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Main Street

Main Street is, as you’d expect the main street in Monstro City.

Leads to:


Main Street has a nice selection of shops to visit, none of which need you to be a member.

Gross-ery Store

The Gross-ery store is run by the infamous Snozzle Wobbleson, a strange fellow who looks like a green brain in a jar.

You’ll get to know the Gross-ery store well as it’s the main place to buy the food that you’ll need to feed your monster to keep it happy and healthy. (The other place is Rare and Scare at Goosebump Manor who sell some Halloween themed food items.)

You can find our more about the food items you can buy at the Grosse-ery Store in our article all about food.

Moshling Seeds (Seed Cart)

If you’re not a member, this is the only place you can buy seeds for your Moshling Garden.

They also have a poster up with four different flower combinations you can try in your garden to catch Moshlings.

(Alternatively you can look at our complete list of Moshling flower combinations.)

They sell:

  • Hot Silly Peppers
  • Dragon Fruit
  • Star Blossom
  • Moon Orchid
  • Magic Beans
  • Love Berries

(You can only get Snap Apples and Crazy Daisies at Super Seeds at the Port, but you’ll need to be a member to get there.)


If you’d not guessed it already, Yukea is a Moshi parody of the Swedish furniture store called Ikea.

Yukea, is run by a friendly purple headed chap called Mow Yukky who has eyes on stalks.

The items that Yukea sells tend to be less outrageous than other stores, but you can get all the basics to decorate you home here from wallpaper, tables, chairs, shelves, windows and doors here along with some ornaments to make your home feel like, well, home.

You don’t need to be a member to get into Yukea.

Bizarre Bazaar

This curious store is run by the equally curious Bushy Fandango who looks like the kind of chap who would run a small hardware store complete with a pencil behind his ear.

The Store sells items to decorate your room from posters, flowers, photos, a range of different doors, wallpapers, pet Rox (whatever they are) and other more unusual items.

If you’ve got a few rocks free it’s always worth popping in for a browse!

You don’t need to be a member to get into the Bizarre Bazaar.


Flutterby Field

Here’s a fun way to earn some Rox! It was one of the earliest games to be found on Moshi Monsters.

In this mini-game you play the part of Colonel Catcher trying to catch butterflies as they flutter around Flutterby Field. He wants to catch them so that they can return them to the wild.

You use the mouse to move around, trying to get the butterflies into the target circle in front of you. Clicking on the button to try and swipe the colourful insects with your net. It sounds easier than it is!

The more butterflies you get the more Rox you’ll earn with different coloured butterflies worth different amounts depending on how rarethey are.

  • 10 points – Red with Yellow spots
  • 15 points – Yellow with Orange and Green spots
  • 20 points – Green with Light Green spots
  • 25 points – Blue with Green Spots
  • 40 points – Purple with Pink and Yellow Spots
  • 80 points – White with Blue spots
  • and a staggering 200 points for Green and Purple butterflies with Orange and Blue spots!

It’s not jut about catching butterflies through. Bugs have also invaded Flutterby Field. Step on a bug and you’ll lose some of your health.

There are three difficulty levels, Easy, Medium and Hard. (You’ll get more bugs on the harder levels!)

Moshling Boshling

Moshling Boshling was first released in January 2011. (See Daily Growl)

Dr Strangeglove has unleashed a horde of Glumps which apparently have a taste for cupcakes and have been stealing them from all over Monstro City.

To play the game you’ll need to use your catapult to sling Moshlings at the glumps and try to grab the Glump Cakes as you do.

You used to need to be a member to play Moshling Boshling, but that’s no longer the case. Anyone can play.

There are four zones to play: Fun Park (8 levels), Main Street (8 levels), Forest (4 levels), Haunted House (4 levels) and finally the Volcano (just one level).

You’ll need to complete a level to unlock the next.

You can play levels over and over again, any by re-doing the first easiest level you can earn your daily allowance of Rox really quickly. It’s out favourite way to do it.


Situated behind the Daily Growl is En-Gen, Monstro City’s power generators.

It’s also a cracking little puzzle game where you play the part of a Roarker who has to keep the power tank topped up by spinning blocks of colours to make four or more blocks in a row.

As with all these types of games, the idea is simple, but as the time ticks by and your power rank starts running low it can get rather frantic!

There are three difficulty levels to play.

Oh, and the more Monstrowatts of energy your produce the more Rox you’ll earn!


Snoozing Guard

At the left hand end of Main Street you’ll find a snoozing guard by the name of Stashley Snoozer. If you’re not a member he’ll stop you from visiting The Port.

The Daily Growl

If you click on the offices of the daily growl you’ll be taken to the Daily Growl Blog (also available from the main menu under “News”.)

Moshling Eggs

Occasionaly you’ll find Moshling Eggs on Main Street that you can take back to your garden to hatch. We’ve got an article all about Moshling Eggs.


At the right hand end of Main Street is the Chocolate Refinery as featured in the mission Choc-o-Dile Blues.

There are also the Roarkers, Ken Tickles using the drill and Bjorn Squish eating a sandwich.


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