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Ooh La Lane

Ooh-la-Lane is the fashionable part of Monstro City.

Leads to:


New Houses (Members Only)

If you’re a Moshi Member you can go to the “New House” building to change your home.

You can either buy a new room for your existing house or your can choose a style for you house

The cost of new rooms is as follows:

  • Second Room: 350 Rox
  • Third Room: 2000 Rox
  • Fourth Room: 8000 Rox
  • Fifth Room: 16000 Rox

The following House styles are available:

  • Moshi Style (400 Rox)
  • Tree House Style (1400 Rox)
  • Skyscraper Style (1000 Rox)
  • Princess Castle Style (1600 Rox)
  • Cake House Style (2000 Rox)
  • Mountain House (1700 Rox)
  • Haunted House Style (1100 Rox)


Ice-Scream Parlor

Giuseppe Gelato Apparently his van is powered by super-sugary ice-scream.

  • Look at your customers order
  • Drag the ingredients to build the ice-scream in the rack.
  • When the ice-scream matches the order drag it on to the customer
  • Pick up the Rox that the customer leaves on the counter.

If you serve the customer quickly, you’ll get bonus rocks and the more complicated the ice-scream you have to make the more that ice-scream will be worth.

There’s a target number of Rox you need to earn in order to complete each level.

The game quickly gets frantic as you have to juggle more and more ingredients and create increasingly complicated ice-screams.

If you don’t get the monsters their their Ice Scream fast enough they’ll get angry and leave – and you won’t get paid.

Tyra’s Spa

Give your Monster a make-over at Tyra’s Spa.

There are two ways you can play – standard or against the clock.

In order to give your monster the perfect Spa treatment you need to:

  • Tweezer off food
  • Soap Up
  • Paint Mud
  • Shower Off
  • Blow Dry
  • Brush Up

As you do each step you’ll see a progress gauge across that top fill up with each action. Once it’s complete you can go to the next step!

Once you’ve finished you can take a photo of your freshly spruced up monster.

When you play against the clock, you need to give a spa treatment to as many monsters as you can within a 2 minute time limit.


Help Booth

Clicking on the Help Booth will take you out of the game to the Moshi Monsters Frequently Asked Questions page.

Here you can find lots of useful advice, although some of the advice may be a little out of date.

For instance, it still refers to the Cluecoo in the “Help, I can’t get a moshling!” section as a source of seed combination advice.

Print Workshop

“In this crazy little factory, you can print goodies to show off your monster. Give them to friends, put them on your wall, decorate your books – you can use them everywhere!”

If you don’t have a printer attached to your computer then there’s not a lot to do here!

If you do, you can print out:

  • Posters – Zommer, Diavlo, Katsuma, Luvli, Poppet, Furi
  • Colour In Sheets – These are black and white sheets that you can print out and colour in yourself.
  • Draw-A-Thon – There are six different guides you can print out that’ll show you how to draw your monster.
  • Moshi Masks – You can print out and colour in masks that you can wear!
  • Trading Cards – These are currently not-available and have a “Back Soon” sign on them.

The Moshi Store

Clicking on the Moshi Store just takes your to the on-line store where you can buy Moshi Monster merchandise. It’s the same as clicking on the “Store” button on the top navigation menu.


The Googenheim art gallery is a where you can show off your own Moshi Monsters art work.

The Googenheim featured in the Season 3 Super Moshi Mission: The Googenheist”.

The Gallery is where you’ll find the 63 most recently submitted pictures. Click on the picture to view a bigger version.

If you click on the owners name you’ll visit them in their room.

In the Art Challenge you’ll find another gallery. The first picture will be by the “curator” and if you click on it you’ll see what the theme for the current challenge is (Eg: “draw your favourite Moshling”)

The Hall of Fame shows the weekly picture competition winners as seen on the Daily Growl.

Click on Submit your Art to get instruction on sending in your artwork.

You’ll need to be a member though.

To send your art into the Googenheim gallery you need to:

1) Scan and save your image as a .JPG file
2) Save you file as your monster owner name (eg: mrmoshi.jpg)
3) Email the file to art@moshimonsters.com

If your artwork is selected you’ll win a special prize – The Googenheim Power Pallet.

Items of Interest

The following items around the street are animated when you click on them:

  • Orange cat on top of the arch
  • Flowers to the left of the Moshi Store
  • Street Lights
  • Well through the arch
  • Fountain outside Googenheim


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