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Collecting Moshlings is a key part to Moshi Monsters and can be infuriatingly difficult at times. You’ll find help and advice in this section to make your experience collecting Moshlings as painless as possible.

If you’re looking for a handy guide to the flower combinations you need to attract Moshlings to your Moshling Garden, check out our list of flower combinations

For everything you need to know about collecting moshlings take a look at our complete how to get moshlings guide

How to get Furnando moshling

Moshlings Theme Park DS Game

Update: There’s a new code you can use to get the Pocus Pods seeds that you need to get Furnando. The code you need is: MAGICHAT100NOTE: THIS SEEMS TO HAVE EXPIRED

Here’s another mystery moshling that’s appeared in the zoo along with Pip, but so far will little explanation as to how to get him.

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How to get Blingo

Blingo is an exclusive moshling. To get your hands on Blingo, you’ll need to buy the book “Buster’s Lost Moshlings”.

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How to get Dustbin Beaver

Dustin Beaver is an exclusive moshling. In order to get the Dustbin Beaver moshling you’ll need to subscribe to the Moshi Monsters Magazine.

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How to get Pip moshling

Pip is a new “Top Secret” exclusive moshling who’s empty slot in appeared in the everyone’s moshling zoo at the beginning of August 2012.

It appears that just like Nipper which comes in with the DS Moshling Zoo game, this is a moshling that you’ll only get by buying Moshi Monsters merchandise.

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How to get Nipper

UPDATE! Moshi Monsters have released a new code you can use to get the Robo Dendron seeds you need to plant to get Nipper. The code is NIPPERBOTNOTE: THIS SEEMS TO HAVE EXPIRED

Nipper is an exclusive moshling only available to people who have purchased the Nintendo DS game, Moshling Zoo.

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