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Season 2, Mission 3, Bungle in the Jungle

We’ve got more Zoshling activity to investigate in this, the third mission in Season 2 Super Moshi Missions. This time we’re looking for the ignition key to Captain Squirk’s ship, lost somewhere in the Gombala Gombala jungle.

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Season 2, Mission 4, Big Top Bally-Hoo

Can we help Captain Squirk rescue the missing Zoshling crew member that he’s detected at the Circus? And while we’re at it, can we help him get some lunch? We can with this complete walkthrough!

Time to do battle with Sweet Tooth, rescue DR. C. Fingz wth the help of the Moshling Pocito and try to find the three EPIC awards along the way!

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Season 2, Mission 5, Curse of the Paw Waving Kitten

In this, the 5th mission of Season two we ‘ll finally be able to rescue Tingaling!

The Curse of the Paw Waving Kitten takes place on a haunted pirate ship where we search for a steering wheel to help Captain Squirk fix his space ship, the Rhapsody 2. Help the pirates in their belching competition and stay away from The Beast!

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Season 2, Mission 2, Sandy Drain Shenanigans

Let’s take a look at the second season two mission “Sandy Drain Shenanigans” and see if we can get all three EPICS on the way!

We find our Super Moshi looking for another of Captain Squirk’s crew members at the Famous Sandy Drain Hotel run by the intimidating Frau Now BrownKau.

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Season 2, Mission 1, Close Encounters of the Zoshi Kind

A strange UFO has crashed on Music Island and the Super-Moshi’s investigate, but getting to the Island and the crash site turns our to be more of a challenge than you’d expect.

New for the second series of Super-Moshi missions are the EPIC awards. If you can find all three then you’ll get 500 bonus rocks. (You only get this the first time you find them all.)

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