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Moshi Monsters Membership Codes

We get a lot of request for Moshi Monster Membership codes.

I’m afraid we don’t have any membership codes, and we can’t allow comments discussing membership codes to be published on the site.

Mind Candy, the people behind Moshi Monsters need to make money from the game. They have people working for them who need to be paid for what they do. It enables them to build more cool features into the game (and hire more people!)

Free Moshi Monster Membership codes

Trial Membership Codes

From time to time, Moshi Monsters will give away free Trial Membership access.

These come in the form of a codes such as “TICKET” that was available in 2012.

These codes aren’t entered into the normal IGGY code screen but at: http://www.moshimember.com.

When these turn up we’ll share these on Moshi Secrets. We’re not talking about these trial codes here.

Random number codes for Moshi Monsters Membership

If you’ve done any searching on the internet you may have come across sites suggesting that you can get membership by entering a five digit number and then some random number.

Moshi Monsters have confirmed that they have been made aware of the situation and say:

“We have been made aware of a situation amongst young fans where entering a random selection of numbers along with 25836 will entitle the user to a 3-day membership.”

“We have made sure that this combination of numbers have been withdrawn from production, so that going forward this won’t be an option.”

I’m sure other combinations that have been spread of YouTube etc. have also been withdrawn.

We asked if these codes would affect people who already had purchased these 3-day memberships. We legitimate purchasers lose out because someone had “guessed” the code on their card?

“Please rest assured that for our genuine customers who have bought these 3-day memberships, we are making sure that they are entitled to their memberships without a problem.

“We also have internal processes to routinely make sure that any children using the site as they shouldn’t be have the appropriate action taken.”

So beware, at best you’re likely to be wasting your time trying to use these codes and although they don’t say what “appropriate action” they’ll take, I’d guess that you’d risk losing your access to Moshi Monsters – at least for a while.

A big thanks to to the Customer Care team at Moshi Monsters for answering our questions.

Beware of Moshi Monsters Membership code generators

Let’s be really clear. These don’t work / don’t really exist.

In most cases they are what’s called “Survey Scam” that promise that you’ll get your download if you complete a survey.

The surveys sound tempting too such as:

  • Chance to win an iPhone 5.
  • Your chance to win your favorite Apple product!
  • Enjoy a competitive rate with an aqua credit card.
  • Your Chance to win the new Apple iPad!
  • Chance to win £500 to Spend at B&Q UK!

These surveys uses popular brand names to try and entice you to enter your personal data, names, emails, addresses and even credit card numbers.

You WILL NOT get the items promised for completing the survey. There is NO CHANCE that you’d win an iPhone 5. These things are just there to persuade you to complete the survey.

Even when you complete the survey you still do not get access to the supposed Moshi code generator tool.

These applications do not exist and do not work. The videos you see are not of functioning software. Why don’t they ever show your the results – screen-shots of a Moshi Monster account with all the Rox / Membership etc that the tool will supposedly give you.

We’ve seen some very badly faked screen-shots of Moshi Monsters trying to show a large number of Rox!

Again, we asked Moshi Monsters for their view:

“Sadly we don’t have any control over the content posted in sites such as youtube, but we do monitor them, and if we feel that there is anything damaging to the brand then we do arrange to have the content removed; again our internal processes do make sure that our users are playing safely in Monstro-City!”

Watch our for malicious software.

You should always be on the lookout for malicious software – software that says it’ll do something good – but really, installs nasty viruses, trojans (sneaky software that pretends to be something else in order to get access to your computer) and other bad software on your computer.

One final thing – make sure you’ve got a good up to date anti-virus software installed.


 Textile help
On Jul 11, 02:52 PM Yvaine wrote:

Though I support the article, I think they should try to give away memberships to those countries that are unable to buy the cards as I’ve always wanted to buy membership but I’ve never had the chance as they don’t sell memberships in Singapore :(

On May 10, 08:54 AM Ice-cherry x wrote:

Hey I love this website it always helps me, add me on moshi i’m called 02-fire-candy-02

On May 9, 01:33 PM reynaldi wrote:

why ALL online games must have a Membership to play everythiks in a game

Moshi Secrets: Well, they have to get money so that they can pay all the people involved in making the games and all the other costs like the servers and stuff that they need to keep the games online.

On Apr 19, 07:39 AM emma wrote:

thangs xxx

On Apr 16, 12:00 PM Amber wrote:

thanks for all the fantastic codes! i’m rich in moshi rox now thanks to you! :)

On Apr 15, 10:38 PM buttercup wrote:

please i have a unicorn pegisis i want to see in my zoo i cant get in please let me have some codes

On Apr 15, 09:29 PM EMILY wrote:


On Feb 28, 11:22 PM sierra900smile0 wrote:

no thanks

On Feb 16, 10:35 AM Sadie wrote:

Thanks so much Sadie xx

On Feb 2, 01:11 AM Hannah wrote:

Thank you so much for the free codes!

