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Moshi Monsters codes, Moshings, guides and more!

Weekly Round-Up - Pirate Shops to stay on Bleurgh Beach

The Great Moshi Treasure Hunt has is now over and Monstro City has returned to normal – well almost.

Bleurgh Beach still hosts the Ghost Pirates’ Shops, Boot-Eek, Kate’s Deck N’ Sail and Mc Dolphins and if you’re a member then you’ll still find Captain Buck moored up at the Port.

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Weekly Round-up - Moshi Treasure Hunt Finale

We’re approaching the finale of the Great Moshi Treasure Hunt event, with just a week or so left to go before the Ghost Pirates depart the shores of Monstro City.

It’s certainly going to seem strange to see the streets of Monstro city back to normal again!

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Weekly Round-Up - Pirates Galore!

We’re in the middle of Moshi Monsters biggest event yet – the Pirate Take-Over! There’s been lots going on and we’ve tried our best to cover all the action! Do let us know if there’s something we’ve missed!

I suspect that lots of people are excited about the Treasure Hunt and the possibility of getting a new Moshling at the end of it (Bently). Unfortunately only members will be able to get the Moshling, but there are other goodies to get too!

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Weekly Round-Up - Incredible Shrinking Monsters!

First of all, a big apology for everyone who’s subscribed to the newsletter for the lack of updates recently! You should start getting them again!

As well as a list of the latest codes we’ve added we’ve got news of shinking monsters in Monstro City, fast growing seeds in your garden and the final part of the Super Moshi mission “Googenheist!”

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Weekly Round-Up - Buck's gone!

Oops! We didn’t get this weeks round up done in time for the newsletter! Sorry for that everyone! We’ve got a lot of things planned for Moshi Secrets, but as usual just not enough time to do everything!

It’s been pretty quiet on the codes front too, but here’s a list of the codes that we’ve added to Moshi Secrets this week:

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