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How to catch O'Really moshling

O'Really Moshiling

There’s a new moshling, and the good news is that you don’t need to complete a Super Moshi mission in order to get him!

You can catch the O’Really moshling in the usual way, by growing plants in your garden.

You’ll need to grow the following:

  • Star Blossom
  • Yellow Dragon Fruit
  • Blue Dragon Fruit

Happy hunting!

If you want to know more about catching moshlings then check out our complete guide to moshling hunting.


 Textile help
On Mar 15, 05:15 AM bisman wrote:

how do I change colours of flowers???

On Dec 28, 07:57 PM hannah wrote:

sooo cool

On Nov 18, 01:42 PM madison wrote:

I wont to know how to get big bag bill

On Nov 9, 03:56 PM Achinthya wrote:

its not fair for people who are not moshi members because i aldready have lady gogo and roxy

On Sep 4, 03:59 PM dominic wrote:

it works man

On Jul 12, 08:15 AM poff6 wrote:

i think that more than half my of my stuff has come for this web sit it so aweosme that these codes can be used thanx!!!

On Jul 10, 01:23 AM taben1234 wrote:

Thank you so much because I had all the moshlings except Oddie who is hard to get and was getting bored not being able to get the others.

On Jul 4, 02:27 PM joshua wrote:

i love moshi monsters, and so does my nana

On Jun 15, 11:18 PM nanohexbug4 wrote:

it works i hav him and he rocks like pocitto the moshling

On Jun 15, 01:11 AM WTMFU55 wrote:

Is that rlly true???

On Jun 8, 03:45 PM WTMFU55 wrote:

Awesome! But does this rlly work???

On Jun 7, 10:48 PM Jack wrote:

Hi me and my cousin loves moshimonsters.
I have come to this site to find out some codes. I have got about 4 pages of codes that this site has given me.Thanks for all ur help and hope the site becomes more popular.


On Jun 4, 08:53 AM jenifer wrote:

i love moshi monsters but i am not a member!never mind.i wanna to keep my moshi happy and make new friends!i love you moshi monsters!bye

On Jun 3, 07:02 PM Victoria wrote:

I love moshi monsters and thanks for the codes and showing me how to get o’really by the way if you want to add me as a friend my username is : darkdevil299

On May 22, 05:19 PM emily wrote:

i love moshi monsters but i am not a member

On May 19, 10:41 PM Grace Wiles wrote:

Hey everybody, you can get the new moshling woolly by completing mission 3,season 2!!!

On May 16, 04:33 PM DEMI wrote:

hi i love o’really and i will always keep trying to get him whatever it takes!!!!!1THANKS FOR TELLING ME

On May 12, 09:56 AM Moshi Secrets wrote:

Unfortunately, at the moment, you can only get Dustbin Beaver by subscribing to the Moshi Monsters magazine.

On May 9, 05:25 PM MEGHAN wrote:

i love o’really but i am asking u to put up how to get dustbin bever the moshling

On May 7, 08:59 AM CLAUDIA wrote:

that is cool thanks x