On Jan 30, 09:06 PM alicia wrote:

thank you for all of the codes

On Dec 21, 08:02 PM Ambereen wrote:

i need free mebership codes and two of them if you do thank you

Moshi Secrets: Sorry, we don't have any free membership codes.

On Dec 20, 06:57 PM Jeffrey wrote:

Here are some sharable Moshling Seed codes but enter them fast because who knows how long they will last okay here are the codes:

REDNOSE [Non Drip Moss Seed] To Attract Bodge.
SNOWBALL [Ra-Tichoke Seed] To Attract Carter.
ICICLES [Hocus Crocus Seed] To Attract Hocus.
SNOWFLAKE [Splurgee Seed] To Attract Lurgee.
2014 [Glamellia Seed] To Attract Vinnie.

On Dec 20, 03:05 PM FAYIZA wrote:

i live in bangladesh. so i can’t be a moshi member. but i love this game too much. so what can i do?

On Dec 20, 07:23 AM yushreya wrote:

please help me get splatter

On Dec 19, 01:18 AM coco wrote:

why cant every be a member its boring when your not

On Dec 17, 02:54 AM charlotte wrote:

Thankyou for this safe imformation.

On Dec 13, 07:49 PM Rae wrote:

to Moshi Secrets,
I have found these kinds of
codes on cheats sites such as free codes 4 u and u have helped me to realise that these are not real as i was trying for ages!

On Dec 7, 08:13 AM GomezS05 wrote:

I love moshi monsters it is so cute.

On Dec 6, 06:00 PM RoseAzari wrote:

So, Moshi Secrets, what you’re basically saying is that Moshi Monsters Free Membership Codes do NOT exist? If so, I’m so disappointed! :( Oh well, I was really hoping for some. Thanks for informing me as a user and plenty of others. LOVE YOUR CODES!

On Nov 28, 08:11 AM buzzyfuzzy2004 wrote:

moshi monsters is my life i have brothers that play it

On Nov 27, 03:02 PM Willow wrote:

well thanks for crushin’ ppls dreams about being a free member.

Moshi Secrets: Sorry. Preferable to being ripped-off though...

On Nov 26, 04:45 AM kaleigh wrote:

this is awesome

On Nov 20, 10:42 AM zaima wrote:

i really like moshi codes. everybody likes my room. and i got 5000rox yay love it

On Nov 10, 12:56 PM connor wrote:

plz help me get moshi monster codes plz

On Nov 6, 07:42 PM ikake2003 wrote:

thank you so much

On Nov 6, 09:12 AM Ebony wrote:

That’s not fair and that code didn’t work for me

On Oct 17, 10:49 AM TZ R wrote:

its not fair

On Sep 28, 11:20 AM junnyali wrote:

i want to become a free member

On Sep 21, 12:56 PM brad wrote:

is there any proper codes

On Sep 21, 05:49 AM poppet wrote:

thank you for the advice

Regards poppet

On Sep 21, 05:48 AM poppet wrote:

thank you for the advice

On Sep 20, 01:20 PM Hiba wrote:

i live in united arab emirets i CANNOT BE A MEMBER >:( >:( >:(

On Sep 20, 05:56 AM Jack wrote:


On Sep 17, 11:49 AM Sha Aisha wrote:

thanks a lot !!!

On Sep 14, 12:16 PM jokerfancy 40 wrote:

why do you have to do a membership card you will lose 80% from the people who go on moshi monsters you can do something like this as written:

put every month 10 membership codes for 2 years 2 years yes & 2 years no is this a nice idea or make all the users of moshi monster members for 3 years because im living in egypt so there are no membership cards

Moshi Secrets: We don't do the membership cards. We're just a Moshi Monsters fan site! (Wish we could!)

On Sep 13, 09:18 AM Lewczuk wrote:

What are the codes for lamox, to get this pet.

On Sep 6, 04:58 PM saraneenu wrote:

if someone misuses the free membership code, his ID should be suspended

On Aug 31, 09:02 AM popet wrote:

popet ioloveyou

On Aug 24, 03:45 PM derrek wrote:

moshi monsters rule

On Aug 22, 02:45 PM ThatGuy wrote:

These did not work :’(

Moshi Secrets: We know. They're not meant to. I'm afraid we don't publish any membership codes - and we don't try to get people to complete surveys to get ones that don't work either!

On Aug 16, 10:45 PM patience hall wrote:

I want to be a moshi meber

On Aug 13, 01:33 AM amanda wrote:

all of theas did not work

On Aug 10, 10:38 AM caitlin wrote:

I really want free trail of member ship

On Aug 9, 10:31 AM dannib wrote:

thank you for all the codes they helped so much!:)

On Aug 2, 05:28 PM CoreOfTheGame wrote:

The “25836” code. Nobody will fall for that.

On Jul 31, 05:35 PM tazzybeee wrote:

hey guys plz add me im tazzybeee

On Jul 30, 04:59 PM Joe wrote:


On Jul 30, 12:20 PM Jess wrote:

that’s perfect for my moshi monster

On Jul 25, 11:36 AM stephanie wrote:


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