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Moshi Monsters codes, Moshings, guides and more!

Weekly Round-Up - Final Weekend for the Redesign Survey

Hello Everyone!

First, I’d just like to say a big thank you to everyone who’s completed out Moshi Secrets Redesign Survey

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Weekly Round-Up - Halloween isn't over on Moshi Monsters!

While the 31st of October might have come and gone for us, it’s still Halloween in Monstro City!

There’s lots of great new outfits to buy in the market place so you can dress up your Monster and hit the streets in scary outfits! And the Moshis vs Ghosts missions are still going on.

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Weekly Round-Up - Moshis vs Ghosts

There’s some excitement at Moshi Secrets HQ as it’s been Harry’s birthday! He’s thinking about spending his birthday money on Katsuma Unleashed, but he was wondering if any of you have any thoughts about it. Get in touch and let us know!

There’s also Halloween at the end of the month and Harry has a super-scary glow in the dark skeleton costume to wear. It also seems that Moshi Monsters are getting into the Halloween spirit too now there’s Moshis vs Ghosts! Hopefully we’ll have a write-up and walk-through on-line soon.

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Weekly Round-Up - Moshi Music Festival

Ok, we’re back with another “Weekly Round-up” (ahem!).

Things have been really busy here at Moshi Secrets HQ, so please forgive us for not getting these updates or the newsletter out.

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Weekly Round-Up Get ready to party!

Seems that the kids have gone back to school this week in the UK. It’s the start of the new school year and we’ve certainly seen a big drop in the number of visitors over the last few days.

Of course, just as everyone goes back to School, Moshi Monsters release a whole load of new stuff and updates! So, let’s try to have a quick run through of everything that’s been going on.

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