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The Port (Port Street)

The Port (also sometimes called Port Street” is a members only area in Moshi Monsters.

From here you can:

If you’re not a member you won’t be able to get to The Port (Sorry!)

Clickable Items

Rox Trees

There are six Rox Trees in The Port. You can click on these trees once a week and they’ll drop a random number of Rox (up to 100). This is one of the big benefits of being a member.

For more information see how to get Rox.


Babs Boutique

Bab’s Boutique carries a exclusive member only items for your room such as Wall Scrawl Alphabet letters, Beanie Blobs, Scare Bares and Stickies stick men.


Want to change the colour of your Moshling? You can do it here at Colorama! It’ll cost your 100 Rox but you can make your Monster look eye-catching and unique to you!


Paws’n‘Claws sell lots of Moshling related items such as Mystery Code boxes which contain see codes that you can plant to attract Moshlings to your Garden. You can also get replica Moshling houses, Cuddly moshlings as well as Moshling themed wallpaper.

Super Seeds

Most people will get to Super Seeds by clicking on the sign in their Garden, but it’s acutally situated on The Port. You can buy your seeds here including the members only Crazy Daisy and Snap Apple which aren’t available from the Seed Cart.

For more information about seed combinations you need to catch your favourite moshling see Moshling Flower Combinations

Captain Buck

Captain Buck is Monstro City’s very own pirate explorer. You’ll find his hip moored at The Port whenever he’s in town. On board his ship you’ll be able to buy the latest treasures he’s brought back from strange far off places.

More about Captain Buck


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On Apr 20, 12:39 AM Lily wrote:

Do you have any membership codes?

Moshi Secrets: Sorry Lily, we don't have any membership codes to give away.

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