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Season 2, Mission 10, Cosmic Countdown

Here’s our full walk-through for “Cosmic Countdown”, the final mission in the Season 2 Super Moshi Missions. You’ll have to do battle with the evil forces of CLONC and save the Moshi world from total destruction.

And if you can get the Zoshlings a 7 album record deal from Simon Growl at the same time, that would be super!

You’ll find out how to get all three EPICs and earn yourself 500 rox too! Good luck!

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Season 2, Mission 9, Missing on a Star

Now that we’ve fixed our escape pod and launched into space we find ourselves hurtling through the stars as we attempt to rescue the Zoshlings from the evil clutches of CLONC.

We’re heading towards a strange red nebula and what appears to be the CLONC secret base. After a quick skirmish with some Glumps, we land on board the CLONC space station – next to the Zoshling’s UFO.

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Season 2, Mission 8, Kick Some Asteroid

Wanna have a blast blowing things up on a crazy asteroid? Well c’mon and help the Super Moshis get busy finding Fizzy!

The mission starts with a little movie showing the escape pod flying away from the zoshling’s space ship with your and Scarlet O’Haira on board and bad news for us, we’re heading directly for an asteroid! Looks like we’re going to crash!

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Season 2, Mission 7, Masters of the Swooniverse

Prepare for blast off as you boldly go where no Moshi has gone before. And remember, in space no one can hear you twirling your moustache.

So Strangelove has reappeared and may have another formations in the super mushy missions

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Season 2, Mission 6, Welcome to Jollywood

It’s time for the final Super-Moshi mission from the Unknown zone. We’re off to rescue Splutnik who’s lost in Jollywood somewhere.

The mission starts with Captain Squirk telling you that the ship is almost ready to leave we just need to find the last crew member Splutnik. Squirk tells you that apparently he’s somewhere in Jollywood.

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