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Super Moshi Missions

Probably the best part of being a member on Moshi Monsters is that you get to play the Super Moshi Missions.

You’ll also meet new moshlings along they way that’ll help you during your mission and if you complete the mission you get to keep them an add them to your moshling zoo. There’s a list of the moshlings you can get on our guide to collecting moshlings.

Season 1 – Strangeglove and CLONC revealed

In season one, the Super Moshi’s are battling the evil plans of Dr Strangeglove and CLONC.

Season 2 – Zoshlings in the Unknown Zone!

In the season two Super Moshi missions we find ourselves investigating a crashed UFO in the Unknown Zone on Music Island. Here we meet Captain Squirk who is looking for his missing crew members so that he can get home.

It’s not the last we’ve heard of CLONC through – Sweet Tooth and the myseterios leader of CLONC make an appearance in Big Top Bally-Hoo.

New for season 2 was the introduction of “EPICs” these are special rewards for completing parts of the mission or doing things above and beyond what is required to complete the mission. Get all three EPICs available on each mission and you’ll win yourself a whole bunch of rox. (You only get the rox the first time you complete the mission with all the EPICS.)

The walk-throughs below won’t just help you compete the missions but tell you how to get all three of the EPICS available in each mission.


Season 1, Mission 4, Candy Catastrophe

The fourth Super Moshi mission in Season 1 sees monsters getting sick all over Monstro City. You’ll need to investigate and find out who’s selling evil candies.

There are no Epic awards in this mission.

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Super-Moshi Mission Lost in Hong Bong Returns

Lost In Hong Bong Mission

Just like the recent return of the Freezy Riders mini-mission the super-moshi mission, Lost in Hong Bong has also appeared on the “What’s New” drop-down.

When you complete the mission you don’t get a Moshling. You’ll get 500 XP and 200 Rox and if you find all three EPICs you’ll get another 500 Rox. You’ll also get a secret code for a “Little Miss Mellow Yellow” lantern.

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The Night of the Living Moshlings

Night of the Living Moshlings - Moshis vs Ghosts

The Night of the Living Moshlings is the forth and final part of the Moshis vs Ghosts missions and takes Goosebump Manor.

Like Full Moon Moshling, the previous part, this mission is not particularly long and consists of only two parts.

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Full Moon Moshling

Full Moon Moshling

There’s a moshi-twist on the story of Little Red Riding Hood in this part of Moshi-vs-Ghosts.

Taking place in a spooky hunting lodge in the forest, we’ll be looking for bones and trying to rescue the wicked werewolf Randall, and revealing the mystery behind the little girl in the red hood.

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The Moshling from the Black Lagoon

The Moshling from the Black Lagoon

This adventure takes place on Captain Buck’s House Boat. (Bet you didn’t know he had one of those.) although it’s not really the kind of place I’d like to live. It looks far too creepy!

When you complete this house, you’ll get the second moshling in the screamies set – Marsha the Boggy Swampling.

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