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The Underground Tunnels

The spooky Underground Tunnels run deep below the streets of Monstro City. It’s the home of the Underground Disco and it’s where all the cool monsters hang out.

You can’t find the Underground Tunnels on the map, but there are entrances from a whole bunch of places!

In this artricle:

There are a number of ways to get into the Secret Tunnels:

  • From Main Street, there’s a hollow tree stump with music and a flashing light coming out of it on the opposite side of the street from Bizarre Bazaar.
  • From Sludge Street, there’s a privy, with a flashing light inside at the far left end of the street next to the house for rent.
  • From Ooh-La-Lane, there’s an open drain cover on the road to the Observatory, with flashing lights.
  • From The Port, if you scroll all the way to the right, you’ll see a cave with a flashing light and music coming out of it.

When you climb the iron runs of the ladder to leave the Underground Tunnels, you’ll come up exactly where you entered them.

The Underground Tunnels features in the Season 1 Super Moshi Mission Pop Goes The Boo Boo.


There’s a couple of games you can play down here in the Underground Tunnels.

The Underground Disco

The Underground disco is a great game, and you can earn Rox and XP playing it too.

I’m afraid it’s only available to Moshi Members.

To play, you need to dance along to a piece of music.

While the music is playing, arrows will slide down long a track in time to the Music. When the arrows get to the area marked at the closet end of the track, you need to press the matching arrow on your keyboard.

This makes your monster dance!

As you get more practice, you’ll become more precise and earn more points. Get the timing exactly right and you’ll get an “Excellent!”

The more arrows you get right in a row, the more your “combo” score goes up!

So what music can you dance along to?

With the release of the Moshi Monsters music album “Music Rox”, Moshi Monsters added some additional tracks! to the Underground disco (Zommer’s Rock like a Zommer, and Zack Binspin’s “Moptop Tweenybop).

When Lady Goo Goo was replaced by Baby Rox, the song “Peppy-razzi” was updated and credited to Baby Rox.

There are 12 tracks you can play along to:

  • Zommer – Rock like a Zommer
  • Banana Montana – The Fall
  • Taylor Miffed – Bread to Toast

Once you 2 songs at your difficulty level, you’ll unlock the following:

  • The Groanas Brothers – Growliwood
  • Zack Binspin – Moptop Tweenybop

Beat 4 songs and you’ll unlock:

  • Baby Rox – Peppy-razzi
  • The Goo Fighters – Forget to Walk

Six Songs gets you:

  • 49 Pence – Catch a Pitch or Try Cryin’
  • Broccoli Spears – Peppermizer

Beat 8 songs and you’ll add:

  • Hairosniff – Poppet(Looks Like a Furi)
  • Pussycat Poppets – Pipe Down

And if you get 10 Songs clear, you’ll unlock:

  • The Fizzbangs – Monstrocity

Once you’ve completed your dance, you get judged by a panel of judges who will give you a score out of 10.

The Judges are:

  • Tyra Fangs
  • Roary Scrawl
  • and Simon Growl – Simon is super-tough to impress. You’ll only get a 10 from him if you get everything right, and get an “Excellent” on every arrow.

Depending on your score from the judges, you’ll get a bunch of Rox.

Ecto’s Cave

Ecto’s Cave is a side-scrolling game where the objective is to stay alive as long as you can.

To do that you need to collect the Orbs you’ll see along the way and avoid the Bats!

You control Ecto by moving the mouse which means you can move around pretty swiftly if you need to.

If you do hit a bat, you’ll lose one of your lives (shown as little Ecto’s above the score.)

Your score goes up rapidly for every second you’re alive and if you collect an Orb it’ll add a whopping 100 points to your score.

Unfortunately, you can’t earn any Rox from playing this game, but if you’ve got a score that you’re proud of, why not share it in the comments below!


There’s a big scary door, with a large chain and pad lock to the left of the Underground Tunnels. This appeared in the [Super Moshi Mission “Pop Goes the Boo Boo]. In the mission, we find out that there’s a secret CLONC lab behind the door.

The same is true of the Secret Tunnel that’s guarded by Bonkers. It’s blocked by a bunch of fallen rocks. In the mission, Bonkers moves these rocks to let you through to the CLONC lab.

There’s a whole bunch of clickable things down here in the Underground Tunnels

  • Three bats just above the entrance to Ecto’s Cave and another bat just about the “Graffiti”
  • Strange creature just below Ectos’ cave. The creature is called Shelly Splurt
  • Mushroom people just below the big scary door! Say hello to Wavey Davey and Snooze Cruise
  • There’s a little guy, known as Cry Baby trapped behind some bars in the wall.
  • A little mushroom headed guy painting on the wall (It’s Art Lee!)
  • To the right of the exit ladder is a blue and pink creature sitting on a rock. He’s called Bonkers.
  • Bubba, the bouncer outside the Underground Disco.
  • The red bear that’s acting as the red carpet for the entrance to the Underground Disco.
  • The three eyed fish in the green gloop called Trixie.

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