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Super Moshi Missions

Probably the best part of being a member on Moshi Monsters is that you get to play the Super Moshi Missions.

You’ll also meet new moshlings along they way that’ll help you during your mission and if you complete the mission you get to keep them an add them to your moshling zoo. There’s a list of the moshlings you can get on our guide to collecting moshlings.

Season 1 – Strangeglove and CLONC revealed

In season one, the Super Moshi’s are battling the evil plans of Dr Strangeglove and CLONC.

Season 2 – Zoshlings in the Unknown Zone!

In the season two Super Moshi missions we find ourselves investigating a crashed UFO in the Unknown Zone on Music Island. Here we meet Captain Squirk who is looking for his missing crew members so that he can get home.

It’s not the last we’ve heard of CLONC through – Sweet Tooth and the myseterios leader of CLONC make an appearance in Big Top Bally-Hoo.

New for season 2 was the introduction of “EPICs” these are special rewards for completing parts of the mission or doing things above and beyond what is required to complete the mission. Get all three EPICs available on each mission and you’ll win yourself a whole bunch of rox. (You only get the rox the first time you complete the mission with all the EPICS.)

The walk-throughs below won’t just help you compete the missions but tell you how to get all three of the EPICS available in each mission.


Things that go Bump in the Night

Moshis vs Ghosts - Tamara's House

The first house to explore in the Moshis vs Ghosts missions Tamra Teslas’s house.

You need to help Tamara escape from the ghosts by unlocking secret passageways and finding a key to Tamara’s laboratory and on the way meet the moshling, Glob.

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Moshis vs Ghosts

Moshis vs Ghosts

There’s something ghoulish going on in Monstro City and it’s up to us to use out best ghost blasting skills to clear away the ghosts!

Moshis vs Ghosts isn’t one of the Season 3 missions. It takes a similar form to the Great Moshi Beanstalk event.

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Season 3, Mission 6 - Moptop Mischief

Moptop Mischief

Moptop Mischief is the sixth Mission in season three and the thing that gets most people excited about this mission is that you finally get to collect Zack Binspin!

Here’s our complete walk-though to the mission which I’m afraid is only available to Moshi Members.

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Season 3, Mission 5 - Gustbusters

Season 3 continues with another three part mission. This time we’ve got to save Monstro City from strange, foul smelling clouds that are causing the residents of Monstro City to fall asleep!

As is now usual, there are three EPICs to collect, one in each part. Completing all three parts will get you the Moshling, Sprinkles, to add to your Moshling Zoo.

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Season 2, Mission 10, Cosmic Countdown

Here’s our full walk-through for “Cosmic Countdown”, the final mission in the Season 2 Super Moshi Missions. You’ll have to do battle with the evil forces of CLONC and save the Moshi world from total destruction.

And if you can get the Zoshlings a 7 album record deal from Simon Growl at the same time, that would be super!

You’ll find out how to get all three EPICs and earn yourself 500 rox too! Good luck!

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