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Sludge Street

Sludge Street offers a good range of stores from the exclusive Horrods to the less exclusive DIY Store. It’s also the only place you can buy dress up items.

From Sludge Street you can go to the:

In the distance you’ll see Puzzle Palace glinting in the Monstro City sunshine, and at the right-hand end of the street you’ll see the Super-Moshi Volcano, with it’s “Super Moshi” search light. (You’ll need to go to the map to get to these places though. you can’t click on them from Sludge Street.)

You’ll find the following shops on sludge Street.



“Now Open” which hardly comes as a surprise as it’s been open for years! Why they still need to show the banner I don’t know!

The Market place is the home of the following clothes shops:

  • Poppet’s Closet
  • Furi Fashion
  • Zommer’s Drop Dead Threads
  • Luvli Looks
  • Diavlo’s Duds
  • Katsuma Klothes

Previously you were able to buy clothes specific to your type of monster by visiting the appropriate shop.

Since the “out and about” update that allowed monsters to wear their dress up items around Monstro City, all the shops currently seem to sell the same items.

All of the old dress-up items from before the update have been withdrawn from sale in these shops (although, you’ll still have these in your dress-up room)

Horrods (Members Only)

You’ll need to be a Moshi Members to enter Horrods.

Harrods is a parrody of the the famous, exclusive London department store.

Horrods is run by Mizz Snoots, who surprisingly, is the winner of several beauty pagents. I can’t see it myself.

Horrods sells “extravagant items at extravagant prices.” It’s where all the well-to-do Monsters shop!

DIY Shop

The DIY Shop is run by a friendly monster called “Dewy” who is apparently the Monstro City king of “Do It Yourself” although judging by the state of his shop he might be better getting someone else in!

What you’ll find:

  • Wallpaper
  • Doors
  • Floors
  • Windows
  • Building blocks (exclusive to the DIY shop)
  • Gloop items (exclusive to the DIY shop)
  • And other strange assorted items for your room (including parts of a rocket you can build, build a cake parts, and a snowman!)

Games Starcade (Members Only)

You need to be a Moshi Member to shop at the Games Starcade.

The Games Starcade is run by Raarghly who apparently came from another planet. He can play six video games at once, impresively, win them all!

The Games Starcade has the following arcade games for sale for you to put in your room:

  • Bug’s Big Bounce
  • Octo’s Eco Adventure
  • Sea Monster Munch
  • Weevil Kneevil’s Downhill Dash

Dodgy Dealz

Do you have too much stuff? Want to get some more Rox so you can buy other items for your room? If you do, then Dodgy Dealz is the place to go.

Dodgy Dealz is the only place where you can sell your items.

Dodgy Dealz is run bu a shady character called Sly Chance who has six tentacle like arms.

If you hover over an item at the bottom of the screen, it’s name and how many Rox it cost will be displayed.

To sell an item, drag it into the box.

You’ll then be given a choice. You can sell the item for 40% of the price you paid for it or you can “Take a Chance!”

If you take a chance, Sly will lay out ten playing cards, each with a percentage on. (From 10% to 100% in 10% increments.)

This means that there are three cards less than the 40% previously offered and 6 cards that’ll give you a higher amount as they are above 40%.

You need to pick a card and you’ll be paid the percentage that appears on the card.

You can’t sell clothes from your Dress-Up Room.

(Ratty can be gound here, scuttling around to the right hand side of the box.)



At the far right hand end of the street you’ll find Dr. Strangeglove (or is it!). Click on him and you’ll see that he’s really just glumps standing on each other, dressed in Dr. Strangeglove’s coat and hat.

By clicking on him, you can get to play the game “Thump-A-Glump.”

In the game you have to hit Glumps with a hammer as they pop out of holes in the ground. Each time you hit a Glump, you’ll earn yourself points.

If you miss a Glump, you’ll lose a life, but there is at least something you can do about that. Hit a Glump three times and you’ll restore a lost live.

The main thing you need to watch out for are the Moshlings that pop out every now and again instead of Glumps. Hit them and you’ll find it’s Game Over!


There are a number of colourful characters to meet on Sludge Street including:

  • Tiddles, the Monsto City version of the Loch Ness Monster
  • Billy Bob Baitman, obsessed with fishing, but only seems to catch old boots.
  • Max Volume Standing on the pavement next to the DIY store.


Entrance to the Underground Disco.

You’ll find an entrance to the underground disco in the dancing privy (outside toilet!).

Mysterious Building for Rent.

The building played an important part in the prelude to the Super Moshi missions. Now that non-members can play the first Super Moshi Mission for free, there is no need for the prelude so that building, along with it’s code wheel are no longer used.

Cows on the Farm

The cows are called Chomper and Stomper. If you click on these cows 50 times to make them go “Moo” you’ll earn yourself a Medal!

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