an empty space in the noises i want to see the back ground

On Aug 17, 11:17 AM Matthew wrote:

Don’t worry, everyone!
Zomgarm announced that a code for Betty will be released around Sep-Oct time.

On Aug 15, 01:51 PM mac wrote:

add me ester12421

On Aug 14, 04:47 PM Ester wrote:

What?! You don’t know how to get Betty? That’s sick, why do you have a moshling that you don’t know how to get?

Moshi Secrets: We don't have Betty either (we're just a fan-site - we're nothing to do with Mind Candy/Moshi Monsters who make the game.

On Aug 14, 01:18 PM lisapingu wrote:

i know how to get busling
just get these
hot silly pepprrs any
magic beans any
snap apple any

On Aug 13, 09:08 PM Kemarwi wrote:

Betty has disappeared from the zoo even for Zomgarm. It’s a real rip off since I have almost all the moshlings and now Betty is gone

On Aug 13, 09:04 AM Deejay wrote:

If Zomgarm got Betty before June…then how did he get her?

Moshi Secrets: Zomgarm works for Moshi Monsters so has access to stuff before it's released.

On Aug 12, 07:49 PM cillian wrote:

betty is not in my zoo any more

On Aug 12, 06:29 PM katsoma33 wrote:

i wanna get bettyyyyyyyy NOW

On Aug 12, 05:08 PM Lisa wrote:

why dont u tell us how 2 get betty the dang moshling is soooooo rare

On Aug 12, 11:52 AM Lisa wrote:

arrrrrrrrrrr why cant this website be as good moshi monsters i dosent even tell u how 2 get busling

Moshi Secrets: We don't know how to get Busling! As soon as we find out we'll let everyone know!

On Aug 11, 07:32 PM Jennifer Peeerally wrote:

well please hurry up

On Aug 11, 02:33 PM henry wrote:

why cant you get betty stuff with codes( like zak binspin):*

On Aug 9, 10:51 PM louis wrote:

mc_argh has her too

On Aug 9, 04:13 PM adam wrote:

do you know if moshi monsters have posted or told you the code yet??

On Aug 7, 09:11 AM ellenmybffandmemaebh wrote:

i think ik a combo 4 bett
any pepper
any apple
pink apple

Moshi Secrets: We've not found a seed combination that works.

On Aug 4, 09:00 AM ellenmybffandmemaebh wrote:

but it’s now augest and moshi secrets said it wod be JUNE argh lyers :

On Aug 3, 01:03 PM ellenmybffandmemaebh wrote:

hmmmf her seed combo should be out by now CUS ITS NOW AUGEST HMMMMF

On Jul 27, 12:10 PM molly wrote:

What is all the names in moshi monster’s

On Jul 27, 09:09 AM nick wrote:

i have been waiting ages for Betty it is now 27th of July 2013

On Jul 26, 03:12 AM VeryAnnoyed wrote:

SO sick of merchandise codes! why do they make you spend even more money when you are already a member!

On Jul 25, 03:48 PM Maddie wrote:

hi why can’t you put on this website a moshling seed combonation for betty cos I thought this website would! ;-(

Moshi Secrets: There isn't a seed code for Betty. I promise - if we new of one that worked we'd let everyone know!

On Jul 25, 01:56 PM rebekah wrote:

why is it delayed i just want to get betty

On Jul 22, 06:28 PM maya wrote:

i only need her in my set and i will have tham all

On Jul 21, 09:15 PM matthew wrote:

why was betty delayed?

On Jun 30, 08:33 AM franciscasisi wrote:

to get her you need Alpine Pinkberbells

On Jun 26, 09:36 PM emily wrote:

i wonder when i will get betty

On Jun 14, 10:28 AM Daisy wrote:

the last bit, ‘as Betty loves the summer grass. So my ideas that that you have to buy a grassy floor. Or he lied and it will be put in summer!(I hate waiting!)

On Jun 8, 06:59 AM moshi33 wrote:

I am so disappointed with moshi monsters. :{ I’m not playing anymore now!!! gggrrr!!!

On Jun 8, 06:22 AM Angus wrote:

I have 1st of June dotted for Betty to come out on my calendar. Oh well then, I will just have to wait.

On Jun 6, 08:57 AM shanna wrote:

that is so cool add me denis345

On Jun 6, 03:59 AM Nicole wrote:

Hi! Check the list of all the moshlings codes to find out!

On Jun 1, 02:00 AM moshiawesome1945 wrote:

its june today!

On May 4, 07:04 AM char wrote:

i really want betty

On Apr 22, 09:48 PM Jo wrote:

Maybe the last part was a clue to the code???

On Apr 22, 05:06 PM suganya27 wrote:

I want betty really badly

On Apr 21, 06:41 PM Buster wrote:

I want Betty. She’s a cow, and cows are cute!!

Add me, micko224

P.S. I also tell people the codes I get from here!