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Collecting Moshlings is a key part to Moshi Monsters and can be infuriatingly difficult at times. You’ll find help and advice in this section to make your experience collecting Moshlings as painless as possible.

If you’re looking for a handy guide to the flower combinations you need to attract Moshlings to your Moshling Garden, check out our list of flower combinations

For everything you need to know about collecting moshlings take a look at our complete how to get moshlings guide

How to get Wuzzle

Wuzzle Moshling

Wuzzle, the Wandering Wumple, is a Rare moshling in the Guru’s set.

Unfortunately there’s no free code or seed combination that you can use to get Wuzzle.

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How to get Lummox Moshling

Lummox Moshling

Update: There’s good news A seed combination for Lummox has been released.

The seed combination you’ll need to plant in your garden to attract Lummox is:

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How to get Zack Binspin

Zack Binspin Moshling

Zack Binspin is certainly one of the most popular characters in Monstro City and we are often asked “How do you get Zack Binspin?”

Zack Binspin is an Ultra Rare Moshling (number 107) in the RoxStars set along with Bobbi SingSong and the also unreleased Hoolio.

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How to get Oddie

Oddie Moshling

It’s fair to say that Oddie is one of the more popular Moshlings, and as he only needs Star Blossom’s anyone can catch him, even if you’re not a member.

Unfortunately he’s also deceptively difficult to catch. If you’ve tried to catch him, then you’ll know just how hard and frustrating it is!

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How to get Betty Moshling

UPDATE The seed combination you need to plant to get Betty was released today. (5th September) You’ll need to plant the following seeds:

  • Star Blossom (Black)
  • Love Berries (Any)
  • Hot Silly Peppers (Any)

Some history…

This needs an update!

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